Watch Our Hero Cate Blanchett Awesomely Call Out Sexism On The Red Carpet In One Incredible GIF

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Red CarpetGiven that it’s awards season, we’ve been bringing you red carpet looks left and right. It’s part of the appeal of awards season, given that the shows can drag on interminably without so much as a musical number to break up the monotony. Cate Blanchett, who made our SAG Awards best dressed list with her controversial Givenchy gown also kicked ass by taking E! to task on the red carpet for the objectifying nature of it all.

While walking the red carpet, E! began to film Blanchett slowly and from the feet upwards, instead of simply focusing on her whole outfit. Not enjoying the slow gaze of the camera crawling over her parts, Blanchett bent down and asked “do you do that to the guys?” Here’s a gif of it, and see if you can keep yourself from fist pumping.

cate blanchett sag awards

Yes. This. These weird dragging-gaze over the female red carpet attendees’ bodies is gross, and is patently about the body and not the outfit. While male celebrities get noticed for their off-beat hairstyles, glasses, or bow ties, the first thing out of any TV presenter’s mouth tends to be body related when discussing a woman (“Look at those curves!” “Legs for days!”).

Blanchett’s statement makes me think about red carpet coverage in general, which is something that you’ll find in spades on this site. To be fair, I think there’s a difference between commenting on their clothing (for which we put on a whole show with the intention of commenting on) and an indulgent, languid creep shot up a woman’s body. But this certainly does make me want to reassess my red carpet coverage to make sure that I don’t veer into body snarking territory when I should be focusing on the clothes.

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    • Hayley Hoover

      Love it.

    • guest

      Um, giuliana’s reaction?

    • Claire

      …am I the only one who doesn’t see how they were focusing on her body? The camera was panning up to show the detail of the gown. Of course they wouldn’t do this to the guys, tuxedos and suits aren’t exactly known for looking interesting.

    • Karen Matlock

      Love her :)

    • Samantha Escobar

      Fucking. Rad.

    • Zimba Zumba

      Stupid self righteous women, what has the world come to? She isn’t payed for her talent alone, she is in show biz. She is payed to sell a dream and her clothing and body is part of that dream. Wear a Clintonesque trouser suit, with no make up or jewelry and lets see how far her ‘talent’ gets her.

      The public defines what they want to see and the producers provide it, she gets payed to provide the final product. She dumped on a guy, she gets payed 1000′s of times more than, who was just trying to do his job. What next? Strippers complaining about being objectified?

    • Derek_V

      She’s an idiot. She was probably freeloading that dress from a Designer like all these overpaid Hollywood types do. Part of the deal is that the Designer gets PR from her wearing the dress. It is a fucking business and Cate Blanchett is fully aware of that. Cate Blanchett solde her body to fashion magazines to raise her own profile for many many years.
      You can’t get more hypocritical than that.

    • Arthur

      Good for her! Hilary Clinton has the same problem!

    • Captain Plan-it

      This isn’t about feminism, this is about creating controversy where there is none. Let me get the facts straight: she’s a famous actress, puts on an expensive designer gown, attends a very public awards show, walks the red carpet, but doesn’t want cameras to show her dress? And no, they don’t do that to guys because guys all wear the same thing: a tux. If you don’t want people looking at your dress, next time wear a tux. Or how about this novel idea: don’t step in front of a million cameras that are specifically there to judge people. Idiot.