How Google Glass Can Improve Your Sex Life (If You’re Into That Kind Of Thing)

Google Announces Nexus Tablet At Its Developers Conference I/OIf you’re terribly concerned that your sex life doesn’t include a digital component that shows you a view of yourself having sex, you’ll be happy to know that Google Glass might just have the answer. A new app called Sex With Glass (this is a bad name that sounds very painful) is in development to revolutionize your sex life, provided that you don’t mind wearing those super dorky glasses while doing it.

According to Business Insider, “[t]he cornerstone of Sex with Glass is the shared live streaming.” My understanding of this is that while wearing the Google Glass, you’ll be able to see an image from your partner’s point of view…of yourself. That doesn’t sound super pleasant.

The app also connects to your home so you can tell it to adjust the lighting, play mood music, or even ask for position ideas. I can’t imagine interrupting a sex session to say “OK glass, I need position ideas,” but to each his own. Sex With Glass (god, my vagina cringes every time I type that) also provides you with a video of your sex session, which gives you five hours to watch before self destructing.

The response to Sex With Glass has been pretty mixed, but Business Insider points to the app’s promotion as an area of concern:

The promotion for the app doesn’t match up with the egalitarian promises: most of the images are sexualised photos of women, the advertising slogans assume heterosexual couples, and some of the statements are just plain odd (“You’ll be able to watch your videos for five hours until they are deleted forever. That’s for all the ladies out there.”)

Incidentally, Sex With Glass removed the “That’s for all the ladies out there” remark from their website since Business Insider ran their story, but the site remains dominated by bedroom photos of scantily clad women selling a largely heterosexual experience. If the goal is to make sex better for everybody, why is it so exclusive? Isn’t sex something that’s widely universal?

The app will be available in February, and if that’s your thing, then go wild. But can somebody please explain the benefits of looking at yourself while intercoursing? I’d prefer to look at literally anything else.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      A mirror over your bed would do the same thing, right? And it’s way cheaper.
      (Equally as unnerving, though)

      • Julia Sonenshein

        But you wouldn’t have to wear that contraption on your face!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      This is super weird. I don’t want to see myself…?!

    • Anonymous

      I know the girl in this stock pic, and I’m very sure she wouldn’t be pleased about it being used for this article. Please remove it and use the one from BI. Expected better from the Gloss

      • Samantha Escobar

        You expected us not to use photos from Getty Images–which we have a paid subscription for–that are applicable to the topic we are discussing? And, instead, steal an image from another website?

      • Anonymous

        Fine, use an image from wherever you want. I don’t know how her fb profile pic ended up on GI, but I think it’s bad form for you to knowingly link a normal (non-model) person to an article like this.

        It’s one thing to use a stock image when you didn’t know where it came from, but your response that you simply don’t care is rather off-putting.

      • Samantha Escobar

        You realize that it is in a database, right? Her profile picture wound up there because a professional photographer snapped her photo at the Google’s Developers Conference and put it on Getty Images:
        If she is genuinely angry with Getty for having her image there, then she should take it up with their legal department.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll make sure to alert her and I’m sure she’ll take it up with Getty.

        My major issue with The Gloss is that your policy seems to be that even if you know that you’re using a picture of a random girl (and publicly say where it was taken: that certainly won’t expose her to unnecessary risk), you continue to link it to an article any professional would rather not have show up in a google search. Not only that, you downvote my comments, your only motive for which seems to be to hide this thread among the message board.

        Honestly, I expected your reaction to be along the lines of “sorry, we had no way of knowing that this photo was of a private professional, not a model,” then would switch the image. I recognize that you may not have a legal obligation to use a different photo, but it would be something I would expect of a considerate publication.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        This girl was photographed modeling Google Glass at a conference (all of this is easily accessible, public information). This wasn’t a personal photo taken in her house or stolen in away way. I’m confused as to why you think this was in any way malicious. If she has an issue with a photo of her modeling being on Getty Images, she should feel free to contact them.

        I think people are downvoting you because you’re spewing gibberish.

      • Anonymous

        Lovely way of talking to your readership. I’m not sure why you are so committed to this photo, or why you would label my commitment to protecting the digital presence of a friend “useless”. I can see you’re not going to take this down so I’ll leave it to her to decide what action she takes next.

      • Samantha Escobar

        First of all, this has like 12 comments so I’m pretty sure your comments aren’t hidden. If we didn’t want people reading what we write, we simply wouldn’t comment.

        My main issue with your argument is that you are not this person, and thereby have no domain over her wishes, image, or intent. We have no idea whether you are simply an anonymous commenter looking to troll people or if you’re actually linked to the subject. We do not randomly change our articles because anonymous commenters say “my friend might be not cool with this”; if we edited everything according to anonymous commenters, we would probably just not write anything.

        Additionally, not only is there no name attached to this image, but thousands of people attended the conference where this was taken that, again, is widely accessible information via Getty Images. If she would like to discuss this with Getty, there is a Contact Us form at the bottom of the page.

      • Anthony Davis F/C

        Tell her she has pretty teeth

    • Anthony Davis F/C

      This is like videotaping yourself masturbating, then then watching the video while masturbating