Former xoJane Writer Cat Marnell Has Bizarre Twitter Meltdown, Accuses Jane Pratt Of Child Abuse

Did Cat Marnell just accuse Jane Pratt of child abuse?

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I’m not 100% sure what exactly would constitute a Twitter meltdown, but I would define it as involving at least two of the following three conditions:

  1. Several emotional tweets in quick succession.
  2. Messages typed in all caps.
  3. Insults directed at any and all past, present and/or future critics.

If my calculations are correct, former xoJane writer and upcoming $500K memoirist Cat Marnell had a Twitter meltdown yesterday and it was…confusing. I can’t tell whether or not she’s actually angry at her ex-editor (and current xoJane EIC) Jane Pratt or if they’re just being silly. I am genuinely confused here.

It seemingly began with Sydney Leathersformer sexting partner of Anthony Weiner and one-time xoJane columnist:


To which Pratt said:


People were a little confused, including VICE editor Rocco Castoro.

Marnell moved onto the age-old argument: rum & cokes vs. sustenance.




And then she made a surprisingly good point:

As we have been over here, “engagement chicken” is absurd. But then there was this…



I’m genuinely confused; is this an ongoing thing I missed between Pratt and Marnell? Do they regularly swap jokes over social media about one abusing children? Things creepily continued.

  Then, back to (faux?-)criticizing Pratt:



Okay, then this did admittedly make me laugh:


What can I say? I knew a lot of Stephanies growing up. And they were weird. She also had stuff to say to The Hairpin, “you fucking media slags,” and plenty of other Twitter users, all of which I am confused about because I can’t tell if she just kind of talks like that or if this is a particularly intense occasion.

Regardless, I do find the accusations–real or, uh, humorous–toward Jane Pratt regarding “starving” her kid to be disturbing. The relationship between the pair was confusing as is, with many criticizing Pratt’s seemingly blasé attitude regarding Marnell’s drug use and questionable advice as a health editor. Even in NY Mag‘s profile of Pratt, it is observed that Pratt “comes off more like a peer of Marnell’s than a boss,” which made for an odd dynamic in an office environment that did not always seem healthy.

Even if Marnell is joking about Pratt, which she very well might be, I don’t personally believe you should be joking about child abuse. The Ariana Grande cannibalism thing and food rape thing were weird; tweeting that your former boss, whom you know relatively wellabuses her child? Eh, that is pretty awful and certainly cause for concern, as any accusation of child abuse is.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      These are insanely bizarre. It doesn’t seem like it’s a joke — Jane seems to be humoring her to diffuse the weirdness. Very weird, it seems like Cat Marnell may need some help.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        the caps are really throwing me off!

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        I was thinking the same thing — what if her computer keyboard was broken and all of these were supposed to have normal capitalization? Would it be as bizarre?

      • CMJ

        I follow her on Twitter (she’s a fascinating study) and she types in all caps a lot….her tweets are usually pretty nonsensical but these are epic.

    • Eve Vawter

      More issues than a pile of Sassy magazines

      • OhYeahBaby


    • Steph

      You know, I felt bad for her until she came at Stephanie’s. I’m drawing the line in the sand. Not all of us had a weird obsession with horses that made you wonder if that girl was gonna end up doing donkey shows in Tijuana. Just like 35% of Stephanie’s.

      • G.E. Phillips

        I would like to nominate this for comment of the week, I am DYING right now.

    • sallyjone

      Guys, she’s a well-documented drug addict. Like, a serious, serious one who is proud of it and thinks it’s part of her public persona. Jane has been accused of enabling her in the past. When Cat won her half-mil book advance, many people speculated it would lead to intense drug use. It seems fairly obvious to me that these tweets are the result of drug use.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I knew that she was a drug addict, but for some reason I thought she was clean now and I didn’t want to assume she wasn’t!

      • I Like Pizza

        I had heard she went to rehab but never heard anything else until now.

      • elle

        Yeah she went to rehab because xojane made her but then she quit and a few weeks later right after she got her book deal a magazine profiled her and she was still using and saying she hated working because all she wanted to do was smoke Angel dust and that’s why she quit xojane.

      • I Like Pizza

        I think that’s a shame, even though I find her terribly obnoxious.

      • MagicallySuspicious

        She’ll be clean when they put her in the ground. It’s sad, but true. She has no desire to not be on drugs and Jane Pratt enabled and made excuses for her at every turn.

      • sallyjone

        I have to agree with you on that one. I also found Jane’s responses to the tweets pretty gross. Like she’s laughing it off and encouraging Cat to make a fool of herself. I get the sense that Jane finds Cat’s substance abuse charming. :(

      • MagicallySuspicious

        You’ve perfectly described the Cat/Jane relationship in its entirety. Except I don’t think Jane’s ever viewed it as Cat making a fool of herself. Instead, I think Jane has made a fool of herself at times by fawning and providing ridiculous excuses for the braggadociously suicidal behavior of an addict and glamorized her horrible choices.

      • enbrown

        She did say somewhere in the midst of all these tweets “I’m on Lean.”

    • Dederee


      • Pappy

        That would explain a lot.

    • Megan Zander

      I’ve never heard of this girl, does that make me behind the times or her not worth the attention?

      • elle

        Not worth the attention.

      • Whatwhatque

        I’m sure some would say not worth the attention but I find her very fascinating. I read xoJane when it started (it’s mostly unreadable now) and devoured all of her pieces and her Vice pieces, too. She is a drug addict, indeed, but also creative and weird and can be pretty funny.

    • Holly

      Every sociopath needs an enabler. Or an army of them. They can’t be who they are without them.

    • Holly

      Also, the cooking and eating of someone part…uncomfortable.

    • Guest

      this chick is just a rich-girl tweaker (at 30+ years old. cool).
      twitter has just given speed-freak-attention whores a whole new platform.
      that’s all.
      i can’t wait to see what she looks like in 15 years.

    • jendra_berri

      I didn’t follow any of that. I have no idea what I just read.

    • crypticisms

      If you can’t tell whether people are joking, you probably shouldn’t be blogging about their conversation.

    • AndreaCoates

      You Peeps realize the ‘Real Sydney Leathers’ Cat Marnell is talking about is Canadian Blogist Andrea Coates?

    • supri_supri

      The last I remember of Cat Marnell is Lucky magazine telling us how “the office” was so envious of Cat’s twice-fried, grown-out, bleached blonde hair and the artfully smeared combo of slept-in black eyeliner and masacara surrounding her adorable Pikachu-like urchin eyes. I didn’t give much thought to it, or all the other similar beauty “stories” during her stint at Lucky. I appreciated the “rocker/party girl” eyeliner recommendations because I’m always up for a new overpriced version of traditional kohl/kajal. But I guess it was a guide to drug-chic. Crazy. But expected.