Gwen Stefani Kills It At The ‘Pregnant Selfie’ Trend

Gwen Stefani baby bump pregnant selfie

For far longer than we have been snapping pictures on our phones and putting them all up on our social media, pregnant women have been taking pictures of their stomachs that range from adorable to beautiful to kind of terrifying (yet still awesome). Pregnant women are therefore natural masters of the selfie, and Gwen Stefani is no exception.

After confirming she is pregnant with a third child last week, Stefani posted a photo on Twitter last night wherein she posed wearing a form-fitting black shirt, black leather pants, and a pair of stiletto sandals. As always, her hair looks effing perfect and, though we can’t really see it, I am going to take a wild guess that her face does, too. She captioned the picture, “bump it gx” which was rather endearing.

As I have said before, I think many people have an incredibly narrow idea of what pregnant women “should” wear, as though they are not already dealing with enough annoyances and actual physical discomfort. Maternity clothes, while steadily improving, have historically been frumpy garments featuring ugly patterns and not much shape (sound familiar?), and certainly not ones that involve tight leather pants that call for high heels as an accompanying feature. In all honesty, I would likely fall on my face if I tried to pull off those stilettos regardless of being pregnant or not, but still–if you can rock it, then do so. And if anybody can do so, it is Gwen Stefani, the girl who somehow made braces look cool.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I love those shoes but if I were carrying a tiny child in my stomach I would definitely be a strictly sneakers girl. Leave it to Gwen to wear leather pants while pregnant… love it.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I mean she looks absolutely stunning

    • Larry Drew SG

      Blondes… such bimbos

      • G.E. Phillips


      • Larry Drew SG

        I’m kidding. I know she’s not a real blonde ;)

    • CrazyLogic

      My back hurts when I wear high heels. I hear that one’s back hurts when there is something occupying the uterus. Therefore I probably wouldn’t wear heels during that time because my back would hate me forever.

    • Ife

      I’m simultaneously completely enthralled by her and utterly relieved that my pregnant, frumpy ass will never have the occasion to stand next to her for direct comparison.

    • G.E. Phillips

      Like, I don’t know about y’all, but this is EXACTLY what I looked like when I was in my third trimester. AHAHAHAHAH!

    • Eileen

      That baby has to be messing with her center of gravity. I wonder if there’s a special trick to walking in heels while pregnant or if she just manages it.

    • Kay_Sue

      I would so have crushed my face in those heels while pregnant. #BabyStoleMyBalance

      Gwen looks gorgeous.

    • jendra_berri

      Oh, I think she SHOULD wear whatever she wants. But she must be superhuman ’cause when I was pregnant I’d have toppled in kitten heels that wouldn’t have fit anyway due to swollen feet.

      • Muggle

        Fuck, I’ve never been pregnant and I can’t walk in any heel higher than… flats. :/