Emma Roberts Proves Existence Of Witchcraft By Rocking Unbelievably Gorgeous Haircut

ELLE's Women In Television Celebration - Arrivals

Here’s some good news for all my fellow American Horror Story: Coven fans– Emma Roberts just might be a real-life witch. You pretty much have to believe in magic to make sense of her new haircut, because it doesn’t seem possible for a bob to look this flawless on its own.

ELLE's Women In Television Celebration - Arrivals

The 22-year-old actress looked stunning at Elle‘s Women In Television Celebration this morning, where she showed off her long legs in a flattering black and white dress, strappy black flats, red nails, and her brand new ‘do… and you know it’s one hell of a haircut when it can upstage a newly-acquired engagement ring. How do I love thee, Emma Roberts’ hair? Let me count the ways.

First of all, I love the way she’s sort of simulating the shaved-on-one-side look– it’s shorter and wispier on one side, but not drastically so. She looks on trend without stepping on the toes of Rihanna and Jada Smith, who pretty much have the style patented.

ELLE's Women In Television Celebration - Arrivals

I also can’t get enough of how neat and blunt the cut is. It reminds me of Julianne Hough‘s old signature bob, before she got those messy extensions– feminine, laid-back, and stylish at the same time. I’m also remembering a few months ago when Selena Gomez wore a bob wig for a magazine shoot; it’s sexy, it’s glamorous, but it’s age-appropriate for a younger woman, too. (Even Miley Cyrus managed to look mature and grownup when she briefly rocked a style similar to Emma’s current one. That’s one powerful cut.)

So bow down, Jennifer Lawrence‘s pixie. Emma’s bob has officially taken your place in the Celebrity Haircuts Hall of Fame.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      so funny you referenced Julianne Hough’s bob because I almost took her picture to the hairdresser and said “do this to me” (which never worksout) but oh no, emma roberts is making me want to cut my hair, too…