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Anne Hathaway’s Reason For Leaving Acting Makes Me So Sad

PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 20: Actress Anne Hathaway attends the premiere of 'Song One' at the Eccles Center Theatre during the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on January 20, 2014 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival)

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

You know how in late 2012, people suddenly (or not so suddenly?) started hating Anne Hathaway because they thought she seemed contrived, posed, and too perfect? In the age of Jennifer Lawrence with all her “I’m just like you all! I eat McDonald’s! LOOK AT ME BEHIND SOMEONE ELSE GIVING AN INTERVIEW!!!!” glory, there was simply no more room for somebody whose publicist didn’t make it a mission to create everyone’s celebrity BFF. (After all, if anybody is supposed to come off as genuine, it should be a human being who is almost exclusively famous for professionally behaving as another human being.)

Well, anyway, Hathaway listened and opted to step back, as one sometimes does when faced with thousands of people tell you that you suck in every possible way. In an interview with the Huffington Post, this brief response made me sad:

[HuffPo:] You were very much part of our lives in 2012, but we didn’t see you much in 2013. I think people miss you.

Hathaway: My impression is that people needed a break from me.

Bummer. While I get the idea of people needing a “break” from certain stars who have been overloaded on their radars, I usually associate that with (A) those who are in several films per year and (B) reality stars who have inexplicably made it to their seventeenth minute of fame.

Given the fact that the majority of lead roles in films are by men, you would think we would instead get fatigued at people like, say, Liam Hemsworth (six films between 2012 and 2013), Bradley Cooper (six between 2012 and 2013), Ryan Gosling (three in 2013) and Matthew McConaughey (four in 2012, two in 2013). Hathaway, by comparison, starred in two in 2012 (BatmanLes Mis) and cameoed in just Don Jon in 2013. Was she good in Batman? Eh, no, but the reasoning behind people disliking her has largely been based on her offscreen personality. And naturally, actresses are the ones who get critiqued the most as being overbearing or unlikable despite actors like Sean Penn and Alec Baldwin being remarkable bags of douche, yet still gaining fans upon fans.

I realize that we and plenty of others discussed this back when it was all an issue, when people suddenly loved J Law but couldn’t possibly imagine a world wherein Hathaway should be allowed to share in the spotlight despite also starring in a huge, fairly well-received film. There is simply no room for two famous, talented, beautiful women, apparently. However, what really bums me out: in the past year, Hathaway was voted more annoying than Chris BrownChris Brown. If somebody declared me more awful than a dude who put his girlfriend in the hospital and then publicly wished violence on other women, I am pretty sure I would want to GTFO of the spotlight, as well.

So, is it cool with everybody if Anne Hathaway comes back now? Because it’s pretty fine with me, provided she never does another film like One Day ever, ever again.

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  • Gargoyla

    I admit was getting burned out on her, but her lack of presence was def noticed and I agree that her comment is sad. Come back Anne!

  • Lindsey Conklin

    This makes me sad too and super guilty because for some reason I just never liked her. But I think you make such a valid point: why dont we feel this way about male actors??? Okay, I apologize Anne, WE MISS YOU

    • khkahdka

      I feel this way about Ryan Gosling.

  • Rachel

    PEOPLE ARE FUCKING ASSHOLES! I never understood this whole “Hathahaters movement” and found it really sad. Especially in the internet age, I think we forget that celebrities are actually AWARE that people do this and that it actually affects them. I mean, what the hell did she do to deserve all that hate? Of course she’s a public figure and people are allowed to express their opinions. But there has to be some human decency line that should not be crossed when it’s toward someone who hasn’t done anything wrong. We are a bizarre species.

  • Roxanne Marie Zoltan

    I’m pretty burnt out on Ryan Gosling and Liam Hemsworth, personally. I’ve always loved Anne Hathaway and been utterly confused by the hate she’s gotten. I can recall several conversations with friends in which she was mentioned and someone spat something like “I can’t STAND her. I hear she’s SUCH a bitch.” It seems strange to spew so much hate at a complete stranger, especially when it’s not someone like Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn or Chris Brown, who we have evidence of being evil assholes.

    • Joshua Mcclain

      It seems strange to spew so much hate at a complete stranger,
      especially when it’s not someone like Alec Baldwin or Sean Penn or Chris
      Brown? are these men not strangers to you? make up your mind, dearie.

    • Matt

      Joshua, you might want to take a hot moment to read what she wrote… the word ESPECIALLY and the ending phrase “who we have evidence of being evil assholes” Her point is obvious, but you seem to lack common sense, so I can see how you got confused.

    • Joshua Mcclain

      and yet, she still does not know hem, matt. truth bites.

    • WD

      She was a bit of a condescending, snotty B at Vassar…not surprised by the hate. And you dont need to be an evil asshole to be disliked by the public. Likability is a rare gift.

    • asharpman

      You’re burnt out on Ryan Gosling? Because he keeps on starring in really good independent films? Bottom line is this: Anne Hathaway stars in a lot of hammy films. If she can up her credibility, then people will stop disliking her. People’s obsession with Jennifer Lawrence is pretty ludicrous, too, though. Overrated as an actress, and hasn’t been in any really good films. (Disclaimer: Oscars don’t count for anything.)

    • ratchetrandy

      you think its strange to spew hate at complete strangers….except for when they are complete strangers named Baldwin, Penn or Brown. Roxanne you are a dumb bitch.

  • Isana Leshchinskaya

    i don’t mind anne. she’s moderately talented and rather pretty. but does this mean that people can’t find a female star annoying without immediate backlash?

  • Sarah V.

    Didn’t this website have articles about hating Anne Hathaway? I clearly remember reading articles about that here. There’s an article asking why you hate Anne Hathaway in the related stories section…..I mean you’re kinda the pot calling the kettle black at this point…

    • Samantha Escobar

      Not that I know of, and in that article it explains the writer did not like a thing Anne Hathaway once said, but that she then went back to being one of her favorite actresses. She was more asking why, all of a sudden, Anna Hathaway’s public opinion was “at an all-time low,” according to another media outlet.

      Also, we’re all different writers and therefore have different opinions and voices. Sometimes those voices disagree with one another.

    • StrangeVista

      And sometimes with yourself, too. (One Day reference)

    • Stephanie Sitz
  • LouLou

    She’s right. I did need a break from her. She was everywhere and I can say that I was getting burnt out of her. Go away for a while, relax, enjoy life, come back and we’ll love you again. Smart girl. Very smart girl

    • Danny

      Yes, it is smart for an actress to put her career on a pause because a person she does not know nor has ever met “needed a break” from her. In the words of potentially overused expressions, “give me a break” and “get over yourself”.

    • LouLou

      or “don’t take it personally”

    • Diyanira Daray

      I was unaware that people could simply choose to not watch a movie or fawn after a female actress every second of every day. >> “Needed a break,” like you can’t turn off your t.v. and go outside . . . Or just choose to not read a tabloid . . . “I can’t control myself, so you have to ruin your career for me!”

    • LouLou

      k. Shes talking to a magazine after this all happened and undoubtably can get a movie role today worth millions if she wanted. If thats a ruined career, then I’d love for someone to ruin mine. And if all you have to do is go outside and ignore it if you don’t like something, then why did you respond to my post?

    • your friend

      Although I agree with your first part about how her career isn’t necessarily “ruined”, I think your last point was invalid. Just because someone doesn’t like something doesn’t mean they can’t stand up for what they think. I understand that there are times when the media over publicizes a certain person and advertisements are hard to avoid, but Anne Hathaway is primarily an actress for movies and so simply not watching her films, changing the channel when a commercial is on, and just not reading online articles or watching youtube interviews is within your control.

  • Sarah Marshall

    I think that Hathaway had just proved her talent in Les Miserables. I had seen her in a couple of comedies prior that I thought were okay..entertaining at least..but I before Les Mis, her acting talent never really stood out to me. She put her whole heart and soul into the role of Fantine, and the result was, in my opinion, a superb performance. Strangely it was about that time that the haters really started vocally attacking her, so I tend to think that part of it is rooted in envy. After all..it did make her step away from acting like you said. Mission accomplished for the haters. Bummer. My hope is that she will ignore the haters. She has set a high standard for herself professionally now, and I would be interested in seeing her take on other roles that really reflect her talent like Fantine did.

  • Erica Ifill

    The problem is that the media keep pushing certain stars on us: “Isn’t so and so perfect?”, “So and so is super cute!”, “OMG she is so NORMAL!” All of the collective gushing is too much. Then when people get tired of the love fest, the media starts with how much they’re tired of so and so and how so and so may not be what the media claimed them to be. It’s a tiring cyle. You guys build up female stars so you can tear them down. I’m tired of the cycle, just tired.

    • Cee

      Yep, this year its “Fuck Jennifer Lawrence” and “Yay Lupita Nyong’o!” Next year we’ll be sorry for making fun of Jennifer Lawrence, hate Lupita Nyong’o and like someone else who is “so normal.”

      Personally, I like both ladies, but part of me is becoming so tired and wary of the Lupita love fest on websites. Even this one, every three articles and ” OMG Lupita Nyong’o is perfect!” I love Lupita think she is beautiful and wish her the best (I’m actually hoping she wins), but it all seems so forced and comes with this hate toward another female star (Lawrence). I don’t think Lupita’s well deserved fame should come with pretentious over saturation and by tearing another woman apart. Sadly, next year, she will probably be torn apart, with no reason other than someone cooler coming along.

    • GreyFaceNonnie

      I don’t even know who the heck lupita is, but I love JLaw.

    • zionita

      Until next year, when you hate JLaw.

    • Samantha Escobar

      I know what you mean, but when it comes to Lupita Nyong’o, in general, we do have to write about what people are interested in rather than simply what we’re down with, and people are currently very intrigued by her. Personally, I think Jennifer Lawrence is a fine actress (and if I’m not mistaken, everybody besides me who writes here loves her); I primarily brought her up in this article because most pieces by people who hated Anne Hathaway compared her to Jennifer Lawrence. If that point didn’t come cross, then that is my bad and I should’ve made it clearer.

      The idea I’m opposed to most is that we get “sick” of female entertainers, but rarely have that same reaction to male ones, even when they’re abusive, violent, homophobic assholes. I don’t understand why people don’t hate Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn and Chris Brown. I just do not get how people can be more sick of an actress who’s never hit anybody or called somebody a slur than male performers who are actually shitty human beings.

    • Brandy Miller

      I try not to hate anyone, but I can’t stand Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn, or Chris Brown and I don’t pay to see them. It’s really simple.

    • Cee

      I get you, there are male actors who are horrible humans that we can never even say they are terrible humans without backlash for doing so. But, with a woman its always how she is an insufferable bitch for being too perfect or too quirky or too pretty which is NOTHING compared to what these guys do.

    • WD

      Wait, people actually like Sean Penn or Chris Brown…really?? Ive never heard one person talk about them in a favorable way. Never. Are we really relying on STAR magazine for evidence?

      We forgave Reese Witherspoon quite easily despite the fact that her arrest behavior was quite douchey. Yet her reputation remains intact because she’s likable. In the case with Anne, I just think she tries too hard and it comes across as fake, unnatural. forced.

      Sadly we do tend to (eagerly) tear down female celebs more so than men. I would love to read an article on why that is…maybe women are just more interesting in general? So the focus (the good, bad and ugly) will also be on them the most. (Im slightly joking but there might be some truth in it.)

    • fairey01

      I don’t understand how it comes across as forced or fake. She’s so down to earth and just amazingly sweet for being an actress. I love the fact that she didn’t turn out to be like Lindsey Lohan.People that don’t like her are just freaking jealous and haters. I don’t get it.

    • malevolentmuse

      If you pay close attention it’s mostly women who hate on Hathaway or, as my wife puts it, “there is nothing more emotionally violent than a bitchy, catty woman and all women are bitchy and catty when given the chance.”

    • Disappointed

      Has your wife even met every woman currently in existence? She may personally leap at the opportunity to be catty and bitchy, but please don’t project this disordered behaviour on to every other person who just happens to have similar genitalia.

      I don’t identify as bitchy or catty, and wouldn’t describe any of my female family members or friends as such. I guess our parents taught us to be decent and kind. If you ever have, or already have, a daughter, be cautious with your discourse- repeatedly tell a little girl it’s in her nature to be bitchy and catty, and that’s what you’ll create.

    • Ed

      I think people hate Jennifer Lawrence because she’s a medium-low-skills actress who has been very overrated. I just don’t understand how can she win something for that acting!

    • Cee

      I suppose this could depend on the beholder, BUT..why don’t we say this about men though? Honestly, there are many actors who win awards that we can say the same thing about. Where are the articles for them about how they don’t deserve awards? Where is the debate on who was overlooked in men’s categories?
      Why are you so comfortable saying this about her, yet we never say…Leonardo DiCaprio has never won because he is a medium low skills actor who is overrated? I believe he is, yet when I say this about him, I am a jerk, but if I say this about a female actress people will join me on how terrible she is and what a bitch she is too.

    • Dominic

      I think, and this is my personal opinion on the matter, that for some
      reason, women seem to be more hateful towards each other. In all my
      female friends, they are constantly putting other women down and
      degrading them even if they do not know them. They could look better or
      they could look worse but mainly because they are attractive. I rarely
      hear that among my guy friends. I dont know if they are more
      competitive, jealous or whatnot. Maybe its a woman thing. I will never
      know because I am a guy. Maybe that is why you dont see many things
      about the male actors. Im not a fan of any of the guys mentioned but I
      usually dont watch the movies they make simply because I dont care about
      their acting. I see actresses in magazines being criticized for
      everything. The way they dress, fix their hair, their personal lives,
      and the roles they play in films. Me personally, I dont have a problem
      with Anne Hathaway and call me lame but she played a sexy catwoman.
      Catwoman is supposed to be sexy and deviant and she played that role
      very well. Ive never had a problem with her acting but when you get a
      beautiful woman in the spotlight, other women have the tendency to
      discriminate, hate on, or criticize them for something that has nothing
      to do with their acting at all. If I see a movie and I like how the
      actors/actresses did, then sure I will watch another movie with them in
      it. Its not them, its their character they portray. One movie may be a
      great spot for them, but others not so much. Half the acting job is also
      based on what the director wants. Nobody seems to take notice of that.
      They can be a great actor, but if the director doesnt like it, they do
      retakes until the director is happy. Another part is the script written
      for them. My point is, if you like the parts they play, and are willing
      to watch another movie, thats great. Dont judge a persons acting based
      off their personal life. I know people who dont like Tom Cruise for who
      he is off screen. I say whatever he may be, if his acting is great(which
      in my opinion it is) then I will watch his movies. I care less about
      their personal life. Movies are about people acting to make
      entertainment for you to watch. If you are reading into their personal
      life, thats really nobodies business but their own. You wouldnt want
      somebody coming into your personal life and then not come to your job
      because of it would you? No. Because their personal life is is
      completely separated from their acting. If you like it, watch another,
      if you dont then thats your choice.

    • Jolie Apuzzo

      I think you mean that twilight actress….now she’s overrated and i’m surprised how shes not voted most annoying.

    • fairey01

      I agree, Joli. Now SHE is overrated. She doesn’t show ANY emotion at all when she acts! How does she get movie parts? It’s like watching a robot perform.

    • fairey01

      Well, unless you are a producer/director I can’t take your word for that. I actually think she’s a pretty good actress and I respect that she could give a freaking crap about what people think about her.

    • Guest

      Your opinions don’t make it fact. Please use the phrase “I think” more often.

    • Angie BookNerd

      there is a very long, deep, dark bistory behind this illogic that society does not, cannot, deal with face on just yet. but many of your readers will recognize what im referri g to, and even more will be uncomfortable with my hint, because they have yet to acknowledge its existence.

    • malevolentmuse

      WTF are you talking about? Say what you mean or don’t say anything at all.

    • fairey01

      Who the hell is Lupita?

    • Nadine


  • Erica Ifill

    Case in point from the Gloss’s own site: Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Hathaway, And Angelina Jolie(?) Are All More Hated Than Chris Brown

    I mean, really?

    • laauton

      I don’t like Angelina Jolie because she knowingly had an affair with a married man. Yes they are married now but it doesn’t mean that it makes it right. She should have kept the nickel between her knees until the divorce was final by not doing that she’s a husband stealing whore in my book. I don’t have a problem with Gwyneth Paltrow and only problem I have with Anne Hathaway is she’s to smart and talented to show her breast in movies and make herself appear cheap when she’s not.

    • Kathleen L Wright

      If you think Angelina Jolie is a “stealing whore,” don’t forget that it takes two to tango. Brad didn’t have to get with her. PS the word whore is hateful and sexist. Maybe reconsider using it so casually.

    • angelicvh

      Wow I think you need to revisit the judge not lest ye be judged, by the way until you walk in someone else’s shoes you really don’t know what happened. Actually I adore Angelina she is my favorite. She doesn’t really need your approval or mine now does she!!

    • Usuck

      I hate people who don’t know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’.

    • Bosworth

      Don’t hate. Educate.

    • http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1116441734&ref=profile andrinalovesmartine

      They aren’t married yet!

  • laauton

    I will have to see her go but have to admit I quit watching her movies when she started premiering her boobs in them. She to pretty, talented, and smart to let directors show her body like that.

    • laauton

      sorry hate not have

  • Cara89

    People are going to attack me for this, but I didn’t miss her. I think she’s highly overrated. Go ahead and call me a “hater,” but I’m pretty sure you don’t have to like every single actor or actress out there.

    • Christian Figueroa

      Women are such haters. I think it is because some women are the most jealous of creatures.

    • Angela

      You’re both wrong.
      First, women are not the problem in this comment
      Second, you’re right you don’t have to like every single actor but it is not right to push them to the point where they don’t want to do what they love anymore, the mean comments and the hate, you can keep them for yourself

    • Cara89

      Angela, it’s never wrong to have an opinion. Get off your high horse. Nobody is being bullied here.

    • Cara89

      Definitely not jealous, she’s just not my cup of tea.

  • Suni Isbell

    I have always loved Anne Hathaway and would love to see her in more movies in the future! If I ever got to meet her I would tell her “You will always deal with haters whether you’re famous or not, but you can’t let them win, just hold your head up and do what you do best!”

  • angelicvh

    Actually, One Day was my favorite right behind Les Mis, so why don’t you not tell her what film to make. I would love to have her come back.

  • Kat

    I love Anne too, don’t understand why every one is hating on her, personally I liked One Day, it was ver bittersweet but hated Les Mis as I thought it was over hyped ((I walked out before the end after Eponine died, sorry but it just didn’t live up to the 20th ann. Concert performance tho I admit Russell was a little bit of a surprise). love you Anne, come back!

    • Fu

      Russell was a surprise???!!! You mean in that he was wooden, couldn’t sing, and almost single handedly destroyed the movie. You are a moron.

  • dannym55

    I love Anne Hathaway. I had the chance to meet her a couple years ago while working at the Oscars. She is really friendly and easy to talk to. She didn’t have to stop and talk to my coworkers and i, but she did. All while on a tight schedule seeing as to she was hosting that year. I was wondering what happened to her. Anne, please comeback!

  • howdyho

    wow, thinking that anne is worst than chris brown? maybe he needs to beat up some sense in those people

  • Jojo

    She should just shove her oscar in people’s faces. I don’t love her in everything she does but so what that doesn’t mean I have any right to put down an extremely talented person! She has diversity & a believable presence to her. Come back Anne!!! Ps. I loved One Day!

    • Jen

      Anne Hathaway is one of the best actresses she can own any role given to her I really admire her I loved/love watching The Princess Diaries and One Day, etc. She shouldn’t quit let the haters hate until they have an academy award they shouldn’t be talking.

  • Jonathan

    Yes come back Anne. And by the way, Anne kicked ass as Catwoman so I don’t know where the author gets that she wasn’t good in Batman. She was beyond good. She was the heart that a very dark movie had to have.

    • Samantha Escobar

      Personally, I just didn’t like the movie overall; she wasn’t my least favorite part. I just really, really didn’t like it. :(

      But I agree–come back, AH.

    • asharpman

      She put in a good performance in The Dark Knight Rises, yeah.

  • likewhat

    She’s quitting because people don’t like her. That’s basically saying “you win.” She should just ignore it (I never see anyone hating on her??) and do what she enjoys doing.

  • Ardy del Rosario

    She needs to stop taking social media too seriously, social media hates everybody, except maybe Betty White

  • karen

    PersonallyI think she’s an amazing actress and all those hating on her are simply jealous of her fame beauty and kicked back approach you will always have haters rise above them ignore them and keep rocking it

  • JamJam123

    Anne Hathaway has to be the only white actress i truly like. Why are ppl giving her hate? I grew up watching Princess Diaries and i know those, “Hathahaters” did too. She is honestly a nice person. I saw Les’ Miserable, omg she proved to be such an amazing actress. Why do ppl do this? Hate on one actress to bust up another? and mind you, Anne Hathaway has been acting for a long time and has never said or done anything that was offensive or hurtful to a group of ppl. She is too nice to deserve hate, I always supported Anne Hathaways movies, its the reason why I watched Les’ Miserable and bought the dvd as well. People need to chill out, she is not copying Jennifer Lawrence, if anything, Jennifer Lawrence is copying Anne Hathaway. (Short hair, running up on ppl during interview, you do the math)

    • khkahdka

      Only WHITE actress..since when does skin color have anything to do with this. Racist.

  • Christian Figueroa

    I loved her as cat woman. I think she also seems like an awesome person. With half the country loving Bush, who the hell care what else they love or hate.

  • AriiThe FxcknTruth

    I love how an article about how people judging other peoples personal lives is messed up still finds a way to bring up chris brown……

  • BatFan4Life

    I adore Anne Hathaway. I’m also a long time Batman fan and I thought she was a great Catwoman. She was exactly how she is in the comic books and her performance was honest and true. She’s a great actress in every movie she’s in. I wish everyone would stop hating on her.

  • Jose

    I never got any wind of ppl disliking her, sounds like someone wants attention. The only dislike I have with her is the hair. Short just doesn’t work for me. She will be back, hopefully never again in DC Comic/Marvel movie thanks.

  • Brian O’Toole

    I like her

  • Eric Cotton

    I agree with almost everything in this article, except the bit about Batman. She KILLED that role. It would honestly be difficult for any actress to top that performance of Catwoman.

  • J

    It’s interesting how this article feels the need to tear Jennifer Lawrence down in the process of defending Anne Hathaway all the while talking about double standards.

    • Anna

      I didn’t get the feeling the author was tearing down Jennifer Lawrence as much as simply pointing out how only one star is allowed the spotlight and J Law seemed to be the next big thing at the time

    • khkahdka

      Yeah exactly, not JLAWs fault people don’t “click” or connect to Hathaway as much. Anne always seemed stuck up to me that’s why I didn’t like her..

  • NYCjbd

    I have to admit that I never understood her appeal. I don’t wish her ill and am happy for her to be in all the movies she wants, but for my money, the only thing I’ve ever liked her in was DEVIL WEARS PRADA. And Meryl makes everyone better.

  • Cereszal

    “Oh let’s find a new target to hate now that we’ve bring down Anne, i know, how about J Law?”

  • Skye

    Personally, I don’t get why everyone is “hating” on her. She’s a truly remarkable person with an awesome talent. Not only can she ably perform in a light-hearted romcom (“Ella Enchanted”), a terrific coming-of-age (“Princess Diaries”), and delightful family adventures (“Hoodwinked”), but she captures the heart of darkness and pain (“Les Mis”). TO hear that she is more annoying than Chris Brown boggles my mind. I adore Anne, but if she chooses to leave Hollywood, then I wish her all the best. Her legions of loyal fans will miss her greatly.

  • Bobbi Laughery

    I’ve always loved Anne Hathaways movies. She beautiful, talented and isnt going after the spotlight twerking or doing nude roles. For that reason alone I have respect for her. Personal message to A.H.— dont let ppl bully you out of what you love doing. I would hate to see a break from someone positive and uplifting. Maybe its the ppl bringing all that negativity that needs to step down.

  • Veronica D. Giovanni

    The very fact that she opted to walk away from her profession rather than stand up and fight is exactly why a lot of people are turned off by her. She doesn’t have an edge to her and she comes across as too eager to please. Right or wrong, people are turned off by her “I’m the queen of neutrality and a helpless victim of mean people” image as well as by the pure and angelic way that she often comes across. Frankly, she’s pretty but not pretty enough for her grating “please like me” personality to be tolerated by the public. In fact, she needs to man up! I mean, if Gabourey Sidebe can handle the constant criticism that she gets for being a fat, dark chick in an industry that demands classic notions of beauty, then surely Ms. Hathaway can deal with her “haters”. In today’s judgmental world one has to be strong–there’s no room for petty weakness. Thus, if she wants to be an actress or better yet a strong woman who is respected, she’s got to give her detractors the middle finger and then fight for her respect. It’s a tough business but it’s her responsibility to earn the respect of her fans. BTW, the reason that Anne is more annoying than Chris Brown is because, if nothing else, Chris comes across as a genuine bad boy who would have no problem going toe to toe with his “haters”. That is, love him or hate him, he keeps it real. Anne, on the other hand, seems to work overtime to charm her way into people’s hearts via what some consider an annoying smile/grin and those “aren’t I adorable” doe like eyes. She’s a good actress so I hope that she fights rather than flee or freeze. We don’t need anymore drunken, trashy, or doped up actors. What we need are actors with real talent and people who have confidence and courage!

  • Jay Neuman

    What’s all the fuss? I thought she was working at the mall making smoothies at the food court.

  • Laura Davis

    I think part of this wasn’t fans. I think it was other actors and celebrities who paid people or made fake accounts and blasted her to get her to leave. It’s a classic ploy. If you know the person you’re targeting is willing to just give up after some people give them crap, you’ll do everything you can to push them out to get the spotlight on yourself. We can start with any past friends and her ex husband. They have the most to gain from Hathaway’s emotional and professional downfall.

  • SHowSHOw

    My Go this business sucks sometimes

  • Ken Kahle

    “Bags of douche”. New one.

  • susannanyc

    My BIL and I were watching a snippet of Devil Wears Prada on TV in 2011.
    Me: I don’t GET it.
    Him: Yeah, me either.
    Me: Are we talking about the same thing?
    Him: Anne? Yes, really, I just DON’T get the mass appeal. Why and for what?
    Me: She IRKS me, sweet as she comes across, her genuine-ness is over the top.
    Him: Too reaching.
    Us: Grumble grumble acting ability, looks, wide eyed and begging for her genuine self to be known, not enough umph, too frantic, grumble grumble.

    She does not resonate for all, as media would direct us to. We all like or dislike, and alas A.H. is a dislike for BIL and me; my husband on the other hand thinks she is just fine and does not share our irritation with her. And many would and should disagree with both sides. That is the nice thing about choice and opinion, and nobody is immune to participating and having opinions to some degree.

  • Wil

    Here’s a thought……why don’t we just stop hating anyone. Everyone is entitled to an opinion about whether they like or dislike someone. But why is hate so easily obtained and expressed these days? The word hate is one of the strongest words to describe something we don’t like. It is “extreme hostility or dislike towards something”. Isn’t that too strong of a word to use towards someone we only know on screen and really don’t know anything about? Hate should be a word we reserve for the worst actions. Actions that send horrible people to jail. We should not be using hate for a stranger or people who have different opinions from us.

  • Omar

    People are so ignorant now a days, Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress!!

  • Brian Niblo

    Please write a follow-up article defending your thesis that A-Hath wasn’t good in Batman. Because she was brilliant in this film, in particular the dragnet scene with the cell phone where she makes that big escape.

  • Brian Niblo

    Please write a follow-up article defending your thesis that A-Hath wasn’t good in Batman. Because she was brilliant in this film, in particular the dragnet scene with the cell phone where she makes that big escape.

  • Darryl Day

    Actors are too damn sensitive! Who gives a shit what these people think! Just keep doing your job until producers stop hiring you…do good work and the people that matter will keep seeing your movies.

  • KKZ

    The remarks about her “doe eyes” being annoying are really baffling. Have you ever tried to change the expression of your eyes and the psychological impression they give off? Is she supposed to get surgery to make her eyes less wide, wear colored contacts, dye her eyelashes or something so she looks less innocent? Makeup can only go so far, and I’ve seen Anne pull off smoky, sultry eyes as well as neutral/natural. This idea that she deliberately uses her eyes in a desperate bid to win you over is ridiculous to me.

  • Ihatehollywood666

    I like how you contradict yourself in the last paragraph . Just couldn’t resort from being the “film critic” could you .

  • Judy Noonan Harnum

    I have always loved Anne Hathaway I don’t get this overexposed bit. There are so many douche bags celebrity to be hating on. I have never seen her do anything to be hated for. Grow up you assholes.

  • Chachi

    I was unsure about all the “hate” she received. The worst I saw was Joan on FP saying Anne looked ridiculous carrying an umbrella in the sun or something and even then, I felt she was doing a bit. I would have to disagree that only one woman can be into he spotlight. Jennifer Lawrence has nothing to do with this. We like Jennifer because she does a lot of press, doesn’t repeat the same stories and really has fun doing that press. She’s funny, not just relatable. Jennifer also has a body image more people are supportive of. I know for a while, most people weren’t feeling Anne’s Catwoman body, which in truth made her look a bit gaunt since we’re used to somewhat plump cheeks and curvy body on her. Still, I don’t feel that Anne was was ever in the forefront of any discussion as much as Jennifer Lawrence. Anne spent a lot of time in the news not surrounding projects she worked on maybe that’s what she meant by people being tired of her.

  • Allison Cox

    I have to say, attacking others to get your point across is gross. Belittling Jennifer Lawrence for example, was completely unnecessary. Anne Hathaway is a fine actress. There is an ebb and flow in most actors public imagine. This is obviously and opinion piece but really just kind of mean.

  • Kurt Vernon Roembke

    I thought she was awesome in Batman. Her character was really the only thing I liked about The Dark Knight Rises…

  • Emily

    Dear Anne Hathaway,
    Don’t let the haters get you down. You are lovely and a very talented actress. I don’t know you personally, but you seem quite charming and kind. The haters don’t know you either- they are blinded by their own internet drama. Please come back, we need more kickass empowered females in the media.
    Me (and your numerous fans)

  • The.Truth.Ruth.11

    Really? Hypocritical of Samantha Escobar don’t you think? Considering that this whole article is about how people put someone down for no apparent reason, yet all the while she is shaming another lovely young actress. For what? To focus the reader’s attention on someone else to hate? There is nothing wrong with people who like some actors while disliking others, it is a matter of personal preference. However, you don’t have to put a person down, just to lift another up. If, both Anne and Jennifer are as genuine as they appear, I’m sure they would both agree.

  • Regina Phalange

    Ugh you Americans are hateful! She’s awesome! We need more Anne Hathaway in our lives!

  • Wendy Hendrick

    Stop watching so much TV and you won’t be sick of anyone! It’s that easy! Just let them do their jobs… do they go to your job and say how much they hate your work? If you don’t like it, don’t watch it! But don’t hate on someone so much that they have to stop doing their job. Sad.

  • https://www.facebook.com/jokie.x.wilson?ref=tn_tnmn Jokie X Wislon

    She should take Yoko Ono as a role model. Yoko’s 80 years young and has never stopped for anyone! <3

  • Gabrielle Lee

    First of all… how the hell can the people start hating someone they haven’t met personally? They can say that don’t like the works she has done, or say taht they don’ give a shit that can of movies/participations, it is just weird to me. I have to say I really liked Anne in most of their works, but I hated Batman. I don’t like how she sings, but fisically is perfect. Isn’t that the end of all of this? Not to mess in someone’s life at the point of making it drop out their dreams, don’t judge the life style; if ypu are tired of her movie, so just stop watching them. And direct to someone else, there are lots of stars that want our money. Ok, my humble point of view. (Sorry any typo o mistake in my spelling)

  • K.Spencer

    I love Anne! She is beautiful and kind. Don’t go away Anne. Unfortunately haters make more noise than lovers. They’re too busy loving… and we love you!

  • Tiffany

    I’ll tell you which star we need a break from.
    Justin Bieber.

  • Actor guy

    Anne is one of the best actresses of our time! Of course she should come back! Lets be honest, one can only take so much of “J Law”. This girl is everywhere, and it is actually starting to remind me of someone else that was in a world wide popular movie series, *cough Kristen *cough. I’m not saying I’m not a fan of Lawrence, I’m actually a huge fan of The Hunger Games. Now, ask me if I would rather go see a movie with “J Law” or Hathaway…hands down I would spend my $10 to go see Hathaway and wait to see Lawrence at the cheaper matinée. Not that your cheap Jenn, but lets make way for the actresses that are talented and worked for it, rather than a lucky casting on your part.

  • DTScherzer

    I LOVE Anne Hathaway, and I thought she rocked it as Cat-woman like NO other! Not kidding!! How in the world can she be perceived as annoying.. Totally don’t get it.

  • tlove

    I have always loved Anne Hathaway, she’s beautiful. I LOVED her in batman. I liked One Fine Day, I don’t have a bad word to speak of her. Love and Other Drugs was one of the best movies that year. And she speaks out for gay rights. I never considered her annoying.

  • rachel e.

    I just really don’t understand all the hate coming at Anne Hathaway! She’s barely in the spotlight as it is. I want her to come back, she’s a great actress, and I have been very annoyed by brad cooper and ryan gosling. And as for Jennifer Lawrence, I lover her and all, but she’s overrated.

  • Laloric

    That moment when she host the Oscars, I dont remember the year, but just there she ruined her carrer. It was so awflul.

  • Abi

    I’ve always loved Anne Hathaway and never understood where all this random horribleness came from. I think she’s talented too! Come back!

  • forrest franks

    Ive always loved Hathaway as an actress. Beautiful, smart, talented. She did herself a favor if she is financially ok. Why put up with people’s hateful stupid shit.

  • Yeap

    It’s amazing some people turn this into a gender issue.

    • Pleiades

      When actresses, in general, receive more hate just for being themselves than actors do for being abusive, genuinely terrible people, then yes, it’s a gender issue.

    • Pleiades

      When actresses, in general, receive more hate just for being themselves than actors do for being abusive, genuinely terrible people, then yes, it’s a gender issue.

  • Shaun Phillips

    You know what’s funny about all of this, it’s women who do this to women. It’s always women who build someone up just to hate them 3 years later. It’s this constant need from certain females to empower other women and then destroy them once they been around too long. They start nitpicking and finding things to dislike and then they will pour on the hate and rumours. Just look at the women who get away with being the opposite of a good role model and are celebrated. The Kim Kardashian’s of the world aren’t the sort of women other women should care for. The women who actually worked to get where they are and show determination, perseverance, courage and manners are only allowed so much time in the spot light until they get ripped apart for being a goodie goodie. The women who trash women are the same type of women who love Kim K, Paris H, and the other women who do nothing and get rich for doing it.

    As a gay men, I’ve had my fair share of female friends, but I have found very few I want to be around. Very few females I know treat other women with respect. The constant cattiness, and trying to ruin another girl’s reputation is disgusting. It’s like watching a bunch of people climb on top of each other and the person on top is the winner.

    • Microcat

      Ugh go away with your misogyny. Nobody needs it.

    • Shaun Phillips

      How’s that misogyny? It’s funny when people don’t agree with that you say about women, all of a sudden you’re a misogynist. I think you’re a tad small minded.

  • Shaun Phillips

    You know what’s funny about all of this, it’s women who do this to women. It’s always women who build someone up just to hate them 3 years later. It’s this constant need from certain females to empower other women and then destroy them once they been around too long. They start nitpicking and finding things to dislike and then they will pour on the hate and rumours. Just look at the women who get away with being the opposite of a good role model and are celebrated. The Kim Kardashian’s of the world aren’t the sort of women other women should care for. The women who actually worked to get where they are and show determination, perseverance, courage and manners are only allowed so much time in the spot light until they get ripped apart for being a goodie goodie. The women who trash women are the same type of women who love Kim K, Paris H, and the other women who do nothing and get rich for doing it.

    As a gay men, I’ve had my fair share of female friends, but I have found very few I want to be around. Very few females I know treat other women with respect. The constant cattiness, and trying to ruin another girl’s reputation is disgusting. It’s like watching a bunch of people climb on top of each other and the person on top is the winner.

  • Angela Harrison

    Anne Hathaway is refined and beautiful. Just because she acts professional off set doesn’t mean she is more annoying than Chris Brown. Showing being a woman beater and a gangster is worse than showing poise, and refinement. I personally love Anne Hathaway as an acter. Just cause she trys to keep it “Classy, not trashy” like most of these singers we listen to, doesnt mean she’s a bad person.

  • bobertmcboberson

    What? This is all new to me. Why? I like her a lot.

  • Darby O’ Gill

    Wow what a pointless fucking article. Oh and she was awesome in “Batman” which was called The Dark Knight Rises… Anyway this is one of the most sickeningly sycophantic posts I’ve read in a while, kudos!

  • tissa

    I guess i am too busy to read celebrity gossips and I had no idea she was actually not very much liked by people. Hm…. well clearly Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Jay Lo, and Alex Baldwin could care less about what the public thinks of their actions and their personality outside their acting and singing careers. They still go what they want. Isn’t it a part of being famous: there will always be people who hate you. May be a lot of people. Embrace it and move on or … don’t. She chose not to and I guess that is the choice she made. She can’t embrace it or doesn’t want to embrace it or may even be a lot happier outside her acting career. Whatever her reasons are, as long as she is happy with it and is living a happy life – good for her.
    People will always hate famous people for one reason or another. There is no way around it. And as someone who is in a spot light I am sure she knows it well.

  • jim

    WTF Anne Hathaway was a BADASS as Catwoman I thought she did amazing, as she does with EVERYTHING I would take Anne Hathaway playing every role in every movie from this point forward just so i didn’t have to look at all the annoying mugs of the celebrities out there that are actually annoying assholes and no one ever seems to care.

  • Cornelia

    R U KIDDING ME!!!!!!! No one with a brain wants Anne Hathaway to go away like WTF world you poeple are IDIOTS! if your going to alienate a celebrity why not someone who is literally a WASTE of human skin like MIley Cyrus or justin bieber or practically any other celebrity would make more sense then her she’s amazing I can’t even believe how backwards and stupid people are, like I don’t even want to be here anymore honestly people make me sick.

  • Krissy Aldrich

    I would like to point out that male actors too have their moment in the sun and then fade into obscurity. Remember Josh Hartnet, he was super popular when I was in grade six, totally faded into the background, what about Orlando Bloom, he was in EVERYTHING for a while and now you barely see him. I could go on but I’m not that invested in celebrity culture, my point is that the entertainment business gets bored with people, male or female all the time. Its not news.

  • epenthesis

    She wasn’t good in Batman?!

  • sulundur

    Lol Anne’s performance in TDKR was stunning and absolutely incomparable. The only argument as to why she “sucked” was the “off screen personality” that is later defended. IDK, this article was written with good intention, but it just comes off as very confusing and trying to satisfy two parties: haters and defenders.

  • Tina Marie

    I’ll never understand why douche bag celebrities keep gaining fans while NICE ones like Hathaway are being voted more annoying than a woman beater. …. it’s really sad. This world is so messed up.

  • Shame

    “In the age of Jennifer Lawrence with all her “I’m just like you all! I eat McDonald’s! LOOK AT ME BEHIND SOMEONE ELSE GIVING AN INTERVIEW!!!!” glory, there was simply no more room for somebody whose publicist didn’t make it a mission to create everyone’s celebrity BFF.”

    This is so bitchy! And it is exactly what was done to Anne Hathaway. You are saying you are sorry for the hathahate (as you should be) and in the same breath you do it to another woman. Shame on you.

    • Alex

      Seriously! This article is horrible and completely contradicting the whole way through. People can’t just say a nice thing anymore and that’s it.

  • Patrica Thirsk

    I can’t believe what I just read, she doesn’t deserve this. I can’t belive who she was compared to not even close. I love uour acting and wish for you to come back. My youngest daughter is named after one of your characters. Ella is her name. Love you Anne Hathaway. Come back to us you are better them all of them.

  • A Loving Mother

    Anne Hathaway is the Role Model I set for my daughter she has seen every film you have done starting with disney, YOU are the kid of childhood actress grown up a mother like me prays for. Your kind and genuine and you stand for LGTS. Which my daught learned to support from you. Anne Please come back our Daughters NEED YOU!

  • Will

    1. People ARE tired of seeing a lot of those actors you listed, but those actors dont care and keep making movies because its their job and they can if they want to

    2. The only people who hate Anne Hathaway are bitter, jealous, ugly women.

  • JD

    I think Anne should do a remake of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

  • holland

    Nope, she just has no self reflective skills, and comes across as hyper egotistical and clueless to others. She’s not really the empathetic type that you need to be, in order to be authentic in your acting.

  • Cora Bunny

    she is more annoying than Chris Brown. Bye Anne!

  • David Sirmons

    I would give anything in my possession just to spend a day by Anne’s side, just us, talking with her, hearing everything she has to say, getting to know her. The rest of us will never know what it’s like to be critiqued and judged as women in hollywood are every second of every day. If she’s quitting acting, it’s likely to focus on getting past her admitted eating disorder, which itself is another vestige of how much women are made to feel bad about themselves. I am in your corner, Anne. I pray you find peace, and that you learn to accept and love and adore yourself, and I will miss you.

  • Robert

    Nobody should be turned away in the spot light. She’s been an amazing person and actor, and I could name many persons out there that the big screen could do without. But besides that point, Anne Hathaway, come back. FK what everyone says about you. <3

  • lucky

    She is a little annoying, come on. And this just illustrates it. Plenty of public figures get shit talked and don’t feel the need to give up their craft/passion. Can you imagine Roseanne B in the 90s being like “people don’t like me, guess I’ll be done :( :( :(“

    • lucky

      BUT would like to add that the Chris brown thing is insanity.

  • Sha Marie Masters

    I think some of the comments below and even the author are missing the real disgusting point here. WE SHOULDN’T BE SO JUDGY. Anne creates art and she should be allowed to do that as often as she wants, she should be allowed to make crappy pieces as well as great pieces. If you are burnt out on an actor or a type of art…STOP WATCHING THEM OR WATCHING IT FOR A WHILE. It’s not up to someone else to curb their art to please you, but it is up to you to make your own choices on what you care to watch or participate in, we are all adults, not little tiny crying babies like we continue to pretend we are. What is so sad about this is that we think we are “ALLOWING” her some kind of “PERMISSION” to be herself and make movies, how sick and prideful is that? Ugh…this is why celeb news always infuriates me, its not the celebs, its all the idiots obsessed with them.

  • Linda Rose

    Anne Hathaway is my all time favorite actress, always has been and always will be. Yea i love Jennifer Lawrence, but I grew up with Anne Hathaway, she stands the test of time and I want her to come back!

  • A.j. LeMay

    Good choice to take a break, and not “retire completely”. (To become a hip hop coked out dude chasing some higher spot than the top.). Just be honest, and I’m sure she has hopes to be generous with others, cultivate her drive towards a struggle that the human race may know or not know they have to contend with otherwise the dark hardships (we) experirnce/d, and allow the positive forward progress can stay longer next time you find yourself with 1,000s of people telling you what yo do or who to be. Enjoy the beauty of life….sneek away and let the tears fall….then the laughter comes….then freedom with no other than yourself.

  • idontcare

    U guys are trying to sound nice in this article while slamming her on the side. Hollywood drama reminds me of high school.

  • idontcare

    People were hating when she got cast in Les Mis because they think they know everything about how a musical should be done or how Hollywood should work. People were literally against her in that role before they even saw it. So sad.

  • christianh

    I don’t think anyone could played that CatWoman much better… It’s not like she wrote and directed…

  • Jolie Apuzzo

    No one is more annoying than Kanye West. I think Anne is adorable and a kick ass catwoman. I like JLaw (same bday AUG 15 leos in the house!!)but she has to have a shot of alcohol most of the time when she’s doing interviews. Whenever I see clips of her I hear her saying “I’m drunk right now” eventually the media will over-exaggerate and try to push you into a Britney/Myley Cyrus witch hunt until you have a meltdown. JLaw be aware of this. Anne, screw what people think. You can never please anyone. Do what you gotta do.

  • disqus_sEIJmn2I3X

    I can totally understand how she feels. You all suck for talking smack about anyone you don’t know personally. Stars aren’t that important to me…I don’t know a single one of them and they don’t play a part in my life. For those of you whose lives (in your opinion) are effected by them so badly that you have to not only watch their every move PLUS talk smack about their every move, you A: are a loser, and B: have low self esteem because by putting down someone you don’t know it somehow makes you feel better about your unfortunate life. All I hear about is people putting others down…allover FB, forums, news comments etc. It sickens me to see so much hate, poor character, and complete loss of personal accountability. I hope this woman and others who are hated for no good reason at all can carry on well. To all of you haters: You all suck. and I mean that sincerely.

  • John Presutti

    WELL SAID ! I love Anne and think shes great…. she has to let those remarks fall off her back….

  • John Sco
  • Grace FR


  • db

    I love Anne Hathaway. I think she’s beautiful, talented, and professional. I don’t understand other people’s reasoning for hating her, but I hope it doesn’t get to her too much. She’s a human being too, as are other public figures. I don’t know why people forget that.

  • mj

    Ummm… she was good in Batman… wtf are you talking about???

  • Michael Nelson

    It makes me extremely sad to hear this. I love Anne Hathaway and she is still one of my idols.

  • Lauren Rose

    I personally did not really like her for a while, but she regained my respect as an actress in 2012. I thought she was great in Batman. I was horrified when I found out she was playing Fantine in my favorite musical, but her scenes in the film turned out to be my favorite (to the point that when I see it on HBO, I check to see if her scenes have passed or not to determine if I watch it). The reason for my dislike in the past had to do with how she would swear and find any reason to talk about showing her boobs in interviews, like she was trying too hard to show the world she wasn’t a “princess” and was trying to be a badass(?) In 2012 she seemed more humbled and professional. I look forward to seeing her next performance.

  • Lisa

    I wish I knew the reason why evil idiots (male) prosper while talented women like Ms. Hathaway are cut down and discarded like yesterday’s refuse. She’s a human being with flaws like everyone else. She’s not the object to be pecked to death by a mob of jealous, envious hens whose parents never taught them how to be happy for another’s success.
    By the looks at the box office, women support and seem to like it when men abuse them, real or imagined. The abuse must be a turn-on for bitches who enjoy cutting other women “down to size.” The best thing Ms. Hathaway can do is acquire an attitude and flip them all off…

  • Miracle Smith

    Throw Rihannna, Beyonce, Jay Z, Justin Bieber and Kimye as people that are on overload. Yet huffpo posts the titt alerts almost instantly every hour.

  • Adp

    Really? Bad in batman? Compared to the embarrassment of Katie H and the pathetic Maggie G? She’s one of the better ones for sure. She’s a great actress. People are just ADD. And clearly whoever wrote this needs to be knocked down a few pegs themself.

  • ashley

    I love Anne Hathaway! She is one of my favorite actresses and it really sucks that people were making fun of her to the point she is going to quit acting. People really so suck

  • Sarah

    There’s something about her that I don’t really like, but I can’t describe what. I think she’s a great actress, though and I think other people’s hate is the stupidest reason in the world to quit doing what you love. It’s her job and she’s good at it. She doesn’t owe people anything.

  • MagicGirl29

    Actors like Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Lawrence and Sean Penn (who I believe has gained most of his following for his “douchey” humanitarian work in Haiti) are all very talented performers and deserve the recognition that they have earned from their fans. Anne Hathaway on the other hand, actually makes films unwatchable for me. I have no problem with her leaving the business. Also, it took the writer of this post only two sentences to make a snide criticism of Jennifer Lawrence, which makes me wonder what business she has writing anything at all on this subject matter.

  • Ted

    Anne Hathaway wasn’t good in Dark Knight Rises? She had the strongest performance in that film, did you see a different movie than everyone else (especially the critics, who lauded her performance)

    • MagicGirl29

      The movie wasn’t very good, and she was a HUGE part of the reason. Her role in that movie is my ‘go to’ when discussing terrible casting choices in comic movies.

    • Mickey Lee Bukowski

      TDKR was great and she was great.

  • Hol

    Who doesn’t love Anne Hathaway? I hope she realizes what a large fan base she has and remembers that people are going to hate on you no matter who you are. She’s never been annoying, a bitch or even a bad actress in my eyes and I can think of a thousand people who would probably agree… We love you Anne!

  • Azaria

    The irony of this article is that it did to Jennifer Lawrence what it criticized was done to Anne Hathaway.

  • harleymn

    so the author says her response made her said, but then takes 2 shots at her work in the article. Grow up.

  • Mickey Lee Bukowski

    “Eh, no”? She was amazing in Batman! What are you talking about?

  • perri

    This is a publicity stunt. She just finished a movie.in NYC last year.

  • perri

    I also find her fake and contrived anyway. As soon as she open her mouth. Its.obvious.

  • perri

    I also find her fake and contrived anyway. As soon as she open her mouth. Its.obvious.

  • Mememememe

    I really love Anne Hathaway. I like that she has range as an actor. I’m not sure what it is about her off screen personality that people seem to dislike; she’s intelligent, funny, talented, and attractive. Maybe Hollywood just contrived this mess for whatever reason, but it is true that I have never heard of her beating anyone, and, that alone, should prove she’s not a bad person. Sure, fans can get a bit overloaded by certain actors that are in everything all the time (JLaw will have her time to take break at some point), but it does seem like a huge double standard when it’s typically women that we all get sick of. I’m not sick of Anne though. I hope this is a temporary break, that people leave her be, and that she comes back with a big F-U to all the haters. She should do a Broadway musical; her singing voice is awesome. She should do her work, that she loves, and put in some ear plugs when it comes to all the crap people say on the internet. Even the good crap, like this :)

  • Joe Stinson

    Anne Hathaway needs to come back I loved her in Batman!!!!

  • Eireann

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat??!!! I LOVE her I even cut my hair like her LOL.

  • Layla Noormarji

    I understand that she’s being treated unfairly. I love Anne Hathaway and praise her endlessly. But that is no reason to put down yet another girl for being herself. You’re bullying Jennifer Lawrence just as Anne is being bullied. I don’t think you understand that you’re contributing to the cycle. This has nothing to do with Jennifer. This has everything to do with Anne’s image.

  • Eric Curto

    I liked her as Catwoman, so was she good in Batman? YES, don’t answer for anyone but yourself

  • Marlana Moore

    There are so many things wrong with this article. First, why are you kinda mocking Jennifer Lawrence just because she’s the it girl of Hollywood right now? She’s done absolutely nothing wrong. She is the way she is because she’s not stuck up and is just being herself and it’s refreshing that she’s loved for it. Second, Ryan Gosling has said he’s taking an indefinite break from acting for personal reasons so I really doubt that we (or rather, you) will be tired of him anymore. Third, Anne Hathaway was REALLY good in TDKR, so I’m not quite sure why you have the opinion that she wasn’t.
    I didn’t know she was so hated but, really, there are plenty of other stars who are far more disliked than her and still seem to want to be in the public eye, I don’t know who said what to her but she’s in the wrong business if she’s wanting to leave over some people hating on her, you can’t get everyone to love you..

  • Jessica

    I never understood the hate. Anne Hathaway is an extremely talented and hard working young actress and unless someone had a direct experience with her where she was a total asshole, who the hell are they to judge her? It’s obvious to me anyone who hates on her is just jealous.

  • Devon

    As far as I know, Sean Penn behaved badly when he was in his 20′s, but seems to have grown up since then. The only outbursts since then that I’m aware of have involved paparazzi, which might not be great, but it’s certainly understandable. As most people know he founded a relief organization for the survivors of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti – you have to give him credit for that. (I don’t know about you, but I haven’t done anything like that.) Also, he’s a really, really good actor. When you see Sean Penn in a movie you see the character he’s created and you forget it’s him. You really can’t say that about most actors. Christian Bale is great too, Amy Adams – too many to list.

  • Mark

    by that , rationale, Tom Cruise should have killed himself years ago.

  • BertCankle

    So Anne H is annoying because we are all sexist? STFU. Every star has people that call them annoying. Anne whining about people’s treatment of her is annoying. She comes off as annoying because she’s ANNOYING. That said, she is talented and I hope she continues acting. I just want to be shielded from her real life self as much as possible, like most actors. Guess why! They’re … Annoying.

  • One loving wife

    I love the fact that you’re petitioning for her to stay and insulting her works at the same time ‘~’

  • http://www.kevinpatrickrobbins.com/ Kevin Patrick Robbins

    It so nice that you’re negotiating the terms of her return on her behalf. She must be grateful that you’re also deciding what projects are okay for her to accept.

  • Maureen

    Anne was amazing as Catwoman.

  • anna

    anne hathaway mediocre as shit

  • Cassandra Merchant

    She’s a lovely human being, as far as I can tell. I don’t understand why people don’t like her. She’s old Hollywood grace & charm. Poised & pretty like Audrey Hepburn & the like. PRO-ANNE!

  • Dwayne J. Stephenson

    Remember, ladies: this one’s on you. Embrace your agency!

  • Feisty

    If you’d ever had the displeasure of working with Annie, you’d understand why most people dislike her. She’s really lovely to you if she thinks you’re of some worth to her.