Red Carpet Rundown: Mindy Kaling, Zooey Deschanel & More At ELLE‘s Women In Television Celebration

ELLE Women In Television Celebration Samira Wiley

Orange Is The New Black’s Samira Wiley takes an early lead as my favorite use floral in 2014.

ELLE Women In Television Celebration Emmy Rossum

How cute does Emmy Rossum look with her pointed pumps and her pretty white dress? I don’t love the center cutouts, but for some reason, because they’re subtle, it works all right.

ELLEWomen In Television Celebration Zooey Deschanel

Oh hey, Zooey. I’m pretty crazy about this look.

ELLE Women In Television Celebration Uzo Aduba

Speaking of “the cutest,” OITNB‘s Uzo Aduba looked fun, playful and elegant, as well, though I wish she had added a belt or some other accessory toward the middle.

ELLEWomen In Television Celebration Malin Akerman

Not super into Malin Akerman‘s look; the hair is too  tight, the sandals are too strappy, and I don’t like the red dress-pink lipstick combo.

ELLEWomen In Television Celebration Mindy Kaling

We will always love you, Mindy Kaling. This is something I would wear in a heartbeat.

ELLEWomen In Television Celebration Kiernan Shipka

I kind of love this thing Kiernan Shipka wore, though lately, I think she just tends to do everything right on the red carpet.

ELLEWomen In Television Celebration Laverne Cox

Laverne Cox‘s dress fit perfectly, simultaneously looking both dressed up and carefree with gorgeous makeup and flowing hair. I think she could probably bring back center parts singlehandedly.

ELLE Women In Television Celebration Orange Is The New Black

I’ll finish this up the right way: with four of the OITNB ladies all glammed up in one shot.

All photos via Angela Weiss/Getty Images.

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    • Candace

      I think Bella Thorne read Caitlin’s “How to Look Like Belle” article and took it a step too far.

      • Anne Marie Hawkins

        Nah, I think she just knows it’s Stealth Cosplay Week over on Tumblr.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      Zooey, Emma Roberts, Sarah Rafferty and Maria Menounos = I love all their outfits haha

    • CMJ

      Giada looks…not like Giada.

    • Lana

      Where’s Emmy Rossum? Looks like you missed her!

      • Samantha Escobar

        You are so right! Agh! I added :) Thanks for the tip.

    • Crayzcheshire

      Sarah Rafferty’s dress is like, SO INTERESTING, and in an uncommon twist- it actually looks really amaze and flattering. (Also, most of all the makeup faces are spot on!)

      • Samantha Escobar

        Right?? It reminds me of a window pane slowly defrosting, which sounds stupid but I just love it so much. So much more interesting than most red carpet wear.

    • Miri

      I’m loving Laverne’s dress a lot. She looks hella fierce. But the mesh accents with the fishnets (plus open toe shoes, meh) is just a bit too much to me.