Authorities Want To Ban This Beautiful Vagina Mural On The Wall Of A Middle School


In Nyköping, Sweden, a gorgeous, colorful piece of art depicting a smiling vagina is painted on the wall of a local junior high school. And, like anything having to do with depictions of the female anatomy, it’s causing a controversy.

Local authorities have apparently decided to paint over the artwork by well-known graffiti and mural artist Carolina Falkholt. Which is weird, because the artwork was commissioned back in the fall, and people must have been aware that Falkholt is known for depictions of vaginas and ovaries in her public art. Here’s a tip, Nyköping officials: If you don’t want a vagina on the wall of your school, don’t ask an artist who frequently paints vaginas to do a mural in your school.

Anyway, school officials have backed off a bit, saying they’re willing to engage in dialogue about the mural and the principal of the school, Harke Steenbergen, spoke out in favor of keeping the mural. He said:

“I see many pedagogic advantages to having her art in the school.”

And a local Swedish politician says he wants to keep it up because it might get kids excited about their school (LOL):

“Should we censor this just because it depicts female genitalia? Maybe the students think this is a really cool thing, that they have a school that dares!”

My main reaction to this brouhaha is “Wow, this would never ever ever in a million trillion years happen in the US.” Like, the chances of Kris Jenner giving up her fame are better than the chances of mural showing a vagina appearing on the the wall of a school that teenagers attend. The controversy, though? That’s totally American.

I think the piece of art is really stunning and striking. Maybe it’s my can’t-be-fully-tamped-down-no-matter-how-feminist-I-say-I-am Puritanical Americanness, but I can kinda see how it might not be appropriate for a school that caters to thirteen to fifteen-year-olds, playful as it is. But then part of me is like, it’s a statement on the power of the female body and female sexuality. And when better for students to see that than when they’re in their teen years?

Photo: Patrick Ljungman via Carolina Falkholt’s Facebook page

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    • Aleks

      The mural is beautiful and powerful, sure. But this is a MIDDLE SCHOOL and I’m not sure the environment is appropriate. High school? Sure. This age? Not worth the controversy.

      • LouLou

        I was going to write the same thing, except I was going to say it should be on a college campus

    • jw

      To be fair, I wouldn’t want to see a mural with penis art either.

      “But then part of me is like, it’s a statement on the power of the female body and female sexuality. And when better for students to see that than when they’re in their teen years?”

      I take issue with that statement because there are plenty of male students too. Seems one-sided and problematic. What about the dudes?

      Also, like the other commenter said it’s a MIDDLE SCHOOL. Is that really the right atmosphere for this mural anyway?

      • Nancy

        Agree. I would not enjoy seeing giant flower penis either.

        It is extremely inappropriate that this art is in a middle school. I could see this pressuring kids to be more open or in-touch with their bodies than they are ready to be. Some people need privacy to learn about sexuality. Splashing girls body parts over the walls for everyone to see seems exposing in a creepy way. The mural is beautifully done, looks EXACTLY like an open vagina, and would be great in an art gallery.

    • naoma

      I see nothing wrong with it since it does not even look like a vagina. Looks like some sort of bird.

    • truelove700

      We have sex-filled TV for teens, Sex filled magazines for teens. Sex filled internet for teens. And All that is happening is that more and more people are unable to build successful, lasting, life-long relationships because they believe love is 100% to do with looking hot and having good sex. THis is a middle school, and the kids need a safe place where they are NOT bombarded by stuff that that stimulates their sexuality. They need a place where boys can learn to respect young women… not just get stimulated by female sexual organs. After a day walking past such a picture several times, my testosterone would be much higher than normal and I would start demanding that the young teenage girl in the class with me let me release some of that testosterone into her vagina. That’s how the male brain works. That what porn does to men. But this is school, not a sex shop. Let the kids have at least on place where they don’t need to think about their sexual nature 24/7.