• Fri, Jan 24 - 5:25 pm ET

Open Thread: What’s The Number 1 Beauty Item You Can Proverbially Not Live Without?

My daily commute to and from work is a four mile walk. Aside from Pandora, I have found the playing of games essential to defeating boredom, exhaustion and cab hailing. I play the light game, in which I cross when possible and if perhaps I land in front of a liquor store, I am entitled to a bottle of red wine, Malbec preferred (this is a dangerous game to play with food). I pretend I’m characters in New York-centric movies like Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly, or Kevin McCallister. But, perhaps my favorite mind game is the: what would you do if? And so, since I’ve exposed this embarrassing confession I must ask: what is the number one non-survival-related item you can (almost) not live without? That is, if you were stranded on an island or some other ridiculous circumstances that limits the possession of products.

Mine would be mascara. I just love it. It’s elegant, and feminine and the best step in my beauty routine. Also, I think eyes are so beautiful, especially when lashes are coated, elongated and darkened. (Mind you, without makeup remover this is not a logical choice, luckily this scenario is a product of my imagination.) Now, your turn! What can you proverbially not live without?

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  • Samantha Escobar

    Moisturizing red lipstick. I’m kind of cheating because it SHOULD be lip balm since it feels awful when your lips are dry, but I also just love red lipstick 4evrrr.

  • Jenni

    I love my Tarte lipsurgence. It’s like lipstick + chapstick and it stays on forever.

  • elle

    Is hair product considered “beauty product? If so then curl enhancing cream definitely. My hair is so frizzy and undefined without it! If not then mascara definitely.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      oh absolutely!! and i’m super jealous that you have frizzy hair. i’ve got super straight (aka boring haha)

    • elle

      When I was younger I hated it, but once I learned how to style/enhance it (my mom is not into that stuff, she was no help) I loved/love it.

  • Jessica

    It’s a tie between eyeliner and argan oil. I feel naked and weird without either of them.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      argan oil?! tell me more… haha

    • kidding

      do you feel like your clothes are-gone?

  • Ashley Reese

    Red lipstick, for sure. I hate that I went through my entire adolescence without harnessing its power.

  • CMJ

    Red Lipstick and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray.

  • anna

    face powder. If applied heavily enough it can act as a concealer, and I just feel naked? Blemished?
    Next would be my little cat eyes that I wear EVERY day since I was 17.

  • LynnKell

    Lip balm. I’m positively addicted to lip balm. My skin belonged to a crocodile in a previous life so I have to moisturize all-the-fucking-time.

    If I could sneak another product, it would be my beloved Maybelline’s the falsies lace mascara :)

  • kellyegan

    Sunscreen. It’s a lotion, a base, a moisterizer, and (sometimes) its even tinted.

  • ZanBrody

    Pink or coral blush. When I was younger I would have said black eyeliner since I barely ever even removed it to sleep. Now I’m not even sure if I own any.

  • Eileen

    Bonne Bell LipSmackers, because I’m actually 9 years old.

    (I’m really 25, but this is still the only beauty product that I use every day. Anything else depends on how I’m feeling that morning, but LipSmackers are a constant)

    • Cee

      Dr Pepper Lipsmacker is the best!

    • Eileen

      My favorite is Tropical Bunch, but I just buy the giant multipack and enjoy all except Cotton Candy. Currently working on some side Christmas ones in my room with Kiwi in my purse.

    • Crayzcheshire

      I’ve been addicted to the Vanilla Icing one for like… 15 years… I’m always afraid that someday they’ll take it off the market *nightmare*

  • missmoon99

    brown eyeliner. Can use for natural looks or go heavy for some fun, and makes my eyes pop. takes like 30 seconds.

  • Nerdy Lucy

    Mascara. I have pretty good lashes and I like to enhance them.

    I feel like I really should pick lipstick because my lips disappear without some kind of color.

    But no, mascara.

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  • KathleneKilburn

    I can using it tips for make eyes more attractive and superb eye.

  • Jane

    Mascara or blush. I’ve got pretty good lashes on my own, but mascara means I don’t have to line them. But without blush, I look a little washed out. Both are really the only makeup I use on a consistent basis. Make me choose one?! Never.

    ok, blush.

  • Stephanie

    My eyebrow pencil! Eyebrows are the frame of your entire face!!! If I don’t have my eyebrows penciled in, I feel like my face has no outline or structure. My eyebrows are the physical context for the rest of my features to exist within.

    • Crayzcheshire

      i feel the same way! (and nice & natural looking… no clown brows!) :)

  • Holly

    Probably just foundation because I have the kind of freckled skin that I don’t find cute. It’s not the adorable dusting of freckles, it’s the kind that is all over but light enough to just make it look like I have some sort of weird facial texture or something. Other than that, definitely mascara or purple lipstick.

  • Danielle

    Mascara, black or brown black. I look like the walking dead these days with out it.

  • Crayzcheshire

    Eyebrow pencil sets the entire face! makes you look younger and fresher, and doubles as eyeliner too