Fashion Disasters: Paris Hilton Pulls A Jaimie Alexander, Forgets Underwear At Party

Click to see Paris Hilton's weird no-underwear illusion dress at the pre-Grammy's celebration!

Last night, P Diddy hosted a Pre-Grammy Awards party at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood, as P Diddies are wont to do. And naturally, Paris Hilton showed up, which makes sense because she’s basically the Batman of paparazzi events: you’re not sure if she was invited nor how she got in there in the first place, but you’re kind of reassured by her presence. You are typically not reassured, however, when you realize she forgot intentionally left underwear out of the equation.

Her dress for the Senate Music Group’s Pre-Grammy Celebration featured sequins, sharp angles and sheer paneling, a look she paired with a ridiculous pinwheel style at the front of her hair. It is the most Paris Hilton turtleneck that has ever existed. It is probably the most Paris Hilton dress that has ever existed, as well.

Click to see Paris Hilton's weird no-underwear illusion dress at the pre-Grammy's celebration! Click to see Paris Hilton's weird no-underwear illusion dress at the pre-Grammy's celebration!

…And now we know exactly how much pubic hair Paris Hilton waxes. I guess we can all go home now.

Just as her no-undies predescessors before her–Gwyneth PaltrowJennifer Lopez, and oh man Jaimie Alexander–we can only assume this look took a lot double-sided tape and quite a few “are you sure you want to wear that?” inquiries from whomever helped her get ready. Either that, or she has a very malicious stylist.

I do not think illusion dresses are nearly ever great, particularly when on the red carpet (as opposed to, say, an episode of Skins). The only exception that I can think of off the top of my head is Zoe Saldana‘s Gucci gown last year, but even then, I would have preferred so many other looks she’s worn instead. Ones like Jaimie Alexander’s now infamous Thor dress (and the car model whose duplicate dress revealed everything) are just plain displeasing to the eye.

Gowns where you essentially need to go undergarment-less are a different sort of dangerous when they are on the red carpet. Not only do they invariably remind me of human lava lamps, but you can also see so much more in photos due to the cameras’ flashing bulbs, which is often not the stars’ intent. Plus, the seams at the back or along the shoulders are always so visible and prominent that it takes away from anything decent about these gowns. TL;DR — if you’re looking to try out celeb fashion, this is one (apparently undying) trend that you should skip.

All images: Koi Sojer, PacificCoastNews.

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    • Baby Doll

      you can almost see paris hiltons herpes!

    • Katrina

      I know Paris Hilton is famous for doing absolutely nothing except buying her way onto red carpets. And that she is completely brainless, talentless and just seems to make some of the worst decisions ever, such as trying to get famous for being a DJ. But I do have to say she is a pretty lady. I’m sure that having that much money can make anyone pretty but I can’t help but picture her living in a trailer park somewhere being the queen of the trailer park and making all the other girls at Walmart jealous.

      • drachemitch

        She’s actually an insanely shrewd businesswoman and works A LOT. There was a programme on E! Or Bravo! of some other channel with an exclamation, that talked about why people thought she was stupid when she so clearly is exceptionally intelligent. You have to actually KNOW about Paris Hilton and not just know what people SAY about Paris Hilton to understand what’s really going on there. She has an entire empire that she has built. BTW, Paris herself is the one that said, “What’s wrong with being famous for being famous?”. It would surprise me none if it turned out she has a genius IQ.

    • Crayzcheshire

      The only thing that really bothers me about this is that she should have tailored the sleeves so they’d be snug to her arms.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      that’s more paris than I ever needed to see

    • elle

      I actually like dresses like this (seriously I loved Jaimie Alexander’s dress) but I really wish the paneling over the crotch was much higher. Because that is a super awkward cut. If it was I would love this dress.

      • elle

        But that hair is ridic.

    • Jane Doh

      I feel like that in order for this to be the most Paris Hilton dress ever, it should be shorter and hot pink..

    • Megan Zilis

      Sam I have to say-I kind of really love illusion dresses/gowns! I actually wear them and they’re not too scary. I will send examples until I change your mind. I’m more concerned with the giant band-aid on Paris’ forearm/inside of her elbow (I’m sure there’s a name for this specific part of the body…) I’m going to assume that she just donated blood before arriving on the red carpet because that’s the kind of girl Paris is!

    • tifygodess24

      It looks like something Mariah would have worn in the 90s ( more crotch cover though … )

      • drachemitch

        I dunno. If you stack all of Mariah’s album covers in chronological order, it’s a flip-book of her stripping.

    • Colleen


    • Elizabeth Phillips SC TSu

      I want to know what the big bandage on her right arm is about.