Fashion Disasters: This Real Housewife Found The Most Naked Jaimie Alexander Dress Yet

joanna krupa sheer dress

If there’s anything good to be said about this dress, it’s that it could be the dress that’s so bad it can kill off the super sheer “Look ma, no underpants!” dress trend once and for all. Gwyneth Paltrow was an early adopter with her sheer side-butt, and Thor‘s Jaimie Alexander wore one so stunningly naked that now everybody knows her name. All was going well. But then a car model wore an exact duplicate of Jaimie Alexander’s dress and revealed everything, including why this dress trend does not work in real life.

After that we experienced a brief lull in the hurricane of sheer cut-out dresses, until Thursday, when Paris Hilton tried to bring it, and herself, back with a horrible beaded dress. Now we all know how much she waxes. Le sigh. At the time, Sam called it the “most Paris Hilton dress that has ever existed.” She’s got a point, and this one might be the most Real Housewife dress of all time.

Joanna Krupa, from Real Housewives of Miami, decided to let us know she was going commando in this stunningly naked dress by Michael Costello. She even said she was lucky to get it, because she was in line behind Jennifer Lopez.

“I fell in love with this dress about a month ago,” Krupa told E! News. “He actually sent it to Jennifer Lopez. I guess she didn’t wear it, she sent it back. So, I said can you let me wear it please?”

These sheer dresses almost never work on the red carpet. We’d like to look at their beautiful craftsmanship, but we just find ourselves trying to spot the errant bits of wig tape holding the dresses in place. This one was so bad Jennifer Lopez sent it back. Hopefully more celebrities will start sending these dresses back soon.

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    • Samantha Escobar

      Whoa. I’m thrilled it stayed in place for her, but if I were wearing that, the entire time I would just feel like I was in one of those awful nightmares where you get to school and suddenly realize you’re naked.

      • Elizabeth Licata

        I know, right? If you drop something, you definitely can’t pick it up.

    • Amber Dawn

      I have never liked this sort of thing. I’m a firm believer that people can wear whatever they want, but personally I find a more classic look far more appealing and this just looks like they forgot half the dress. However I understand that the sort of thing I like hasn’t been considered exciting enough for the red carpet since probably 50 years ago so I will just continue to be confused.

    • missmoon99

      Honestly, I think she looks great. If I had the body to pull that off, I’d wear it, too.

    • Natalie

      She absolutely has an amazing body, but what happens when she sits? or walks? doesn’t it shift? I want to see one of these dresses sit and stand.

    • MeenaK

      Forget about the dress… lets talk about how she looks like a bobblehead :( The bobblehead look is not good. Being in shape is obviously fine but when you take it to the extreme and your head looks too heavy for your body… it’s worrisome.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      i do think she looks fabulous though haha