Only True Love Can Remove This Magic Fairytale Bra

true love tester bra

In fairytales, true love fixes pretty much everything. Now a bit of that magic can be a part of your real life, thanks to a superscience bra that can only be opened by the power of love.

According to Rocket News 24, Japanese lingerie company Ravijour has invented what is romantically known as the “true love tester” bra, but what is basically a chastity belt for your boobs. The maker says the bra will only open for “true love,” but it works via sensors hidden in the bra that detect the wearer’s heart rate and send the information to her phone. When her heart rate rises to a specific fever pitch, the bra springs open.

true love tester bra feet

We like lingerie and we like weird sciencey toys, but this seems like the least useful lingerie ever. Given that it works by sensing a person’s heart rate, it seems like one should probably not watch scary movies or attempt to exercise in this bra. Avoiding any sort of sudden surprise would probably be a good idea, lest one’s bra suddenly fly off during a work meeting.

Of course, a bigger problem might be what happens when a liaison goes unexpectedly awry, and then a woman finds herself trapped in her bra until some nice person can get her blood flowing enough to free her from it. She’ll be stuck until she panics enough from being stuck in her lingerie that it raises her heart rate enough to free her. Or she might have to run around the block in her underwear a few times until the bra pops off of its own accord.

Photos via Ravijour

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    • elle

      This is legitimately the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

    • elle

      This is legitimately the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

    • Bunny Lucia

      So is there a certain heart rate of love? What about the heart rate of lust?

      If it pops up because of lust, then it’s clearly not the true love bra.

    • Natalie

      that bra does not fit that model.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      what’s with these new bra inventions? a bra to stop us from over eating. now this? perhaps we’re giving our boobs too much power ;)

    • Say What

      people take things so serious…It’s obviously a novelty thing…you wear it with your man and get him to turn you on. What idiot would wear this everyday…even the writer is not so bright…ga huh yep yep I’m gonna wear this to work. Lighten up folks and have some fun.