Lorde’s Ink-Dipped Fingertips Were The Grammy’s Messiest Manicure

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Tonight’s Grammy Awards brought out a wide range of looks from the bizarre to the deeply upsetting, and Lorde‘s fingers alone turned out to be the most controversial beauty choice of the evening. Not content to simply get a manicure, Lorde’s nail choice extends up her fingers up to her knuckles. I would go ahead and call this an “ink-dipped” manicure, and here’s to hoping it doesn’t catch on.

It looks like she literally stuck her fingers into pots of ink and then blew on them, hoping against all hope they wouldn’t end up all over her face. I’m guessing the reactions will be pretty mixed to this look, but I actually love it on Lorde. I don’t see myself throwing my hands into an ink pot before work, but it does work for her and the occasion. It’s kind of like the evolution of when I chew on a pen and it explodes and I get ink all over my face. Don’t say I’m not fashion-forward.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

Look, the whole thing is kind of weird, but so is Lorde and that’s why I’m so into it. Given Lorde’s whole all black vampy everything, pushing a manicure to an up-the-finger ink job makes a lot of sense.


I do hope that this thing doesn’t catch on though, because I think we’ll all end up with Hitler mustaches from accidentally scratching our philtrums (this is that dip between your nose and mouth). What a world that would be!

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    • elle

      I do not like that at all, it’s pretty messy. I also feel like Lordes bone structure I more complimented by her curls rather then that blow out.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I definitely missed her wild curls!

      • Samantha Escobar

        Agreed x3

      • Alexis H

        I liked the blow out. I like it because instead of fighting nature and going 100% stick straight, they left the natural volume and a little wave. Plus it highlights how drastically you can change a look just by switching the hair, since the rest of her makeup is the same as always. She looks like a totally different person!

    • Deanna Szuter

      Love the finger tips.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kelliemurray65 Kellie

      She is a bizarre person so nothing surprises me. But I like her music. Can’t get Royals out of my head…literally play it over and over lol. She needs to stay curly though…love all the masses of curls she has.

    • Madison

      There wouldn’t be people with marks on there face because that’s what nail polish is used for… Hello??

    • http://lizteschler.tumblr.com/ Liz Teschler

      I think they call that a “frostbite” manicure (?)

    • Anna Smith Stallings

      Still rather look at her inked up nails than Miley’s skanky tongue and twerking butt!