Beyonce’s No Makeup Selfie Proves The Stars Are Not Just Like Us

Beyonce is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. Most celebrities are extraordinarily beautiful, in part because society does not make it easy for non-beautiful women to become celebrities, and partly because with celebrity comes money and with money comes an army of personal groomers and trainers and facialists and makeup artists and hairdressers whose whole jobs are the creation of beauty. But without all that paint and gloss, would celebrities still be that beautiful?

Yeah, they would.

Beyonce just posted a few sleepy Instagram selfies of her makeup-free self looking gorgeous and rested in her 6,000-thread-count sheets. Her hair is tousled and her skin is perfect. Her nail polish seems to be a bit chipped, but we can’t imagine it will stay that way for long. Much like Miley Cyrusno-makeup shower selfie, which stunned us with how young and glowing her skin is and how much her bathroom marble must cost, this makeup-free celebrity reveal mainly makes us think how nice it must be to have all the trappings of celebrity.

Good makeup artists and hair stylists are artists. They paint with eyeshadows and can create looks that are stunning or interesting or merely pretty, but apparently even when you wash all that art off Beyonce, you’re still left with someone who’s really, really, ridiculously good-looking.

And seriously, how comfortable do those sheets look right now? Beyonce sleeps on a cloud of snow white Egyptian cotton. She must go to the Ritz Hotel and complain about how rough the sheets are. She must have 18 mattresses piled up like the princess and the pea.

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    • Natalie

      She is also clearly naked, scandal!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      wow she’s so stunning. her features are just so beautiful and natural and im so jealous

    • Tatiana castrillon

      lets see her without her weave, she IS like the rest of us..

    • Guest

      oh…come on!
      not to be a debbie downer or anything, but this woman has access the the best skincare/dermatologists/products IN THE WORLD!
      again, and i’m not trying to sound bitchy, the way the bow above her top lip curves when she is wrinkling her nose is indicative of a nose job.

      • Lauren Lever

        Yeah seriously! It is their JOB to look good. You can’t paint a pretty picture on a crappy canvas! (well maybe you could, but it probably wouldn’t look as good as a smooth one)

      • Alishmcmalish Dayum

        Actually my lips do that when I smile, especially the way she’s smiling, I used to be really insecure about it and thought it was weird but it’s something that just happens to women with big lips, something beyonce has.

    • Cyn

      If a regular person eats extremely healthy, works out, spends time and money on their hair, skin and nails they will look damn good. Now when a celebrity who has access to 10x the quality of everything a regular person can muster plus ups the ante with pricey plastic surgery & lots of help that would cost the regular person decades of income to afford, imagine how they’ll look? She is proof of that. She’d be pretty without all of the above but more of a regular, accessible, everyday sort of pretty. She’s worth billions so shouldn’t she look like she’s worth billions? Ijs, we have to quit obsessing over celebrity looks as much as we do & stop comparing our twigs to their baguettes, or whatever. Although it does strike me as strange that she cut all of her hair off only to return to weaves, like all the time. Which not only defeats the purpose of making her big chop all public the way she did but also indicates that for whatever reason, she’s not comfortable without weaves and feels better about herself wearing them.. so everybody’s got their something.