8 Horribly Sexist Super Bowl Commercials Filled With Bad Jokes And Misogyny

sexist superbowl commercial

Hooray! The Super Bowl is happening. I have to be honest, I really don’t know anything about football. However, I do know just how much money goes into dumb Super Bowl commercials, which tend towards a few masterpieces floating in a sea of the lowest common denominator. It’s basically a breeding ground for sexist, misogynistic ads that truly beg the question: what the hell are they selling?

Here’s the 8 most sexist Super Bowl ads I could find, in no particular order. They’re all bad.

1. Audi, 2010

It’s so hard to be a man nowadays with emasculating women actively trying to ruin their lives with demands that they be “listened to.” Good thing men can drive cars after all of that racket.

2. Go Daddy, 2012

Go Daddy is so known for their sexist commercials that this is basically parody, but Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels painting logos (they’re selling .co addresses, I see) onto a naked lady’s body is a bit on the nose, even for Go Daddy.

3. Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial – 2012


4. Miller Lite, 2003

To be fair, all women are inherently in competition with each other and cat fights are what we call “music.”

5. Fiat, 2012

This commercial insinuates that being gawked at on the street is a turn on for women (as opposed to a vile, threatening every day occurrence for every women), but oh wait! Hilarious! The woman is a car. What a sexy object. Help me to contain my chortles.

6. Bridgestone Tires, 2009

Get your ladies to shut up by dismembering their lips. God, ladies just won’t shut up, am I right, nobody?

7. Teleflora, 2009

As the harping angry flower points out, men don’t want anything to do with ugly girls. Go lose some weight or something.

8. Go Daddy, 2013

Unsurprisingly, Go Daddy made this list twice. The geeky dude is smart while model Bar Refaeli is sexy (and also not smart). Then they make out. Nobody looks good here.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      EW. #1 and #7 are the worst.

    • Ellen W.

      #5 is kind of a favorite of mine- I love her styling in it. But yes- very sexist.

    • Jules

      I can’t help but like #5 because the model is Romanian like meee :P

      Edit: I’ve never heard the words “lip balm” be said with such contempt.

      • Jon

        emily ratajkowski before emily ratajkowski

    • Chuck

      Where is the Calvin Klein commercial? Bias?

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I’m infamous for my bias towards Calvin Klein.

        Wait, what are you asking?

      • Chuck

        The male model advertising underwear in underwear. Not one woman had an issue with that, but complained about the other commercials…I thought they all sucked, except for the M&M piece.

      • Katie

        That’s the first line on your wikipedia page. “Julia Sonenshein, infamous for her bias towards Calvin Klein, is an American writer.”

      • Chuck

        Have you found the CK Super Bowl commercial from last year. I’m curious to hear your input on it sexism.

    • Cies Charbeneau

      The first time I saw the Fiat commercial I thought it was gonna be an ad for Rosettastone or some language learning tool. That completely changes the point and position of the sexy girl, which would have been cute.

    • Ashley Reese

      Man’s Last Stand is so infamous now and it makes me p u k e.