Twitter Got Real Homophobic And Racist After Coke’s Historic Super Bowl Ad

Coca-Cola's "American the Beautiful" Super Bowl ad sparks racist and homophobic responses.

To be completely honest with you guys, I did not watch the Super Bowl last night. I went to a pre-party with a few coworkers, ate an embarrassing amount of free food, and left shortly thereafter to go unpack my apartment because I moved over the weekend. But while grumpily unloading my eight million boxes, I glanced at Twitter and noticed that people were discussing a Coca-Cola ad, and that a few people were pissed about it (I then unfollowed them, for the record). Here it is:

The ad features numerous people experiencing life in the United States while different voices sing from “America the Beautiful” in various languages. It was a well-done, simple ad meant to pull at your heartstrings a bit and, in the end, remind us that the only language we all need to speak is high-fructose corn syrup and enamel erosion soda. The noteworthy aspect of the commercial–besides the multi-lingual element, which Coke even posted each individual recording of on YouTube–was that it featured a two male partners and their daughter, which makes the ad the first Super Bowl commercial to feature a family with gay parents ever.

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis commented on the ad:

 “Including a gay family in this ad is not only a step forward for the advertising industry, but a reflection of the growing majority of Americans from all walks of life who proudly support their LGBT friends, family and neighbors as integral parts of ‘America the Beautiful.’”

#AmericaIsBeautiful went trending after the commercial aired as people praised its step in a positive direction of inclusiveness for all cultures and all sexualities. Naturally, a whole bunch of douchebags had to ruin it. (Warning: There’s strong language in some of these tweets.)

Coca-Cola American the Beautiful ad

I’m gonna guess Marc Mahnke doesn’t understand how business works. Nor common sense, nor human decency.








Hey, you know how you can learn how to play tennis and Fun fact: You can speak English and other languages! Or just other languages! And it doesn’t slap anybody because that’s a f’ing ridiculous idea! Still, some users wound up advocating a boycott of Coke: Fortunately, others were there to respond poignantly:





Unfortunately, though, the type of people who epitomize why the rest of the world thinks America is full of assholes probably won’t be listening to reason, as they are too busy blaming their problems on those dern immigrantz.

For the record, I think Coke is a pretty terrible company. Regardless, a great deal of America (and the rest of the world) love its products and pay attention to its advertising, so I am all for it making a solid ad–especially given how frequently Super Bowl ads are just sexist, offensive and repetitive.

Coke is smart to recognize that increasing diversity in America is not only inevitable, but also wonderful. Human beings, including millions of those who were raised here, speak not just English, but Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Farsi, Hindi, Japanese and innumerable other languages. When my dad immigrated, he spoke Spanish, and it’s not like he spontaneously forgot how to speak it once he learned English. America is not a place where exclusively English speakers are allowed to exist and celebrate themselves–yes, even during the Super Bowl. Especially during the Super Bowl. Especially during every day.

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    • Andrea

      For the record, Coke gets the majority of its income from sales overseas. I can’t remember the exact percentage, but it’s way more than half.
      Do you want to know what country consumes (and this has been true for decades) the largest amount of coke per capita? Mexico.
      Coke is a global brand, Deal with it.

    • sofff

      And also… there’s that whole deal about America being a continent, not a country. So “an American song in other languages…” is a really stupid thing to say.

      • Cori

        THIS! It has always bugged me, if we want to get technical it’s not just one continent, but two! I don’t get why people don’t realize this more often. America is a lot more than just the USA.

    • YourIntoleranceIsShowing

      Wow deleting people over their differing opinion? It must be lonely up there on your pedestal.

      • CMJ

        Ah yes, the glorious “stop being intolerant of my intolerance.” Classic.

      • Samantha Escobar

        No, I actually know a lot of other people on the pedestal of “not shitty,” so we’re all just having a party up here :)

      • john

        oh yes…because that makes you right, when you just label people. anyone who disagrees with you is “shitty” and anyone who agrees is “not shitty”…. way to take the moral high road there by disqualifying everyone else’s views. if i were like you, i’d say that you’re not allowed to have a public forum where you celebrate being gay…america is not the place for that. if you want to have a public forum, you have to accept that other people have different points of view and they aren’t wrong just because you disagree with them. it’s called LIBERTY. you’re too busy smashing down other’s liberty though whilst planting your own flag in the name of your liberty to understand what that means, though. that makes you simple-minded….like a child. you can’t accept the concept that two people can both be right and wrong at the same time. you can’t agree to disagree… you have to stamp the other person out with as much pride as you can muster. you believe that YOU are right, and therefore anyone who doesn’t agree with what you think must be wrong.

    • osteopathosaurus

      lol That definitely was NOT our national anthem. Good job first tweeter. I just find that funny.

      • Samantha Escobar

        While sorting through these tweets, I cannot even tell you how many of them thought that was the national anthem. Literally hundreds.

      • IceNine

        Not only was that NOT our national anthem, it is the re-worded version of England’s “God Save The Queen.” Before people open their mouths they should know what the hell they are talking about.

      • Jessie

        … I know this is a month late, but: I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but the re-worded version of “God Save the Queen” you’re thinking of is actually “America (My Country ‘Tis of Thee),” NOT “America the Beautiful.” “America the Beautiful” is actually a purely American song, one of the rare few.

        Still though, it is alarming how many people don’t actually know what our own national anthem is. I’d also love to see how they’d react to the news that our actual anthem isn’t entirely American either. Holy crap.

    • CMJ

      Seriously. Between the Coke commercial and the Cheerios commercial racists’ heads were exploding at an exponential rate.

    • Guest

      The hate will never end as long as their is still idiots around.

    • Ce

      wait a second, so an ad not completely in ENGLISH is un-American?…I get that it’s their national language but they do realize how stupid that sounds in a globalized world right?

      • osteopathosaurus

        Actually, the really stupid part is the US doesn’t actually have an official national language. So it didn’t sound stupid, it is stupid.

    • john

      “America is not a place where exclusively English speakers are allowed to
      exist and celebrate themselves–yes, even during the Super Bowl.”

      yes…exclusively english speakers ARE allowed to exsit, you elitist ass-hole, and they ARE allowed to celebrate themselves. this isn’t nazi germany. although don’t count on that for too much longer. all you brainwashed diversified dick sucking faggot lovers don’t realize that THIS attitude right here is what pisses people off, not the fact that some people are gay, or some people are black or spanish, or whatever. it’s the attitude that the country belongs to YOU and i better damn-well apologize for being white! if i can’t celebrate who i am, why the HELL should weirdos be allowed to celebrate being weird? you people are switched around in your thinking…you have believed the lie, that is that being gay is NORMAL…. so that must mean then that if you not gay then that’s not normal… fix your fucking thinking! yes, in america you have the right to be weird if you want to, but having the RIGHT to be weird doesn’t make you NORMAL. two penises don’t make a daughter. it takes a penis and a vagina to make a daughter. that’s not homophobic! that’s just a FACT. if you can’t admit that then you just live in a fantasy land of make-believe idealistic ideas. you people go overboard… i have several friends who are gay, and i’m OK with that. but neither do they rub it in my face every chance they get that they are gay. i have a gay cousin. do i hate him too because he’s gay? NO! people have the right to be different, but being gay doesn’t make america GREAT… and not being able to speak english, doesn’t make america GREAT. what makes america great is LIBERTY….you know…that freedom thing that the forefathers fought for. that doesn’t mean liberty just for the sacred cow of the liberal agenda. in other words, you pervert liberty to the point that i can’t practice my liberty for fear of offending your liberty. that’s not liberty, that’s picking favorites.

      • john

        you people are like those sickos that went to the CHRISTIAN T-shirt company and asked them to make a pro-gay t-shirt for their gay rally, and when they refused, sued them to make them do it. that PROVES that your agenda is NOT about your own personal freedom, but about taking away other people’s rights to have their religious beliefs and live the way they want to. it’s not enough for you to have your own liberty, you want to destroy other people. you want to make it illegal for them to have THEIR religion….or if they do, keep it in their basement in fear of reprisal. as long as they don’t do it in public. what kind of IDIOT goes to someone who opposes their beliefs and asks them to help promote their agenda? forcing someone to violate their conscience is the worst, hypocritical abuse possible. it’s worse than rape. with rape, you don’t have a choice. but when you’re forced to violate your conscience, you give up a part of yourself. and THAT’s what you want. you people get off on the idea that the christians were forced to go against what they believe and help support your agenda.