Kim Kardashian Finally Worms Her Way Onto A Vogue Cover, Proving Anna Wintour’s Gone Soft

Since getting together with Kanye West, Kim Kardashian has been nibbling at the edges of the fashion establishment like a school of tiny fish trying to eat a whale. For the past couple years Kanye has been waging a loud, public campaign to get Kim embraced by the ever-snooty fashion world, and that campaign has been surprisingly successful. He managed to get her invited to the 2013 Met Gala, even after insiders claimed that would only happen over Anna Wintour‘s cold, dead body. He even managed to get her the stamp of approval of former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, who called her “a modern day Marilyn Monroe” and put her on the cover of her chichi new fashion magazine, CR Fashion Book. Kardashian has made a lot of progress in just two years, but she still hasn’t achieved the main goal: the cover of American Vogue. But that might be changing right now.

Last night Jezebel announced that while the rest of the country was watching the Super Bowl, Kim Kardashian was being photographed for Vogue in L.A. 

Well, props to Kim Kardashian for successfully wearing Anna Wintour down. We can’t imagine how she did it, but we can only imagine Kanye West held adorable baby North West up in front of Wintour and said, “We will let you hold this perfect baby only if you put Kim on the cover of Vogue.”

That sounds like the most plausible explanation to us. Just look at this picture of the Vogue editor gazing adoringly at Harper Beckham and tell us Anna Wintour does not have a secret weakness for snuggling adorable babies.

Not long before the photoshoot allegedly took place, Kim Kardashian instagrammed a picture of herself with her blonde hair dyed back to a deep chocolatey brown. Perhaps that was also a demand of Wintour’s.

If Kardashian did shoot last night, it must have been a long day, because later she posted a sleepytime photo that looks surprisingly like Beyoncé’s gorgeous no-makeup bedtime selfie, except of course that Kardashian is wearing a full face of slap for hers.

“So sleepy,” she tweeted, reclining onto her own luxurious sheets, with a perfect blow-out and 18 pounds of eyeshadow. When you’re a multi-millionaire who just finished being photographed for Vogue, it’s not like you need to wash your own pillowcases in the morning.

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    • Amelia Broussard

      She has makeup on. We all knows how she looks without makeup. damn !! I dont understand why peoplekeep comparing her to beyonce

    • simoneutecht

      It’s not the same when you have to beg your way onto the cover. Kanye stop trying to make her as a fashion icon happen. All I want to do is ridicule the birth of you.

    • ted3553

      All I know is that the world is ending when Kanye West is calling the shots. Really?

    • R.D. Bone

      Wintoon should do the ultimate twist on the hag–say yes then publish the “untouched” version of her photo session-while showing Kimye the airbrushed version for approval-if they sue because Vogue used the “actual” photos instead of the repainted ones they approved they will be laughed out of fashion forever-even though they all do it -and then Wintoon can have her say about being “pressured” by delusional fame drooling idiots to be on her cover- and we the public would absolutely LOVE to see the REAL Kim cellulite fat rolls drooping udders and all-just once for a good hard laugh-like here’s the cow who thinks she is god’s gift-now that would be good

      • Choo

        1. “Wintoon”? Her name is in the article an incredible number of times.

        2. I was ALMOST with you, until the crazy body-shaming at the end woke me up to the cyber-bullying. Just because she’s a celebrity, and concerned with her appearance, doesn’t give anyone the right to mock her body. Personally, I’m not really a fan of Kim’s “work.” (What does she DO?) However, you’re delusional if you think an un-photoshopped Kardashian would be anything but gorgeous.

        3. Yeah, she’s concerned with being perceived as beautiful. That is a feeling that an incredible amount of women share. It’s really hard to accept everything about your body. Kim has not accomplished that. Perhaps (although I doubt it) that is because any untouched photos of her – even hypothetical ones – are torn apart by thousands of people.

    • Crayzcheshire