Marie Claire Chooses To Vilify Kristen Stewart For Having An Affair A Billion Years Ago

kristen stewart

It’s been two years since Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on Robert Pattinson with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders… and apparently the witch hunt is still going strong. The actress looks unbelievable on the March 2014 cover of Marie Claire, but it’s really disappointing that the meat of her interview focuses around the one scandal that everyone refuses to let die.

“I stand by every mistake I’ve ever made, so judge away,” she tells the magazine, adding, “Dude, I have no idea what I’m doing, and that’s kind of how I love it.”

No one’s ever accused Kristen of being particularly articulate or good at answering questions on the spot, but I kind of love this response. What did you expect her to say? Immediately after the news came out, she admitted fault, issued a public apology, and ended the relationship. Why are we still talking about it? Why is Us Weekly still taking quotes out of context to craft headlines that maintain Kristen’s Stone-Cold Heartless Homewrecker image? It’s exhausting.

It’s possible that I’m biased here– KStew’s messy hair and IDGAF attitude make her my ultimate style icon/favorite celebrity– and I can’t say with any degree of confidence that I would extend the same kind of forgiveness to someone else. But when there’s an endless litany of famous men who get away with abusing women and children, going on racist and homophobic rants, and just being general douchnozzles, I take serious issue with the way we’re vilifying a really young woman for having once done something stupid in her personal life. It sucks that she participated in damaging a family, but not only is the married man in this situation arguably more at fault, but it’s not really any of our business anyway.

Maybe someday in the distant, distant future, we’ll find a way to like or dislike celebrities without forgetting that they’re human. It’s important to call people out when they’re promoting hate to the world, but I just don’t think this is an example of that. Until Kristen Stewart’s mistakes are negatively affecting the culture as a whole, I vote that we leave her alone to figure out her own shit.

Via Us Weekly / Photo: Marie Claire

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I thought that what Kristen Stewart did was pretty messed up, considering that she seems like a smart woman and always talks about how much she hates living her life in such a public way. I think she knew that having an affair with Rupert Sanders would hurt a lot of people, and I don’t think she cared. That being said, she’s still SO young, and is definitely allowed to make mistakes in her personal life. (No forgiveness for Twilight, I’m sorry… :-P) I thought it was really brave for her to release a public apology and she seemed very sincere. Why are we still vilifying her?

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’m not even a Kristen Stewart fan, but I completely agree with you. “Judge away.” I Think that’s a truly great response and like you said HELLO TWO YEARS AGO

    • Richard

      The people who judge are the ones who believe to be perfect.I no defending her but look to me that she took all the blame and everyone give the director an easy way out.Is always like that lets blame the female.Everyone forgot that he was the married one and he was very old. But I admire this girl to endure all the blame and to keep t be hated but many and keep your head up is a very brave thing to do.

    • Emma

      Amen, finally someone say something right, honest and very mature!!!!

    • Let’s get over it

      the most fuckawesome thing I’ve read in ages – Thanks – you said it so sanely.

    • kstewkrew

      First of all it was never proven that an affair took place vs a one time meet up one afternoon. The media called it an affair and its pathetic considering no one knows what happened that day and why. The public apology was questioned as truly coming from Kristen. Who cares anyway because it’s not our business. Twihards and Robsessed crucified her without knowing facts, only what the press/media/gossip site were feeding them. Agree that Ruperv did not take accountabity for his involvement in destroying his marriage. He was never held accountable by the media, he got a free pass..imagine that. Poor Liberty, boo hoo. So easy to blame Kristen and not your husband and yourself for your problems. Shit must taste good, eat it up and still going back for more. Idiots. At least Kristen didn’t give Vanity Fair the time of day and hopefully won’t ever again. Kristen keep taking the high road and ignore negativity from haters and gossips. So glad Kristen is working on her career and moving on from Twishit. Glad Kristen has moved on from CrackPattz. New life and new love are waiting in her future! Like I said….moving on!!

      • rain88

        thank you Haley Hoover for this article and I agree with everything you’ve said except Kristen apologized for “a momentary indiscretion” and that’s not an affair. Several pics taken that day show the director clearly looking at the paps making sure they were getting the shot so he definitely had an agenda. I think it’s really sad the director and his wife wanted a divorce but instead of acting like adults and taking the right legal steps to achieve it, they chose to pull a well known young actress into the mix and maximize publicity. I believe this to be true because the director’s wife poses nude and gives an interview in Vanity Fair every few months to talk about her new life and Kristen’s name is always in the article…this continues to happen even after almost two years! The director will finally pay when his next movies fail at the box office because no one I know will EVER pay to see another thing this a-hole does. It’s time for the national “hate and bully” Kristen to stop. If you’ve never made a mistake in your life then you shouldn’t be on social media harassing Kristen…you should be out in the world healing the sick and raising the dead.

      • kstewkrew

        Agreed on all levels. I will never see a movie if Ruperv is attached to it. He needs to feel the pain that he caused Kristen. Yes he did indeed have an agenda that day. He fucked with the wrong celebrity and her fanbase. Hit him where it counts now…in the wallet$$$$$$$$

      • kstewkrew

        Forgot to add….Liberty Ross nasty biotch needs to keep her clothes on cause nobody wants to see those used goods. Nasty, just nasty.

    • Bob

      Are you believed Rob’s never cheated on Kristen???? JUDGE AWAY…

      • kstewkrew

        It wouldn’t surprise me at all if it came out that he cheated on K. He treated her like pure shit for 4/5 years. Best thing she ever did was show his ass the front door, and get on with her life. A real man and true soul mate is waiting to meet her. She can’t do that with a squirrel in her life. She is focused on her career and putting the bullshit negativity behind her. Strong woman moving on.

      • Guest

        Weird obsession alert!

      • KstewKrew

        Weird obsession? If defending a young woman who has been constantly vilified by the media and ass wholes like you is bad then sign me up. Quite frankly if anyone has a weird obsession it’s the constant need of the media to defamate this young woman. You can include all the Robsessed fucktards in there too. Feel free to include yourself.

    • RWN

      FYI we don’t have a clue what happened two years ago and this “standing up” for K article is just another way for another mag to make money off Kristen by bringing up her past all over again! Way to go The Gloss i’m so impressed with your standing up for Kristen, by tearing her down all over again!

      • Guest

        Um this was a pro-Kristen article…..just learned to read, huh?

    • Gennie D.

      LOVE this. This is the best article on Stewart I have read.

    • Crayzcheshire

      She looks non-human there

    • Gianna

      I’m not a fan of hers, but I agree. I read the interview in full after seeing this, and it’s pretty gross how the gossip blog took what she said way out of context (about living life and being young and wondering if she made the right choice to be an actress) to try and tie to events two years ago. Of course the Marie Claire journalist kept weaving in things about her love life over the course of the article (even when she was talking about school and acting) so they probably decided on trying to spin the story that way they minute they interviewed her.

      And of course it got picked up and ran with, because the twi-hards are kind of notorious for giving hits. To be fair, even if she said something like “I’ve made bad mistakes but I have no regrets as I focus on the future and the past” I really wouldn’t get the outrage. She’s apologized and said she’s made mistakes a lot, if I remember correctly. Time to move on. That said, she probably could avoid all this if she just avoided certain subjects.

    • dlillroy2012

      Kristen Stewart is the greatest actress of our time! If you look at her in movies, she is a totally emotionless automaton, but in real life she is kind of like a wood carving of a woman watching paint dry. Who cares about her personal life when she is so clearly unsurpassed on the silver screen??

    • reality check

      Kristen, Rupert and Liberty all called it an “affair.” Liberty and her brother said it went on for more than just that day they got caught, and anyone with eyes could see that those two were very familiar with each other’s bodies.

      Her fans who continue to live in denial just aren’t paying attention. She admitted she isn’t sorry and stands by everything she did. Weird that you claim to be her fans, but you can’t accept the stupid choices she made and stands by. She’s got her Twilight money, she doesn’t care what you think.

      But stop trying to paint her as some brave innocent. She took the coward’s way out and she’ll never be an inspiration or anyone to admire. Just admit you’re worshipping a morally bankrupt liar and move on.