Photoshop Of Horrors: The Kardashians Look Like Possessed Aliens On Notebook

Photo: Judy Eddy/

Photo: Judy Eddy/

If there is any set of celebrities in America not known for their realism, it is the Kardashians. And then there is this week’s cover of The Sunday Mirror‘s magazine, NotebookKhloeKourtney and Kim Kardashian look like entirely different people. Above is the most recent photo I could find of the sisters (it was taken in late October). Notice how they have human bodies and faces. Now, check out Notebook‘s cover shot:

Kardashians appear photoshopped on Notebook cover.

While I may love at least two out of these three outfits, that’s beside the point: the sisters are photoshopped to bacon bits. Khloe’s face looks like it has been cryogenically frozen in time, her lower legs look off, and there’s all this pixelation between her waist and that giant black ball she’s leaning on because the editor didn’t even do a good job. If I were a priest, I might find her and Kim’s eyes rather concerning. Speaking of Kim, they gave her a Barbie waist and, if you look at her right thigh (so on our left), the shape doesn’t even make sense. Kourtney’s face is also unbelievably airbrushed, but at least they only dislocated her arms and made her hands two different sizes.

Ironically, despite looking considerably different than their IRL versions, the sisters also look like themselves in an odd way; given how frequently the three of them are ‘shopped and airbrushed and edited, their public image is one that is innately photoshopped. So while they are by no means unfamiliar to the “scandal” of having their faces edited, I feel a little less awful about it than when magazines edit, say, Nicki Minaj and she feels offended by it. Rather than having that type of reaction, the Kardashians seem to actually welcome it. I mean, when you are taking the time to have your own selfies photoshoppedthen posting them on the Internet, I feel like you have given heavy editing a big, warm, public hug.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Khloe and Kourtney look like Barbie dolls, almost like they were made to look stiff on purpose — and way, waaaaay too thin for them. They have gorgeous curves and there is no point in hiding them, especially on a magazine that allegedly is celebrating them.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’m with ya on the outfits. and sheeesh those demonic eyes

    • hurg

      Kim’s legs have been photo shopped to oblivion. There’s massive discrepancies between her calves and thighs till it just looks like a blob with feet poking out

    • Kat

      Forget the photoshop, why are there multiple uses of ellipses on this magazine cover? As a society,we seriously need an ellipses intervention.

    • Crayzcheshire

      This is soo bad that it’s really really great!

    • MsBlackbird

      Anyone else a little surprised they didn’t go with “killer kurves?”No? Just me? Ok.

    • Natalie

      khloes right boob is floating on its own