Stephanie Seymour’s Sexy Family Photos For Harper’s Bazaar Will Give You The Creeps


We always love seeing more of the 90s supermodels we grew up with, so we were thrilled to hear Stephanie Seymour was doing a photo shoot with Harper’s Bazaar. Then we heard that the shoot was with her sons, 20-year-old Peter and 17-year-old Harry, who are good-looking and interesting in the way that the children of supermodels and billionaires tend to be, and that was cool too.

Then we saw the pictures, and now we feel like prudes because we are totally creeped out by them.


I can’t help but look at that picture and imagine someone asking me to take a picture like that with my dad. Um, ew? (Suddenly all the ugly sweater family Christmas photos for which I have been forced to pose no longer seem embarrassing.)

Maybe it’s just Stephanie Seymour. Maybe she’s just so inherently sexy that everything she does instantly seems suffused with eroticism, forcing us to read inappropriate things into an innocent picture of her teenage sons lacing her into thigh-high fetish boots … nope, still weird.


These pictures seem overtly sexual in a way that can’t possibly be an accident. Stephanie Seymour has been in the news before for what seemed like unusually affectionate behavior towards her sons, including the time she was photographed kissing Peter on the beach in the French Riviera in a picture that looked more like a honeymoon picture than a casual family vacation. Peter responded with an open letter to Gawker reminding everyone that he is gay and saying that they are all totally gross for reading weird stuff into the pictures. And sure, paparazzi shots can capture weird moments that make it look like things are going on that are not going on. (Like this photo that makes it look like President Obama is about to make out with Beyonce.) But these are not random paparazzi shots. These pictures involved a whole crew of makeup artists, fashion stylists, photographers, assistants, and editors. It seems more likely that Harper’s Bazaar decided to capitalize on the previous salacious rumors with a sexypants photoshoot than that nobody on set that day thought it was weird to have a teenager’s hand that close to his mom’s sideboob.

Photos via Facebook/Harper’s Bazaar

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s prudish to question why Stephanie Seymour would ever want to pose this provocatively with her own sons. If they weren’t her sons it would definitely be a sexy shoot and we’d be saying very different things… but they are. The first one is SO weird.
      Maybe she’s trying to parody the whole kissing-her-son-on-the-beach-thing? That’s the only thing I can think of.

      • Elizabeth Licata

        Yeah, if they weren’t her sons and were just random models the shoot would be totally sexy and awesome. But since they are her kids, it’s like, “Wait, what? Ew.” The first one is definitely the weirdest.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        It is the WEIRDEST thing.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I don’t think these pictures would be AS weird if they werent looking at her in such a sexual way. There’s an Oedipus complex going on here and it makes me uncomfortable. maybe that was the point? especially the first picture. the way he’s zipping up her dress, there’s sexual tension for sure.

    • Kay_Sue

      Every single placement in these photos is overtly sexual. It’s got a huge “ick” factor. Someone said earlier that if these were random models, we’d say something entirely different–so true. If these were random models, I’d say this was hot, sexy, such a celebration of her awesome sexyness…but it’s her sons, and as someone with two sons myself, I am entirely creeped out by this. I want my sons to look at other women/men like that some day…not me.

    • Begonia

      Yuck! These photos are not fun, creative or inspired. I am curious as to why she or her husband would consent to these pics.

      Stephanie Seymour was and is a gorgeous supermodel, albeit a troubled one. (John Casablancas’ mistress at age 16, abuse allegations around her time with Axl Rose, etc.) Sadly, if the press is to be believed, her kids are turning out the same way.

      For example:

      Ugh! Just yuck.

    • act like adults

      just leave the family alone and quit being jealous of beautiful people. It could have been considered a bit too much, but you all are talking about it.

      • Jane Know

        Jealous of WHAT? Another Supermodel gone WRONG? There is nooo denying that the elder son would take a bite out of her if he hasn’t already. And if this is what you classify as beauty, then you need to go to confession tonight!!! AMEN!!!

      • Crayzcheshire

        famous people don’t do controversial photo shoots so they can be left alone. get real.

      • Haley

        This isn’t about beauty. This is about morals, self-respect, and recognizing social relations and social roles. These are great pictures and yes they are beautiful, but they are inappropriate and they send the wrong messages about how mothers should interact with their children. The first picture is just horrible– she’s nearly grabbing her private parts? People ask, is this a pornography shoot? Or is this a family photo? The tragic thing in our culture is your What message are we sending to today’s youth? Inappropriate. And where is dad in this?

    • Jane Know

      This is extremely sad. The rich and famous will sink to any bowels of hell to display their kinky behavior which they think is cool. Just as cool as her boys bragging about the kinkdom on their instagrams. Steph needs therapy and her boys do too.

    • Jane Know

      Everybody knows that the beach photo session was as bad as Jimmy Darmody and Gillian on Boardwalk Empire. Not every little boy gets to unzip his mom or play around her fishnet legged stockings. The little guy is not interested at all, he’s still a “boy scout” but the tall dark and handsome one, he’s interested, you can smell the sex in the air.

    • Rev. Rains

      Who the hell is running Harpars Bazaar? Woody Allen?!!! WTF!!

    • Syliva Rosen

      i just saw the pictures and almost thought I was on the Jerry Springer Show. Have people lost their damn minds? Neither one of those boys will ever be normal. smh

    • Sam Inoue

      Ugh I could never imagine taking photos like these with my children! I hate feeling like a prude, but this seems off.

    • bj

      Yep, they’re in love with mom.

    • Crayzcheshire

      Everything would be fine here if the guys were just random hottie male models… but they’re not…ew

    • Sarah Blumenthal

      It seems like famous people need a whole lot of attention. These dirty minded boys run in the same circle as Magic Johnson’s dragqueen son. These are all some of the most unstable, attention seeking media whores on the planet. Stephanie should be ashamed of herself because she not only sends out a message that is inappropriate but she lacks any self respect as a mother. If her boys are gay I am sure it is due to the hypersexuality in the home.