Chronic Attention Addict Taylor Swift Made A Crowd Watch Her Get A Haircut

Taylor Swift's RED Tour - Berlin, Germany

When Taylor Swift decides to get a haircut, she doesn’t, you know, call a hair salon and make an appointment and then pop by after work. Instead, Taylor Swift makes a dramatic, frivolous attention show out of the whole thing, and collects a group of individuals to watch her get her hair cut. She also makes someone spin her around in the chair so she can film all of their reactions. Nobody has bought into the Taylor Swift mania more than Swift herself, and so I’m not surprised that she thought a ton of people would just love to watch her chop her hair off.

Perhaps at your high school, someone got cancer and then the whole football team shaved their heads in solidarity in front of the whole school at your weekly assembly while The Black Eyed Peas blasted over the sound system and it was great and fun and you were “ugh, I love high school and I never want it to end” (I don’t know, don’t some people peak in high school?). That is the only acceptable reason to make your haircut a spectator sport. Here’s the video that Swift took of all her hip, cool friends who are crazy over haircuts. No but really. They love haircuts. Try and tell me these people aren’t going bananas over here.

Nobody in the world has ever been this excited about a haircut. Perhaps all of these people were just released from prisons, given Swift-approved makeovers, and then showed a camera phone for the first time in their lives. It’s the only explanation for their hysteria. I seriously want to know who those people are–fans? Paid actors? Her entire entourage who cleared out the salon? I don’t know what’s worse–the desperate compulsion to say “here are all the people who care about me getting a haircut” or the poor publicist who had find all of these hip cats to mug in her video. I don’t even want know what Swift’s gynecologist appointments look like.


And at long last, here’s the final result:


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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Wow, this is excessive.

    • avalon

      Who are those people? Its her band, back up singers, dancers, her mother and her opening act. It was back stage after her last show and I think she bet her crew she would cut her hair short. What I find realy funny is you wrote this hate piece from your point of view as if her life is anything like yours. She is an entertainer its her job to be the center of attention. Taylor sells out stadiums in minutes she could have charged a thousand dollars a person to watch her get a haircut. Frivolous? Why didn’t she make a appointment at a salon like a normal person? To answer your question…. she has a hair stylist and makeup artests on the red tours payroll. Hate her all you want she is not like an average person. IT WAS A PARTY CELEBRATING THE END OF HER TOUR…..And yes its her job to be the center of attention and I dont think a single person in that room didn’t want to be there. If you knew anything about her you would know how close she is with all the people in the room.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Um, you clearly have no idea what it’s like to be an internet blogger. I sell out stadiums so that people can have the honor of watching me spill coffee on my computer. THERE WAS A PARTY CELEBRATING THE END OF THIS POST. If you knew anything about me, you would know how close I am with all of my admirers.

      • CMJ

        She got her hair trimmed.

      • Kepper

        Well clearly I have been getting my haircuts done ALL WRONG for years! Alright guys, party at my salon! Everyone gather round, I’m getting a trim in a few weeks. Screw it! I’ll have an audience, I’m gonna go all out and get bangs!

    • elle

      I mean if she was chopping all of her hair off into a pixie I’d get it but this is just a trim. Seems pretty excessive but I guess I’m not a celeb…