10 Sexy Cocktails Ranked By How Embarrassing They Are To Order

sexy cocktails

Valentine’s Day food coverage is full of theoretically sexy foods and spurious aphrodisiacs, but there is nothing more fun or sexy than a good cocktail. In spite of that, many bartenders have felt compelled to gild the lily with some overtly sexy cocktail names, resulting in a menu full of erotically themed cocktails that are so embarrassing to ask for that you’d have to be drunk to order one.

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I once went to a bar in Spain where the novelty was drinking the “Blow Job” out of a dildo bong. Super weird but very appropriate given the name. Kind of happy I don’t like many of these!

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        OH! A bar I used to go to a lot in Beijing had these ceramic shot glasses that looked like little penises. I only just realized that they were probably used for those.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        It is so weird that this is a common thing! The bar in Spain also called a similar drink a “Monica Lewinsky”.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        what bar?!

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        Fubar, in the hot dog shop at Workers’ Stadium.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      blow job and buttery nipple shots are delicious hahaha

    • malaentuvida

      I re-discovered this drink I loved in my early 20s named Sex in the Bathroom. It was a frequent occurrence at that particular bar and at the time tasted like yummy chocolate water. I’m 32 now and could barely finish it now.

    • Lindsey

      Ha! You forgot “The Money Shot” equal parts Rum Chata and Goldschlagger served in a shot glass. Oh, that the actually stuff tasted as good!

    • Andrea

      A friend and I once made friends with a bartender and asked him to surprise us with a drink. I don’t remember the exact ingredients, but it was clear liquor in a champagne flute which he then took a straw and dropped a bit of Baileys into, which he called…. CUM IN A BUCKET o_O

    • Natalie

      Actually a really awesome and cool-looking shot is “Sex with an Alligator”. It’s green melon liquor, sink grenadine, and float jager on top. It looks like bloody sex with an alligator? I always used to give groups of guys at bachelor parties them when I served and they asked me for a surprise shot. They have a cool presentation, a dirty and manly name, and taste pretty good!

    • Jocelyn

      Another name for a Buttery Nipple is a Cocksucking Cowboy, so I think that ups the naughtiness.