Kate Middleton’s First Official Appearance Of 2014 Completely Ruined By Awful Hair

Kate middleton at the national portrait gallery february 11

Kate Middleton made her first official appearance of 2014 last night at the National Portrait Gallery in London, and the world watched with bated breath to see the results of her Queen-ordered “classy lady” makeover. But this time even the giant honking diamond necklace K-Midz is wearing is overshadowed by the fact that her hair looks awful. Frankly, we’re shocked. This is not a look we expected from Princess Shinylocks and her fancy hairstylists.

The navy blue silk tulle Jenny Packham dress is actually a repeat of Sam’s favorite Kate Middleton look, which the Duchess wore to the 100 Women of Hedge Funds gala dinner in October. It’s a pretty dress, though for some reason it seems to make her hunch her shoulders when she walks. Last time she accessorized with just a delicate bracelet and her famously soft, shiny, perfect hair. But this time she brought out the big guns, in the form of a giant diamond necklace from the Queen’s collection. Vanity Fair identifies it as the Nizam of Hyderabad diamond necklace. (You know you are fancy when your jewelry has a name.) Inexplicably, her hair looks pretty awful.

Kate Middleton arriving at the National Portrait Gallery

The curls on the bottom are jumbled together messily, and at the top her hair looks flat and a bit greasy. This is literally what my hair looked like when I woke up the day after prom with all my makeup smeared all over my face. While it’s almost certainly better than I could put together on my own, it’s a very sad look for the royal previously known as Princess Shinylocks.

Kate Middleton The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends The Portrait Gala 2014: Collecting To Inspire

The Queen’s orders are said to be for the Duchess of Cambridge to rock fewer high-low looks (like Zara chokers with Roland Mouret gowns) and more high-high looks, with lots of real jewelry and tiaras, so we’ll likely be seeing a lot more museum-quality diamonds around Kate Middleton’s neck in the future. But it doesn’t matter how many diamonds they stick on her; the jewels are always going to be outshone by whatever is going on on top of her head. The Duchess’ hair stylist had better get her head back in the game, fast.

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    • Natalie

      I think she just needs it cut. I like to believe/pretend that Kate and I have similar hair. When mine is that length, any curls I put in it end up looking like that. My hair is just too long at that length and everything gets pulled down and get flattened. Then you put more product in it to give it volume, then it ends up looking greasy like that. I feel you Kate, just give in and get a haircut.

      • http://www.ambiencechaser.com/ Elizabeth Licata

        That seems likely. I’m sure her hair stylist will pull it together again soon. We’re all human, after all. It’s just that she’s set the bar so high over the years that anything short of full-on Barbie hair looks like a comparative disaster on her head.

    • Katrina

      Her hair looks really bad, I know I couldn’t do better which is why I have a pixie cut, but she has a team of people to get her out the door looking flawless so this is a let down. I adore that she is frequently seen wearing gowns more than once. It seems to make her so relatable.

    • Kate W

      This author is rather biased not just because of the negative comments about Kates hair but also because of the deragatory way she keeps referring to the Duchess. That is poor ethics and in very poor taste if you deem yourself a journalist. That said, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Kates hair looks great and this style was highlited by Vogue recently as being a classic trend for 2014. I guess the author is still circa 1985 and needs to get with the 21st century program.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      wait, guys. I really like it. haha

    • Sarah

      Uh, I think it looks nice!

    • Emma

      This sounds like something I’d write my freshman year of college with a huge hangover. The Gloss is usually all about female empowerment and bashes other sites when they get petty and go after women for their looks. You can’t play both sides of the fence. If this was DiCaprio with a new “messy” do- the crowds would go wild- and you’d make fun of them for the double-standard as to why men look good with messy hair and women don’t. And seriously even writing “messy hair” makes me feel about 13 years old. She’s an effing Duchess. She also just had a baby. And would you seriously not hunch your shoulders if you were wearing those rocks? Cheap shot. Now you write about (fill in the blank) selling out because they’re naked on the red carpet and showing boobs- or said something stupid and blah blah blah- yet you tear the duchess apart for this? This?? You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t on this site. Its hypocritical views like this that give feminism a bad name and confuse the younger generation as to what it actually is in the first place. Rude.

      • NYCNanny

        Thank you! I used to LOVE this site… I loved the light feminism topics, the makeup advice, dating crap, etc… It used to be interesting and fun. Now it’s just a bunch of mean girls bashing EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. I keep hoping it’s going to change…. Maybe time to take it off my bookmarked list.

    • edenifill

      Um, I don’t see much of a problem. So she may or may not have had a bad hair day. Who gives a fuck? On top of that, who signed he up as the bastion of perfection? What is it with the Gloss’ petty writing, pulling down other women? And they wonder what happened to “Female Empowerment”–it’s gone the way of the Gloss, down the drain.

    • erincinco

      So, the princess has a bad hair day.

      SHE’S JUST LIKE US! yaaaayyyy…

    • Heather

      You all are self-identified feminists who write entire articles on someone’s hair being less than perfect in public?

    • Fabel


    • Booj

      Do you think you could please stop referring to her as Kate Middleton? It’s not her name. She changed her name. She’s not a Middleton. It’s just so rude that you continually do this.

    • Groover

      Speaking as a guy, I like the hairdo. Elizabeth Licata is probably some just-out-of-school kid who gets a job at some second rate website, and is trying to keep her job by writing sensationalist articles like this.

    • Audrey

      Seriously, TheGloss? You’ve become one of my favorite sites for funny, empowering articles that offer a different perspective than tabloids that criticize women for every physical flaw, but this article makes me seriously rethink that. Women are constantly inundated with shit like this, and seeing a feminist site fall prey to that is very disappointing and makes me pretty mad.

      When I first saw the headline I thought you were being sarcastic. Really, it RUINED her appearance? That’s some Daily Mail shit right there. I realize that you are a fashion and beauty site, but there are ways to cover this stuff that don’t involve writing an entire article disparaging someone for trying a different hairstyle. See: most of the other articles you’ve ever written.

    • sugarunicorn

      Uh.. what? If this is bad, I wish my hair always looked this “bad”.

    • SuzieGiraffe

      I fail to see the problem here. Her hair is less than perfect, but it’s not as bad as it’s being made to sound.It isn’t really bad at all. I’m astounded someone wrote an article on this.

    • cmckim

      What’s wrong with her hair? It looks better than my hair.

    • Christina Wellor

      Get a fucking grip, seriously. This is why I avoid women’s magazines, and more recently, the entire press entirely! And I work in PR!!!!! GET. A. GRIP.