I Dare You To Watch This Entire Cringeworthy Video Of A Bride Singing As She Walks Down The Aisle

bride sings look at me

If you’re planning a wedding and are deeply concerned that as the bride, you will not be the center of attention as you down the aisle, you may want to consider adding a performance element to the whole undertaking. Why have every eye in the room on you when you can have every ear on you, too? Arianna Pflederer faced that exact conundrum at her wedding last year, and the video of her singing Carrie Underwood’s “Look At Me” to her groom at the altar has blown up overnight. Yikes. She couldn’t have a picked a song with literally any other name?

Following what was apparently a family tradition, Pflederer stood at the beginning of the aisle, sang the song in its entirety, made everyone cry, and then got married. While some wrong people are heralding this as an amazing dedication of love, it’s making the faces of rational people sting with discomfort. Sure, call me a spinster, a crone, bitter, or my personal favorite, in need of getting laid, but I just can’t get behind this type of thing. Yes, it’s their wedding and inexplicably they didn’t invite me to it, but what does this say about weddings nowadays?

Weddings suck. Best case scenario, the couple goes out of their way to defray the massive cost of attending and throw one hell of an amazing party and you get to happily celebrate two people in love. But are we really at the point where being the center of attention in that capacity isn’t enough? When did it start being okay to have song and dance numbers (I fault that “Dance Forever” down the aisle video as the instigator of this trend)?

Okay. It’s your wedding–do what you want. To be fair, she has an excellent voice and is a talented performer. But can we for a second try to think analytically about why everyone is flipping out about this? Why are we encouraging this behavior? Weddings are about couples getting married, making commitments, and celebrating with their community–I don’t understand why the goal has become MOAR ATTENTION NOW. It’s great to see a confident woman owning her talent with poise, but there’s a difference between speaking up and demanding that the world listen and beating a dead horse.

Photo: Youtube // [h/t Huffington Post]

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    • CMJ

      Cause every bride needs MORE attention.

    • http://ThePeppercat.com/ Candace

      Oh my god that was so intense.

      Also, that she had a mic on her face…wow

    • Inkygrl

      Seriously? You post this as a snarky and sarcastic dig at this woman? What’s wrong with this? Did you see the groom? He was CRYING! It was sweet! Get over yourselves. Let’s applaud this woman’s brave and romantic gesture rather than pointing and laughing like a bunch of schoolyard bullies.

      • NYCNanny

        Thegloss has turned into a bunch of mean girl “articles.” Cool.

      • Inkygrl

        Yeah, this was a really stupid piece, and a cheap shot. A waste of “ink”.

    • BurnerToday

      I’m disappointed in you. It takes a special kind of middle-school shittiness to post someone’s wedding video on your news site and make fun of it. This is lazy. Up your game.

      • CMJ

        It was on Huffington Post. And publicly shared on YouTube. They also posted a follow-up Q&A on YouTube. It’s not like they are hiding from the spotlight.

      • BurnerToday

        The fact the video publicly exists doesn’t make it okay to make fun of it.

    • Alfreda Wells Morrissey

      I don’t think it was a look at me, it was more of a profession of love for the groom. Some people write their own vows and profess their love that way, this women chose to do it with a song. That is what weddings are about really, professing your love for each other.

      At least it is much more interesting then watching a bride walk up to here comes the bride. She has a lovely voice. I didn’t find it cringe worthy at all.

      Also as Inkygrl mentioned, the groom certainly appreciated the sentiment.

    • YarghMatey

      I am so ready to be snarky about weddings, because there is so much silliness involved, but even I think this is more sweet than ridiculous.

    • tuckster

      I think this is beautiful. Every bride deserves as much attention as they want. I agree many go way overboard but if it is what they want… No one has to attend if they choose not to. It is a celebration for them among their friends. In addition, no one has to watch the videos if they choosenot to. Keep your negative opinions to yourselves.

    • James Whitted

      I found this on Facebook and thought it was going to be a wedding blooper. Boy was I wrong! I have watched this video so many times since them and even cried “with” the groom. I can understand how he probably felt at that moment. I am not married, but I respected what she did and understood her and his feelings for each other. It was a very beautiful video, considering the fact that this isn’t staged. It was a real wedding where the bride decided to sing her thoughts to her new husband. As all can see, nobody protested it. There were plenty of tears. A very well done video and wedding. I wish I could have been able to see the rest of the wedding.

    • guest

      This is an absolutely beautiful video. If you listen to the words “Look at me”, she’s saying “look at me” in terms of how much she has fallen FOR HIM, so it’s not narcissistic or attention-seeking at all! She has a beautiful, God-given gift and should sing, especially on her wedding day! I’m just glad I got to share in this in a small way. Get a life!