Our Exclusive Interview With Jenny McCarthy: “The Best Advice I Have Is To Date A LOT”

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With a new comedy special premiering this Valentine’s Day on EPIX, we were super pumped to get the chance to chat with Jenny McCarthy about everything from her affinity for new-age literature to her inability to watch a movie all the way through. If Dirty Sexy Funny is anything like Jenny’s candid advice on dating, beauty, and gender inequality… it’s gonna be pretty badass. So what’s life like through the eyes of a model-actress-author-host-comedienne?

What’s your best advice for single women?

That’s a great question. The best advice I have is to date a lot. I was a monogamous dater and that’s stupid. I would go out on one date with a man and find out he was the wrong person, but keep going out with him. Keep going on dates until you find someone who really, really connects. Try out all the fishes in the sea.

What’s your best advice for women in relationships?

This is scientifically proven. In order to keep your relationship exciting– the most fulfilling you possibly can– you need to create new adventures for you and your partner. If you eat at the same restaurant all the time, switch that. Book a hotel once a month. The more spontaneous and ever-changing you are, it will actually create a serotonin high in your brain– that’s scientifically proven– and you’ll get that honeymoon phase back.

What are you planning on doing for Valentine’s Day?

Going to dinner, coming home and watching Dirty Sexy Funny at 11 o’clock, then hopefully having a bubble bath with chocolate covered strawberries and champagne. Then, hopefully, getting the purse I’ve wanted. There’ll probably be some Barry Manilow.

What was your best date ever?

My best date ever consisted of talking over sushi about spiritual and new-age books. Something people don’t know about me is I’m addicted to self-help– those change-your-life books. My best date was talking about self-improvement over vodka and sushi, followed by a great makeout session.

What’s your idea of the perfect date?

I’m not a moviegoer. I’m so ADD, such a multitasker, and I can’t wash dishes while watching a movie in a theater, and I can’t be on my phone… you have to be patient for those kinds of dates. I like walking around New York City, finding a new restaurant or underground little club. Spontaneous things. Anything new and different.

What do you think is the number one issue facing young women in the United States right now? Sorry, that’s kind of a heavy one.

I know, I feel like Miss USA! I would say the biggest issue is insecurity. I think boys might say bullying, but girls would say insecurity. It’s the nature of the beast; everything is oversexualized. In my heyday, porn was something your weird neighbor had to drive south to buy, and everyone knew he had it. Now it’s on everybody’s phones. With everything becoming oversexualized, girls find it hard to keep up.

Do you have any beauty secrets for our readers?

Well, other people can lie and say they use great moisturizers when it comes down to Botox. I use Eyedews undereye gel– they’re gel masks, undereye things. I keep those in my purse and they’re my go-to secret weapon.

Do you have a fashion icon, or someone whose style you admire or try to emulate?

I would have to go with… what’s her name? I’m on a cleanse, I can’t think. Actress, olive skin… Eva Mendez! Eva Mendez.

What can you tell us about Dirty Sexy Funny?

This late night Valentine’s Day comedy special is so catered to what women really think that you’ll definitely want to sit your man down so that he can be very well educated.


Photos courtesy of EPIX

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      ahh she seems awesome!

    • amy teill

      I understand the need for you guys to make revenue and maybe have some ad content partnerships, but promoting this anti-vaccine believing woman just feels so against what The Gloss stands for.

      • Blueskygirl

        Could not agree more. This woman’s willful ignorance towards vaccinations is dangerous. Vaccines do NOT cause autism, this has been PROVEN SCIENTIFICALLY.

      • L

        Agreed. What the fuck is up with this??

        For what it’s worth, the biggest issue facing America is pretty clearly a lack of knowledge on scientific subjects that is crippling us. Like ignorant climate change deniers leaving our politicians unable to enact legislation that would save us from ourselves, and creationists trying their best to ruin our education system, and OH YEAH SELF-RIGHTEOUS, TOXIC IDIOTS LIKE THIS WOMAN DESTROYING PUBLIC HEALTH. It’s lazy journalism not to have even brought that up. Didn’t it recently come out that her son never even had autism? I get that this isn’t the New York Times, but can you seriously call yourself a journalist and not even question things like that?

      • amy teill

        It’s not lazy journalism, it fully knows what it’s doing. The Gloss has written about her being a dangerous idiot multiple times, but this time they don’t want to mention it because it will make them money not to. There’s no integrity here.

      • L

        You know what? You’re 100% right. Thanks for telling it like it is, girl. You rock.