Badass Ladies Write Inspiring Valentine’s Love Letters To Their Fat

curvy girl inc

Happy Valentine’s Day to the cellulite on my thighs, to the bulge between my bra band and the top of my jeans, to my round cheeks and dimples! In the name of self-love, Curvy Girl Inc is inviting women to spend today writing love letters to their so-called imperfections– and to the morons who try to bring them down. You can check out some of the highlights here, and you can see our favorites below!

First off, there’s this total badass:

Dear trolls and curvy-haters, I’m sorry that you feel the need to bring me down and make me feel ashamed of myself, but guess what? I’m fabulous! You could be too if you took the time you use to hate on others and belittle them and instead find your inner peace and celebrate self love with us. I’m a beautiful woman with curves and I feel this trait makes me extraordinarily awesome. You made me physically sick with your crude comments but I’m okay now; you might try to bring me down again but I won’t let you. Sincerely, Curvy and Fabulous!

I’m already in love with her. Then there’s this one, which hits the misogynistic, fatphobic nail on its ugly head:

Dear Fat Shamer, Internet Bully & Concern Troll: Your hatred towards fat people FUELS MY FIRE to spend every waking moment showing Curvy Women how sexy they are. Your ignorance inspires me. All women deserve to feel sexy and beautiful. My heart breaks for you that you cannot see beauty in all bodies. I hope one day you find some LOVE in your life so that you can learn to love yourself and stop putting fat women down to fill your sad, empty heart. Choose love, not hate.

Freaking flawless. And then, of course, our personal favorite:

Dear Trolls: You took the time to tell me how worthless you think I am because of my size, so I wanted to take the time to tell you that I love my body. That’s right, I love my fat body! I love my body because hating my body only leads to self-destructive behavior that made me unhealthy. When I hated my body your words mattered, but now that I love my body they just make me feel sad for you. I hope one day soon you don’t need to attempt to make people feel terrible about themselves, for you to feel better about yourself.

Word. So instead of spending this V-Day being miserable, remember that you’re hot, remember that you’re awesome, and remember that there are other cool people out there in the world who have your back– rolls and all.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      yep, this is awesome!

    • Chrystal Bougon

      Thanks so much for sharing our Love Letter to a Bully Campaign, The Gloss! Happy Valentine’s Day, Chrystal Bougon

    • Crayzcheshire

      This made me feel less guilty about the bowl of boxed fettuccine alfredo I was just shoveling into my mouth

    • L

      Dear Fat,
      You are necessary to live, but just like anything, too much of you is also dangerous. I am fabulous and I love myself and my body, so I treat it well by staying within a healthy body fat percent range. I listen to my doctor’s advice when she tells me I need to gain or lose weight, and about other healthy habits like using sunscreen and staying away from cigarettes. (And when I do lose or gain weight, I make sure to do it in a healthy way, at a slow rate with plenty of protein and exercise, not in a destructive way that’s likely to backfire.)

      ^What these letters *should* look like. God fucking dammit. Can’t we be honest about the difference between a few extra pounds, which is fine, and what’s truly unhealthy? (Hint: your doctor knows what he or she is talking about and is paid to keep you healthy. If he/she says you’re fine, you’re fine. If he/she says you need to lose weight, you’re overweight. It’s that simple.)

      Society tells us we have to be so incredibly thin that we’ve lost sight of the fact that “not fitting society’s thin ideal” and “being truly, unhealthfully overweight” are two entirely different things. I’m tired of being called a troll or a fat shamer just because I acknowledge that being healthy is objectively better than being unhealthy, and maintaining a healthy body weight is part of being healthy.

    • P

      Stop using the word “curvy.” It doesn’t describe fat. Society doesn’t have to think you’re attractive. You’re not owed that. Too much fat IS unhealthy.

      • L

        Oh my goodness. This. All of this. So much this.

    • Strom Thurmond

      Comments not going your way, Hayley!

    • J

      Dear r/fatlogic,

      While I sit here waiting for my night-nurse to wipe down between to
      fold of my back fat (I can almost reach the sides all by muhself!), I
      wanted you to know I’m booteeful and nothing you can say will change my
      mind. Earlier today, when I had tossed the second and third layer of my
      stomach over my shoulder in order to clean off what I’m sure was
      delicious cottage cheese from between my rolls, I couldn’t help but
      think of how jealous you all are of my cuuurves. I bet when you eat
      cottage cheese, it’s cuz you bought it from a store…losers.

      I don’t understand why, when I board a plane (after much help from
      the airport staff to get me out of my wheelchair and into my seat) you
      ‘skinny’s’ seem to have such a problem with me touching you. I mean I’m
      dead sexy, and if the 150 lb section of sweaty, belly-formed smegma
      coated stomach that has oozed it’s way into your seat bothers you, then
      you’ve got problems, cuz you wouldn’t know sexy if it partially
      suffocated you in a public space and your fat-shaming makes me want to
      eat more to ease the suffering you’ve caused me. .

      And I know you skinny bitches are just jealous when you walk past my
      in the street when I stop after walking 10 feet because I can’t catch my
      breath, but you don’t know the struggle of having so many cundishuns;
      diabetes, heart disease, bad joints; they all run in my family. When I
      think about how when you walk past me in the street, and don’t even so
      much as talk to, or even look at me; and knowing that you’re just
      ignoring me to shame me, I go to the nearest cinnabon and order all of
      them, because you can’t make me feel bad about all six layers of my
      beautiful stomach, and your boyfriend is only with you because he’s a
      real man and doesn’t want to hurt your feelings when he sees and is
      barley able to control himself around a ‘real woman’.

      Don’t worry, he’ll call me later.

      In closing, I love myself and all muh cuurves, and if you don’t it’s

      shit, I missed the turn for McDonalds.

    • Kyu

      Oh man, that was a good bit of satire!

      Wait what…?

      This bitch is serious?!