Kate Middleton Should Ignore Her Mother-In-Law’s Dumb Haircut Advice

kate-middleton-lk-bennet-detroit-dress Kate Middleton sure has a lot of older ladies telling her what to do with her hair and clothes lately. As much as we’re sure it is wonderful to be rich and famous and have a closet full of diamonds and horses and horses made of diamonds, all that sartorial fussing must get awfully annoying. While the Queen is said to have put the kibosh on the Duchess of Cambridge’s above-the-knee skirts and Zara jewelry, Kate Middleton’s mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles, has allegedly stepped in to give hair advice.

Now Camilla is an immaculately turned out lady, and we like her tweedy look, but we are not sure we would want her dispensing fashion commands at us.

The Daily Star reports that “Camilla believes Kate was letting the royal side down” last week when she showed up in an LK Bennett dress to open a new art room at a school in London. While we thought her dress looked just great, and her hair actually looked quite lovely, compared with a previous outing where it was looking uncharacteristically bedraggled for the Duchess known as Princess Shinylocks. She had a fresh blow-out and her hair looked very long, but still healthy. But apparently Camilla thinks her hair is too long and those extra inches are letting everybody down.

Camilla’s hairdresser, Jo Hansford—who styles Angelina Jolie and Nigella Lawson and thus knows a thing or two about long, shiny, dark hair—weighed in that Kate Middleton’s hair should definitely get about half a foot chopped off.

“I think her hair needs to be cut,” she told the Star. “She could get rid of a good six inches. It seems to be getting longer and longer but it is too long and is dragging down.”

While the crop would certainly look lovely on Middleton, if we were in her shoes all this bossing around would make us extremely unlikely to capitulate. We’d probably just grow it longer and longer until it reached our knees and we had to join the Renaissance fair. Or maybe we’d just go straight out the other end and get a pixie cut.

Kate Middleton would look great in a pixie cut.

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    • erincinco

      Kate Middleton would look great in MY haircut, and a paper bag. The girl is invincible.

    • Eileen

      Her hair looks healthy, but I do think that having really long hair makes you notice less how pretty the hair is. As long as she doesn’t do that awful feathered haircut again.

    • Samatha

      So you would grow your hair out, to defy people like your own hairdresser who most likely has your interests at heart, just to be difficult? Ugh, you sound like a spoiled child.

    • Ruth

      I think everyone should leave her alone she is capable of making her own decisions and no one needs to tell her say or do this or that you’d be happier Well she looks pretty dang happy to me and she wants it long who cares She is a big girl now leave her be ! My opinion.

    • Misenhammer

      *sigh* dammit. She WOULD look great in a pixie cut.