Kate Middleton Ruins An Awesome Outfit By Pairing It With Shiny Pantyhose

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II Hosts Dramatic Arts Reception At Buckingham Palace

Last night Kate Middleton made a rare official appearance with Queen Elizabeth II, which is always exciting because we like to see what the Duchess of Cambridge wears when she is on her absolute best behavior. The dynamic duo hosted a dramatic arts reception at Buckingham Palace for all the U.K.’s best actors, including Helen Mirren.

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II Hosts Dramatic Arts Reception At Buckingham Palace Helen Mirren

We were keeping an eye out for the event because we half expected the Duchess of Cambridge to have gotten herself a sudden haircut since the last time we saw her, as her in-laws have reportedly been complaining about the length of her shiny locks. But her hair looked just as long as before when she appeared a red Alexander McQueen dress that is one of our favorites, despite being a modified version of a dress made famous by Kim Kardashian.

The Duchess of Cambridge is wearing this dress differently this time. Last time we saw it, she wore it with a Fancy British Lady hat–which we always enjoy–and the nude heels that were for a long time her signature accessory. We haven’t seen her leg-elongating nude heels in a while, though, and last night she wore a pair of single-soled black pumps with lower than usual heels. The one thing we can’t get over is the shiny pantyhose someone has put her in, because the way the light reflects off them makes her look like she is tottering around on slightly discolored Barbie legs.

There’s nothing at all wrong with Kate Middleton’s legs at all; we are just opposed to shiny, sheer, “nude” pantyhose as a rule. The reflective finish gives the legs an odd sheen that makes even Kate Middleton’s perfect legs look odd and inhuman. They are best left to Olympic ice skaters and 1980s flight attendants.

Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth II Hosts Dramatic Arts Reception At Buckingham Palace

The Queen wore a bright blue dress and a sapphire brooch that is worth more than Google. She also wore pantyhose, but hers were not shiny.

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    • susan

      i think it looks sophisticated

    • SFUguest

      Whenever her tendency toward gleaming panyhose comes up, I always think of Claire from Six Feet Under talking about how she doesn’t understand how having your legs sheathed in this smooth, plastic barbie leg sausage casing helps make you do your job better.

      • Loobie

        Because that’s the stupid type rationalizations women use to justify freezing their asses off in the winter. It doesn’t help you do your job better at all. Most women NEED some coverage. I mean you wear makeup don’t you?

    • https://www.facebook.com/christinalee90212 Christina Lee

      When will today’s women get it through their heads that pantyhose completes any outfit. it makes women more elegant looking and put together. The sheen is obviously from the flash of a camera. I can bet they’re not this shiny without flashes or light on it. And quite frankly, I prefer to have pantyhose covered legs then pale white legs any day.

      • Itpainsmetosay

        I’m sorry but some people like their “pale white legs” and also find them beautiful on other people because tan doesn’t equal better.
        Ps I’m not really mad I’m just pale and angry today sorry

      • Paul

        very well said…

    • K Landoni

      Nude pantyhose are totally underrated. She couldn’t wear any other colour with that dress, and it’d be weird to go bare legged in the winter. A fact of life is that sometimes the elastic in tights makes them look shiny when you don’t mean for them to… I think she deserves a break on this one.

    • Loobie

      Get over the pantyhose hate slaves to fashion. Just because someone tells you in the fashion world that it’s a no no should be the 1st reason to actually put some on! Men love hosiery.

    • Paul

      Its amazing how anytime there is a post about how awful Nude Pantyhose are, most of the comments are about how men and women like them.. Who are these fashion people that give there opinion about hose and no one seems to listen…why do they still have a job? They have no idea what there talking about!…Pantyhose make any outfit and any pair of legs look better…:)