Rihanna’s Top 6 Style Secrets From Vogue, Ranked By Level Of Badassery

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Whether you love her or fear her or a combination of the two, you have to admit that Rihanna knows her way around a closet. The 26-year-old goddess looks amazing on the March 2014 cover of Vogue, but her interview manages to be even more flawless.

RiRi was kind enough to let the world in on some of her fashion secrets, and we’ve outlined them below– in order of how badass they are, of course.

1. It takes a lot of willpower to own a stage in those insanely high heels:

I can dance in them. It’s not about pain. It’s about the commitment. I say to myself, ‘I want to look like this,’ and I worry about the pain later. I’ve had nights I had to tiptoe home and the balls of my feet wouldn’t even allow me to stand.

2. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to look expensive:

My jewelry’s all fake– from Claire’s. Or I get it from my mom’s boutique in Barbados.

3. Sometimes fashion icons are born, not made– her taste for sexy, reappropriated menswear started young:

When I was thirteen or fourteen, I didn’t want to wear what my mom wanted me to wear. I was very much a boy in my style, my demeanor. All my friends were guys. I loved things that boys did. I loved being easy with my clothes. I loved wearing hats and scarves and snapbacks on my head. It was my way of rebelling. I wanted to dress like my brother.

4. Real badasses don’t need to try:

I don’t go out of my way to be a rebel or have that perception, but a lot of the decisions I make, a lot of the direction I want to move, is against the grain, or against society’s tight lane, and I’m aware of that sometimes. It might not be fitting with the norm, but that’s okay for me.

5. But you should still be willing to go out of our comfort zone:

You will never be stylish if you don’t take risks. If you go into a men’s shop and try something, they would look at you like, that’s a bad bitch.

6. And you should never be afraid to let your nips fly free:

If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra. If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.

I’m not sure if I want her to be my friend, my lover, or my personal stylist. The next time I go out in public without a bra(so in like fifteen minutes), I’ll tell anyone who stares that I’m just following Rihanna’s advice.

Via Vogue

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    • elle

      Well I guess over all I like her advice but I’m not that big of a fan of advocating an inability to walk after wearing her heels. I definitely understand it’s different for an entertainer who is performing all night, but I really don’t think the average person should be doing that. And all her jewelry is fake and she buys stuff from Claires? Please. I’ll never believe that in a million years. Does she expect people to? Does anybody know what kind of shop her mom owns? Is it more high end? I do wish a celeb would speak out about the diamond industry though….

    • Nipsy

      Love my nips! Been letting them breath for three years now