Ireland Baldwin Posted Photos Of Herself In A Thong So Sexy, She Actually Quit Selfies After (NSFW)

Ireland Baldwin posts bikini shots so sexy, she apparently opted to quit selfies.

Photo: Ireland Baldwin’s Instagram

Another day, another Baldwin quitting the Internet. Model and Alec/Kim Basinger product Ireland Baldwin posted not one, but two selfies in a thong to her Instagram. She actually deleted the one above, but kept this one up, along with the caption “Day dreaming in @acaciaswimwear”:

Ireland Baldwin posts bikini shots so sexy, she apparently opted to quit selfies.

Photo: Ireland Baldwin’s Instagram

As one might expect, the Internet got all in a tizzy. As per usual, there were more than a few unkind comments (feel free to check some of them out here), which may have prompted Ireland tweeting this:

Personally, I think Ireland’s pretty likable–she was epic when we saw her walk first at the Red Dress Collection a couple weeks ago and she had some wonderful, honest things to say when people began calling her “too fat to model” last year, defending herself without bringing anybody else down (something that famous people tend to suck at). I think her selfies are pretty normal 18-year-old selfies, but the type of comments that young female celebrities receive on theirs are just so rude, they make me remember how happy I am to not be famous (although all the free shoes Baldwin apparently gets would be pretty rad). Examples:

Ireland Baldwin comments on Instagram 3 Ireland Baldwin comments on Instagram 2 Ireland Baldwin comments on Instagram

Now, Baldwin is no stranger to the Internet having mild freakouts every time she posts “controversial” photos of herself. First, there were the twerking Vines featuring her and a friend dancing in bikinis (which sounds more risque than they actually were). Then, there was the boob grab garment that led to HuffPo, among others, experiencing the oh-so-harsh-and-painful revelation that even tall, blonde, pretty women grow the eff up at some point.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      people are so cruel!!

    • Crayzcheshire

      nice butt! & “too fat to model”?!? phffffttttt.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      I don’t know how any of this Twitter and Instagram stuff works, but if it has a feature where comments can be turned off, I don’t know why celebs don’t use it. That said, if your job is to make a living off of what your body looks like, every asshole on the planet is going to have something to say about it, so she needs to get a thicker skin or give up the business. Not fair, but that’s unfortunately the world today – people hate themselves and project it onto others.

    • Ann

      drunkenstepfather is one of the most misogynistic websites, so him being a pervy jerk is nothing new.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Very true.

    • Eileen

      Have to give her credit though…she may quit the internet just like her father, but at least she doesn’t assault her haters the way he does!

      • Samantha Escobar

        And isn’t a homophobic douchebag!

    • Tc

      She has a reallyyyyy nice butt especially for being a white girl wow who would have ever thought so she is the total package lucky Angel but she’s hot too that Slater doesn’t stand a chance she must have always liked girls just like cara you know it’s not an act she’s always pulled chics