Jeremy Scott’s New Moschino Collection Has Ruined Fashion Forever

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Last night in Milan, we finally got to see Jeremy Scott’s first complete collection for Moschino, and he sure gave us something to talk about (besides that awful dress they put on Katy Perry).

For his Milan Fashion Week debut, Scott went totally American and put out a collection of McDonald’s uniforms and drink cups as purses, SpongeBob SquarePants, a beer cape for all your DuffMan cosplay needs, and an artfully crumpled wedding dress covered with nutrition information. While there were some highlights, a significant part of the collection just reads as tacky for the sake of being tacky, and that’s a hard sell at a $1,000+ price tag.

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014Scott played with the classic Chanel suit, which is something Moschino also liked to do. Scott’s version was red with thick yellow piping. If you wore it, you would look like Ronald McDonald’s uptight mom, which is almost certainly the point.

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

A few blouses and trousers were elegantly cut, and a cow-print Chanel-esque suit absolutely made my day, even if I would not choose to carry it with a $1,000+ handbag shaped to look like a Happy Meal box. Then there were sweatshirts with the McDonald’s style golden arches (slightly modified to avoid lawsuits) over “MOSCHINO: Over 20 billion served.”

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Yeah right. At Moschino’s price point, they’re more Per Se than McDonald’s. And that’s one of the more confusing things about this collection: Who is going to pay Moschino prices for Fred Flare looks?

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

I shouldn’t even ask that question. The looks are so instantly recognizable from far away that they will definitely appeal to young fashion people who have a lot of money and want to use it to get attention. These accessories are virtually guaranteed style blog bait. If you are rich and want Tommy Ton to take your picture, definitely buy this McDonald’s bag:

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

This collection will probably sell some accessories, and accessories are where most brands make their real money. I do still hate this 90s style logo parade, with everything covered in M’s and branded belts that say MOSCHINO and nothing else.

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Honestly, I’m not a fan of Jeremy Scott’s work, especially when he’s caught plagiarizing. His eponymous line was never my thing, though he definitely has a die-hard following among people who are much cooler than I am, like Rihanna and Rita Ora. But as much as I do not personally like it, his overt, tacky, kitschy aesthetic made him an interesting choice for Moschino, which has a storied history of its own brand of eccentric kitsch.

Moschino was well-known for playing around with the concept of “highbrow” and putting out runway shows full of trash bags, question marks, paper bags, and stuffed animals. His clothes were full of weird but wearable unexpected elements like the vintage piano key dress Laura Carmichael wore when Lady Edith finally upstaged Lady Mary, or a very proper tailored jacket that reads “Good Taste Doesn’t Exist” on the back in red embroidery. Moschino was provocative, and so is Scott. But Scott’s look is just, well, uglier. Scott’s clothes are weird for the sake of weird, and customers like Rihanna occupy the looks and make them cool. Rihanna can wear anything, but I’m going to stand with the millions of people not paying $1,000 for a sweatshirt with SpongeBob on it.

Some of the looks last night were so out-there it’s safe to assume they’re just meant to make a statement and let us know that Jeremy Scott will still be doing the clothes that made him famous now that he’s at Moschino.

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

Moschino - Runway - Milan Fashion Week Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2014

It’s good for a new designer taking over a big-name house to make a statement with a debut show like this. It’s just a shame that statement is so ugly.

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    • Samantha Escobar

      I don’t like Jeremy Scott ever since he blatantly ripped off Jimbo Phillips without a care in the world. Ughhh.

      • Samantha Escobar

        It also weirds me out that one of the only women of color on the runway got labeled “chocolate” but then again, nothing really surprises me in fashion. Sigh.

      • elle

        The sad thing is I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out. Ugh, gross.

      • Crayzcheshire

        I noticed that too, wtf?!

    • MerlePerle

      These all look like a weird challenge on project runway or those purses made from milk cartons…

      • alannah mcgrowdie

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        Charger SRT8 from only workin part time on a home pc… hop over to here C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Gregory J. Rivera

      Clearly you people have no clue about the history of Moschino

      • Crayzcheshire

        Care to enlighten, sensei?

      • elle

        Without writing a dissertation I assume (but could be wrong) that he is alluding to the fact that Moschino started out as a satire on high end designs. So this collection would fit right in. Still makes it ugly as hell though even of that opinion does make me a “basic ass bitch” what does that even mean btw?

      • Crayzcheshire

        I kind of wondered about that… like some sort of compare/contrast about low & high society. Maybe along the lines of ‘art’ that pushes the boundaries… like that artist that sticks urinals in a gallery and forces people to think about them in an artistic way… ha?

      • Gregory J. Rivera

        That’s what Google is for.

      • Crayzcheshire

        wait, what’s that? *eyeroll* way to bring a discussion to the table (sarcasm)

    • Lindsey Conklin

      ooh….ohh no

    • steph

      y’all are some basic ass bitches. this is the best thing to happen to fashion in a while.

    • ScarletRegina

      I think most of this is unsightly, but there’s something kind of captivating about the nutrition label dress.

    • Voifateschifo

      Jeremy Scott is lke God so shut up, please.
      Moschino was a old brand with nothing to say, Thank God it has Jeremy now

    • Ada

      it was one big disaster

    • Amna

      He put a black model in a chocolate wrapper. Are you fuc-ing kidding me.

      And the first outfit is such a blatant copy of Chanel. I’m going to take a wild guess and assume this guy thinks he’s part designer, part performance artist and he’s trying to make a point that these days, anyone who’s no one is carrying that quilted Chanel flap bag. Maybe that’s his way of insulting Chanel by saying the McDonalds-eating riff raff is in their duds.

      But what actually happened is he put together a collection that’s offensively hideous. How dare a person make such ugly clothes that sane people would not wear if they were paid and then turn around and demand thousands of dollars for it? I don’t often have so many emotions on fashion but I dunno, this incensed me.

    • Jack

      Michael Kors rips off everyone and women keep buying his bags. Now he’s a billionaire.

    • Future of fashion

      It’s basically stating that our society is consumed and running with it. If you where a real fan of ART you would totally be able to read between the lines on your own. I personally think this collection is amazing and well thought out . I’m also not the only one who thinks so…

    • azure

      Sometimes I think Jeremy scott is just outlandish but take a look at the colour coordination and original designs without the prints and you cannot say that they are ugly. They may be gaudy and traditionally trashy, but those arent bad designs. The king of design dress ‘s front looks amazing and amazing in pictorials. not really a fan of the overload of yellow red outfits but the accessories arent much different from whats already on the market.

    • hur

      Not a huge fan of the allusions to commercial entities but take a good look aatthe cut and overall shape of all the dresses and there is elegance. Just like the miniskirt enhances the legs scandalously, it is fashion. So those saying jeremy scott cannot design are looking for only the flaws and looking down on eccentric and bold ideas. And screaming about putting a brown dress on an african american is just perpetuating the idea that certain ethnics can only wear certain things to be politically correct. The dress looks great on her so why not?

    • Stephanie

      Gross. I don’t care what the inspiration is. No matter how many times I see this line, I have a vile reaction. He’s trying to rip off Chanel and hybrid that with America’s greasiest cheeseburger. Eccentricity doesn’t equate to art.