Kim Kardashian Lasered Off Her Pregnancy Stretch Marks, Bringing Us One Step Closer To IRL Photoshopping

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In case you missed last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because you didn’t know it was still on, things got very exciting when Kim Kardashian, defender of the body acceptance (as long as you’re conventionally perfect) movement, took the camera crew to her dermatologist’s office to observe her laser treatments to remove the stretch marks on her breasts. I didn’t even know we had that technology, or that stretch marks were so egregious that they had to be removed.

After performing a visual inspection (workplace!), it was revealed that I, too, have stretch marks on my breasts–also known as skin. Aren’t stretch marks just sort of the human condition? Most of my male friends have stretch marks on their backs from growing, it’s just always seemed normal to me. Sure, I’m not immune to the myriad of voices telling me what’s wrong with my body, but I thought it was like feet or scrotums–we don’t like it but human bodies have them. Nothing to be done. Boy was I wrong.

Getting plastic surgery or dermatological treatments is anyone’s prerogative, and if you want to Photoshop your body IRL, then god bless. But it’s a little unnerving to think of the world with a ton of subtle changes made–not comical boob jobs but skin that’s suspiciously smooth and devoid of stretch marks. Our generation grew up knowing that magazines and commercials were fake and digitally altered, but how are we supposed to explain to our kids that they won’t be able to trust that the bodies they see in front of them have been altered, too? I know this isn’t new, because plastic surgery has been around for decades. But this idea that every little part of your body can be made into a flaw and then smoothed over is scary, and not to mention it’s telling me how many things are wrong with me that I didn’t even know about.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      ugh, you’re right. the number of flaws we can create with our body is so unnerving.

    • Crusty Socks

      I dunno, muchadoaboutnutting.

      Celebrities get plastic surgery all the time. This is just another one in the long time that I’m sure KK has. No biggie.

    • jendra_berri

      I have no stretch marks, but if I could afford a tummy tuck, my tummy would be tucked right now. Celebrities do it because they can. I don’t do it because I can’t. I do body acceptance about my midsection because it’s cheaper. I’ll take what I was born with cheerfully enough, but I’m grumpy about what pregnancy did.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        yeah i’m definitely not coming out against plastic surgery on the whole–there are certainly procedures i would have done if I could afford it! Agreed–body acceptance is the cheaper option.

      • Trista Crass

        “I do body acceptance about my midsection because it’s cheaper.”


    • quelastima

      This is not a great article. a celebrity who got plastic surgery, gasp!!!! So just because you personally wouldn’t THIS procedure done, we should all be as aghast as you? and as far as “photoshopping IRL”, well, my lips aren’t naturally a nice plum color, and my eyebrows are practically non-existent, so I shade them in every day. Also, I am currently three months pregnant, and I have been slathering on creams and lotions every day to try and minimize my chance of stretch marks. should I be ashamed of that too?

      • Julia Sonenshein


      • Quelastima

        Because I don’t agree with you, I must be her, right? Oh to have her money!!!! The things I would buy for my farm!

    • Michelle

      i’m a fan of most plastic surgery procedures. or botox. but lasering off stretchmarks? that one would tempt me.

    • cat butt

      Shit, man, if I had her money, I can’t say I wouldn’t be getting all kinds of cosmetic shit done too. Like…..elbow-rejuvenation. Or plastic surgery to make my toes nicer looking. Or knee implants or whatever the fuck. Basically I’d be getting made fun of too but I’d be too rich to care. Plus, plump baby knees! Smooth glowing elbows!!! Perfect toes!!!!


    • Futuralon Futuralon

      Don’t really care what she’s done to her body but is no one going to comment on her tacky exposed bra? I mean, exposed bras became a thing when I was a teen in the 90s but it’s all about the bright colors, blacks, etc (neon bandeaus and sporties right now). Never has it been about beige bras, especially when they’re clearly of a style to be concealed (in this case, extra low plunge). Girl, you have a tailor. Put a tack stitch where your blouse front crosses already.

      • Cat

        guess it would be better if she exposed her nipple right?
        I really don’t see the problem at all with exposing a bra (it’s not even “tacky”, untidy would be the right word) as long she’s not working your average day job.

    • kj

      What, you can laser that stuff off? SOLD. I hate them. I have had them since I was 11. I would love to laser them off. No amount of body positivity is going to make me like them. I have great self esteem, but still hate stretch marks

    • Steve John

      It is her choice. I do not understand why people make a big issue out of it!

    • Mahdi Martin

      I’d do it. I’ve never been pregnant, yet I bear marks of someone who has- even on my upper arms-and I’m not even that overweight. Now I’ve lost almost all the weight I’d gained since high school, but I still hide my body because of the embarrassing stretch marks. It’s pretty frustrating, especially in the hot summer.

    • Taranasaurus

      I was lucky to get stretch marks in places you can’t really see them but they’re mine, and they’re a mark of passage…my baby’s birth!

    • Trista Crass

      If I had Kimye Kash I’d laser off everything except my eyes and nostrils.

    • BethAZ87

      Fine if that’s what she wants to do with her money, but my question is, doesn’t she want more kids? I could’ve sworn I heard that she wanted more kids, and SOON. If it were me, I’d wait until all the baby making was done, and fix all the damage at once.