Beyonce Reveals Devastatingly Sexy Versace Costumes For Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

Photo: Robin Harper/Beyonce's Tumblr

Photo: Robin Harper/Beyonce’s Tumblr

It is a well-known fact that Beyonce can pull off literally anything, right down to a Minnie Mouse hat, but when Queen Bey wears an outfit especially tailored to her body by a designer, it’s all sorts of perfect. For her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, she wears a series of Versace costumes that will leave you breathless.

Beyonce started off the United Kingdom branch of her tour with some spectacular reveals. Couldn’t make the show? Neither could I, because I’m poor and live in America, but fortunate for us non-Brits, Bey posted tons of photos on her amazing Tumblr. I, for one, am loving the sparkly dress above complete with what I think is a black leather tube top, making her one of the only humans on Earth to successfully pull off a tube top (or keep it on, hyuck hyuck). Check it out:

Photo: Robin Harper/Beyonce's Tumblr

Photo: Robin Harper/Beyonce’s Tumblr

I am never sure how I feel about lace-up stuff, but that bodice is nevertheless super cool. And for a concert, that jacket’s sleeves must look amazing from the audience’s perspective.

Photo: Rob Hoffman/Beyonce's Tumblr

Photo: Rob Hoffman/Beyonce’s Tumblr

This is just unbelievably pretty. Even Beyonce’s dancers have better costumes than most performers. For the rest of these amazing pictures, check out Beyonce’s Tumblr.

Long story short, Beyonce can do no wrong when it comes to fashion. Yes, designers create incredible outfits and they are the ones whose design skills deserve complimenting, but there are so many celebrities who have either terrible stylists, bad luck with free dresses, or simply awful personal taste. So far, Beyonce’s career has been host to very few terrible looks–a much lower number proportionately than most of her equally popular peers–and a big chunk of that is due to her excellent style sense. TL;DR — Beyonce still reigns.

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      long story short: Beyonce is perfect haha

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      lol you can’t write a fashion article and refer to different pieces of clothing as “stuff.”