Lea Michele Poses for Terry Richardson, Officially Trades In Sex Appeal For Skeeze Appeal

If you play a teenager on TV but are in a hurry to doff your saccharine image, there are few better ways to do that than to strip down for a sexy, sexy photoshoot with “controversial” photographer Terry Richardson. Lea Michele is only the latest starlet to pop a hip against a white background for Richardson, and she won’t be the last.

Michele is pretty sexy on her own, but her V Magazine shoot with Richardson is not particularly interesting, or even sexy. Richardson’s work rarely is. The photos posted to Michele’s Twitter account look like every other sexless “sexy” shoot Richardson has done for Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr, and Paris Hilton.

We remain bewildered by his continued relevance in the face of his unimpressive work.

“How does he keep getting work?” we wonder whenever he releases a new photo set. While we long ago realized that in this world artistic prowess is enough to earn a pass for one’s personal failings, up to and including accusations of harassment like those levied against Richardson by The Gloss’ own Jamie Peck, we always assumed there had to be a minimum level of artistry involved.

But Richardson’s continued eminence in his field seems to have less to do with the cookie-cutter version of sex he’s peddling and more to do with the way he markets his personality, sexual harassment accusations and all. These flat, generic pictures aren’t edgy or controversial in their own right, but by agreeing to a photoshoot with Richardson his subjects borrow controversy by association. He’s selling his personality more than his pictures, and that’s a pretty lame reason to hire a photographer.

Photos via Twitter/MsLeaMichele

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    • elle

      I do not get why Terry Richardson has a career? How did he even get his start? You could take those pics in your apartment with a half decent digital camera. Why does any female want to work with him? So much I don’t understand.

      • Lindsey Conklin

        seriously! I don’t get it?

      • FemelleChevalier

        Nepotism. I think his father is a renowned photographer himself.

    • CMJ

      Every person he shoots manages to have dead eyes in their photos….it’s like his pictures suck the life out of everyone.

    • Michelle

      dude is such a Creepy McCreeperson. why do people keep going back to him?? especially with all of the models who have come forward to talk about the creep factor of this guy.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Because he has so many famous friends and followers who all scream “UNGRATEFUL BITCH” whenever people who have had bad experiences with him speak out. Aghhhhh.

    • Charmless

      The only talent displayed here is Richardson’s talent for making a gorgeous woman look cheap and soulless.

    • annebeth66

      She is such a pretty woman, with real talent and a lovely voice. She is in a classic stripper pose and looks as alive as a corpse.

    • Katlyn

      Terry Richardson reminds me of a small town karaoke DJ at the skeezy local dive bar who tags all the girls there in a facebook post proclaiming he had the best night ever with his “hot friends.” But worse.

    • Crayzcheshire

      This looks exactly like all the other yucky ads for American Apparel

    • http://www.jessicarabbit.com.au candy wilde

      I agree what is so special about this photo… yes she looks pretty but she is pretty..???

    • DreaTheGreat

      And if you are hiring a photographer for his personality, picking the one who is a rapist pervert in a hipster costume is definitely not a sound choice nor is it anything to be proud of. Abusers are not the “cool kids”.

    • FemelleChevalier

      Actually, he is known for his style of portraying over-the-top-sexual in a, er, fun way. I have seen some of the models’ work under him and it is really sexually charged, like a party of some kind. A lot of kissing, compromising positions, grabbing, touching, etcetera. It is really distinctively him.

      Yes, he is a creep and a pervert, proven and guilty. But the fashion industry, sadly, doesn’t care about such things. As long as he can provide them with results, he will continue to thrive.

    • Ndle

      Every. Single. Photo.

      Every single photo flies way passed the mark of “sexy” and straight into “uncomfortable model being posed by a misogynist”. There’s no “raw sexuality”, “glamour” or “confident” shots capable of falling out of his studio set, and I feel bad that because of nepotism people are easily convinced that the sex offender label isn’t real.
      If you study the photos of Lea & Miley, their poses / faces depict years of stage training failing to mask deep discomfort – there’s no natural poise, no ownership of the set – they look ill at ease and the shots scream to me that they were constructed by a person who gets their kicks out of seeing women try to hide how upsetting they are finding the situation.

      You get confirmation of that when the “thumbs up” photos of him engaged in sex acts appear. That’s a guy who feels the need to score points off women, and accentuates his sick perspective by finding the most public forum for his abuse.

    • Holly

      I’ve been a Gloss reader for quite some time but somehow I’ve missed Jamie’s story until the other day. The thing is, even before I read these stories (hers and those of others) his photos that I saw here and there (mostly here) made me feel incredibly anxious. They always look like something that would be in a police report after someone has been found out for doing bad, bad things to women. Like, found the photos next to skin suits kind of bad. Some people just can’t hide the creep in them, so I really, really don’t understand why he’s so well-liked by people I thought were somewhat normal or at least had normal levels of judgement.