Biggest Loser Winner Has Something To Say To Hypocritical Fans Concern-Trolling Her ‘Anorexia’

Screenshot via E!

Screenshot via E!

Remember that ridiculous “scandal” wherein Biggest Loser fans got all upset because the woman they cheered on through eating disorder-encouraging behavior may have developed an eating disorder? Obviously, we have no idea whether or not Rachel Frederickson actually has or had any type of ED; all we know is that a bunch of hypocrites had a freakout when their winner didn’t conform to what they believed she should look like because she lost “too much” weight, despite the name of the game literally being The Biggest Loser. Now, Frederickson is speaking out about the controversy.

In an interview with Today today (ha! I am easily amused), the 24-year-old former contestant discussed the criticism and critiques she faced after losing 155 pounds. (Again, the show is called The Biggest Loser and she won it by losing that much weight.) By the way, E! declares in their coverage of the interview that Frederickson “[looked] healthier than she did” when she won, because you can totally determine health by simply looking at somebody.

Anyway, upon being asked about the controversy, Frederickson said this:

“I did work so hard for the finale and for finding myself again. I felt amazing on the stage. I felt like I shined in my dress. I got off the stage and Twitter was all abuzz. There was just so much chatter about it.”

“Abuzz” is an understatement: the Twittersphere was positively freaking out at how much weight she lost, calling her names like “disgusting,” “anorexic,” “sickly,” and “unhealthy” despite having actively supported the idea that a weight loss competition is a positive thing.

“I felt so proud of everything I had accomplished. My journey was my own. I loved it. I lived it. I felt really proud of what I did.”

Frederickson also noted that she “[appreciates] all the concern” and understands where it is coming from, but that she lost the weight in an “absolutely healthy” manner.

The funny thing about people who watch shows like The Biggest Loser is that they seemingly have an impossibly difficult time realizing that the humans in these programs are, indeed, humans. They may be getting compensated, they may be getting handpicked for them, but they are real human beings who are often going through real human experiences. This means that they will not necessarily follow the narrative these viewers desire to see–in this case, that narrative includes an obese person who’s sad getting a sparkly new lease on life after lots of sweat, tears, vomit and confessionals. When the story diverges from that path, those who are comfortable with it simply cannot handle it. But doesn’t Frederickson deserve to pick her own ending?

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Maybe this is a little bit cynical, but why isn’t anyone thinking that perhaps Rachel lost “extra” weight because she wanted to win the grand prize? It’s not just about losing weight and getting healthy – you also win a monetary prize. Maybe she had developed an eating disorder, but maybe not – either way, nitpicking her body is getting super old.

      • Mahdi Martin

        Exactly, we need to quit obsessing over women’s body shapes in general. It’s always unnecessary and usually hurtful and no one’s business but the owner of the body. When’s the last time a man’s weight was in the headlines. Twenty years? Never? Just a thought…

      • val97

        What is the grand prize now, like 250k? I’d starve myself for that, but I definitely don’t have an eating disorder.

    • Crusty Socks

      It’s sad that she’s only half the person she used to be

    • Tracy A Lopez

      She absolutely deserves to have her ending and own it too. I think she did all that, didnt eat those bag of chips and won a butt load of money to boot. Yay for her!

    • Alexandra

      She probably weighs the same amount as Jillian Michaels and more than many actresses. Total fukin hypocrites.

    • pr

      I don’t think she looks sickly, just like a naturally thin person. Who knows – maybe that’s her ideal weight? Like, for me that wouldn’t be a healthy weight but some people are just naturally thinner than others.

    • RectPropagation

      Honestly, “The Biggest Loser” ought to be called “Concern Troll: The Game Show”. It has absolutely never been about anyone’s health or well-being and the people accusing her of having an ED aren’t concerned about her health either. This is about shaming people into being conventionally attractive.

      “I think you’re too fat, so you must be unhealthy!”
      “I think you’re too thin, so you must be unhealthy!”

      It’s all a bunch of bull.