Snoop Dogg’s Black-And-White French Manicure Is Your Must-Have Look For Spring

Of all the places to find nail art inspiration, we were not expecting Snoop Lion to be the mastermind behind our spring manicures. (Really, we were just planning on continuing to watch videos where this adorable, grumpy-faced cat teach us to do cat-themed manicures.)

Seasonal changes always make us want to mix up our beauty game. We rocked white nail polish all summer, and this winter we were feeling nostalgic for the 90s and went back to our beloved Chanel Vamp like Uma Thurman wore in Pulp Fiction. But now the days are finally getting slightly longer, and we’re ready to mix it up again. While we were looking for something fresh, bright, and not too complicated, we found this excellent link on People showing Snoop Lion’s newest manicure, and we want it for ourselves.

Snoop Dogg gets his nails done by Los Angeles sister duo Hey Nice Nails, whose Instagram shows them to be BFFs with Snoop Lion and also very good at complicated nail art. Snoop does not have to make an appointment or go wait in line like a scrub, of course. Snoop Dogg gets his manicures done by house call.

“House calls with Snoop are the best!” the salon said.

Snoop Lion’s spring look is a modified French manicure. We know, we know, we’ve been very down on the French manicure in the past. But for some reason this one seems modern. Snoop’s fingers alternate black French tips with white ones, and the thumb and pinky hails are black and white. He also added some embellishment in the form of a little gold pot leaf on his left thumb and a little gold dollar sign on his right pinky nail.

We’re not sure how long we’d be able to keep ours looking nice, but we might just give this look a try. If Snoop Lion did it first, you know it’s cool.

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      bahahahhahaha they look so pretty!

    • katemarie89

      hahahahahaha…it’s a good look for him

    • Mike Jones


    • smokesmd

      Jesus Christ,why didn’t he put on a wig and some lipstick already?

      what’s with this gay ass Bullshit! where is his dignity as a fucking man

    • histora

      comin from a African American female, it’s all a part of genocide…..extermination of the black race……it t’aint gon happen………they may think they have a master plan, but I know THE MASTER PLAN!

      • Amanda

        What’s the master plan? I want to be let in on the secret!

      • S.Wright

        Me too