There’s No Way You Won’t Be On Kim Kardashian’s Side After You Hear This Blackface Story


It sounds like Kim Kardashian had a shitty time at the Vienna Opera Ball last night with the 81-year-old businessman who paid her $500,000 to be there. She allegedly stormed out of the event early, and if half of what allegedly went down is true, we can’t blame her a bit.

According to TMZ, Kim was paid $500,000 to be the arm candy of Austrian businessman Richard Lugner, who apparently hires a hot young starlet to accompany him to the Vienna Opera Ball every year. According to 3News, he has previously hired Dita Von Teese, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Pamela Anderson, Lindsay Lohan, and Grace Jones. (Lohan was a no-show and missed out on her comparatively paltry $150,000 fee.) This year he chose the “Marilyn Monroe of our age,” Kim Kardashian.

Attending the Vienna Opera Ball sounds like a Cinderella-esque event for most people, even if it did not include half a million dollars at the end of the night. But Kim Kardashian was posing for pictures with Lugner when one of the ball’s staffers reportedly ran up to her in blackface and pretended to be Kanye West. Kim walked away from the guy, but was still obliged to stay at the ball another hour and a half.

She allegedly did not make it the full hour and a half, though, because according to TMZ:

A short time later a guy came up to Kim and asked her to dance.  She said she wasn’t a good dancer, and then the guy responded, he would dance with her if the orchestra played “N****rs in Vienna.”

What is wrong with people at the Vienna Opera Ball? Downton Abbey appears to have given us a very misleading view of the way fancy people behave.

Kardashian was also reportedly upset with Lugner’s behavior. Before the ball, he told local reporters that she was “annoying” him by “not sticking to the program.”

“The guest should be with me and not anywhere else that is not agreed upon,” he said.

According to TMZ, Kardashian’s problems were not only related to bizarre racist gala attendees. She also had problems with Lugner’s behavior, reportedly saying he was aggressive and kept grabbing her and trying to get her to send away her security detail so they could be alone, which was apparently not part of the $500,000 deal.

TMZ says Kardashian was shooting for Keeping Up With The Kardashians the whole time, so this entire shitshow was caught on tape. The Vienna Opera Ball debacle might be the most interesting thing ever to happen on the reality show.

Photos via WENN, Instagram/KrisJenner

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    • Lindsey Conklin


    • Cate

      The air date of the Vienna Opera Ball episode will also be the first known occasion upon which I voluntarily watch an entire episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

      • Ellen W.

        Same here. I’m also kind of excited to see all the people come out and try to claim that blackface isn’t offensive in Europe because it doesn’t have the same history there.*

        *Note: Blackface was used in Europe to caricature/mock black people – both African-Americans and Africans- for “entertainment.” It’s not like blackface just suddenly showed up post-WWII in the fashion world or something.

      • Cate

        Yeah seriously. Like, there are two different types of blackface in Europe, racist blackface and people who are just wearing black paint on their face (not that that’s okay, considering the racist association of ALL blackface these days) and this was CLEARLY the former type. Super not okay.

      • vegamaximus

        Yea right, you’re glued to the screen whenever you see it on tv, your morals are identical, have some self respect.

      • Cate

        I love that you know everything about my life, though. Especially how I don’t even own a television.

      • vegamaximus

        True, my reaction was presumptuous at best, my apologies.

    • Mystik Spiral

      Kids, the lesson here is when you receive an exorbitant amount of money to be some skeevy guys’ escort, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover the event is riddled with skeevy people.

    • Guest

      If you get paid $500, 000 to go on a date, he’s gonna try to cop a feel. Come on, girl.

    • Celia

      I don’t feel at all sorry for Kim. If you didn’t like it, then you shouldn’t have been a paid escort for the night. Please. What did she think she was getting 500,000 for? He’s clearly a creepy guy who buys dates.

      • Cate

        Wow dude, this kind of attitude that creates hilarious jokes like, “if you don’t pay a hooker is is rape or theft” (rape, always rape, as the consent of sex workers is conditional on payment) just because one accepts money for sexual or romantic services, it doesn’t remove the right of the service provider to set boundaries.
        Also, most guys who pay for dates aren’t actually creepy. The majority are very sweet.

      • Celia

        You can have your opinions, and I’ll have mine. You can’t claim rape because you regret the outcome AFTER the fact. This is why women who are actually raped often get overlooked, or disregarded. You can’t take your consent away afterwards. During, absolutely. After? No.

        If I have sex with someone who I believe is my boyfriend, and afterwards I find out he doesn’t agree, I can’t claim rape. My consent of sex was contingent on the fact that we were in a relationship. See how that doesn’t work?

      • Cate

        No, you can’t call rape because you regret the outcome, but you CAN call something rape if you were deliberately misled so that you would agree to sex.
        In your hypothetical scenario and the man in question had intentionally lied to you about whether he considered himself your boyfriend, specifically so that you would have sex with him when normally you wouldn’t have done so, it may not be rape, but it’s definitely in the same ballpark.

        That said, this isn’t a discussion about rape, it’s a discussion about whether or not money equals unconditional consent, which well, it doesn’t. Kim K agreed to accompany this man to the Vienna Opera Ball in exchange for $500, 000. She DID NOT consent to being groped and to believe otherwise is extremely damaging to sex workers, which Kim K almost is.

      • vegamaximus

        Almost? She exchanges sex tapes for fame, connect the dots.

      • Cate

        I’d say she doesn’t fully count as a sex worker because her sex tape was a one-time “leak,” rather than the beginning of an actual career.

      • vegamaximus

        She doesn’t need to, she has a perpetual fortune of residuals and revenue from the marketing of herself this way, if you could you would.

      • Cate

        Does that mean that any female celebrity who trades off her sex appeal is a sex worker? No, and to say otherwise is privilege erasure. The fact is, it’s perfectly socially acceptable for women, especially famous women, to sex their sex appeal but once they start actually selling sex in some form, that’s when they get side-eyed. This is why sex tapes like Kim K’s always have to be “leaked” instead of sold, and then not brought up again once the fuss dies down.

        That said, if I were that famous my personal brand would be a lot closer to a cross between Dita Von Teese and Annie Sprinkle, rather than Kim K.. The thing that irks me most about the Kardashians is not so much that they’re famous for nothing, though that is annoying, but that they don’t use their fame to say ANYTHING important.

      • vegamaximus

        Oh, sorry Celia, Cate’s here from the Equal Rights for Prostitutes Association.

      • Cate

        Are you implying that sex workers don’t deserve equal rights? If so, I’d really like to hear your reasoning behind that belief.

    • Alexandra

      Wow she’s dumb. What did she think the 500k was for exactly? It’s not like she has any “skill”? In other news, I want to know what the other “celebritutes” let this guy get away with!

    • Trista Casey

      I don’t like Kim, but I still think she deserves not to be harassed and groped, and she deserves not to be blamed for the treatment she got just because she got paid. We all deserve that level of respect. Even professional escorts. Even prostitutes. Even a Kardashian. Everybody.

    • Jenny

      If you don’t think this entire evening on her part from start to finish was a publicity stunt, you’re an idiot.

      • Jessica

        The guy who did this is actually a TV reporter. Black face is not uncommon in that part of Europe. There is video of a visibly uncomfortable Kim reacting to the other man who said n******* in Vienna. These are facts. Kim had nothing to do with it

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Sorry, I don’t feel the least bit sorry for her. She took $500,000 and didn’t even fulfill her obligation. I hope the gross old dude sues her to get it back.

      And if she wasn’t such a vapid dope, she would be more respected and if her fiance wasn’t such a joke, people wouldn’t mock him.

      By the way, this IS where Hitler was born and raised. And people are still surprised Austria produces racist jerks?

    • Jessica

      The Vienna ball and Richard Lugner invite an international celeb every year for publicity. She was not his escort but his guest of honor. He has invited oscar winning actresses, royalty and MALE actors. The media for some reason doesn’t want to mention people like Sophia Loren, Faye Dunaway, the duchess of York, Jacqueline Bisset and other high profile make actors have attended as his guest. Mira Sorvino went last year. People want to hate Kim for no reason so they twist everything she does negatively. She did nothing wrong. No one deserves to be harassed by racism

      • vegamaximus

        She was paid 500,000, please note where The Vienna ball and Richard Lugner pay the guests they invite this kind of money, I’ve never heard of that kinda money being paid to someone invited to an event who doesn’t plan on performing.

    • Sharon (BehindGreenEyes)

      Is she that hard up for cash?! Why would you agree to accept money to accompany some old fogey to a ball when you have a partner and baby at home?! My god….maybe Kris should have gone instead, she’s clearly addicted to cash. Disgusting!!

      • DreaTheGreat

        She’s hard up for trash, and nothing is trashier than wokring as an escort with a family at home for shits and giggles.

      • Cate

        Wow dude, the whorephobia here is just staggering. There are totally trashy sex workers, just like there are trashy people in all professions, but sex work in an of itself is not trashy, whether or not the worker in question has a family at home.

      • DreaTheGreat

        You clearly missed the part where I say for shits and giggles. Kim Kardashian has marketed herself as an object for quite a few years now, and that is a detriment to all women, wether they are sex workers or not. What I perceive here is someone who likes being for sale, for the sake of it. That is trashy. Just because I used the work escort and trashy in the same sentence doesn’t make my viewpoints whorephobic.
        Furthermore, this article is empty. No, I do not feel sorry for Kim Kardashian because she got a litle bit of reality on her dress. The reality that people of color face every day all over the world. Except that most of the rest of the world that has to deal with this doesn’t have a private jet tucked away to save them from such embarassment and deliver them back safely to the safety of the imaginary world they live in, where they don’t have to worry about judgements except for the ones that make them incredibly wealthy for zero merit.

    • Eileen

      I can’t blame her for going because I would probably pay half a million bucks, if I had it, to go to the Vienna Opera Ball. But yeah, that’s awkward and inappropriate.

      Why is Kris Jenner there, though?

      • vegamaximus

        Pimps are always near by their girls, to protect their investment.

    • NYCNanny

      If I was paid $500,000 to be someone’s date… I’d let them do anything they wanted to me. Lol.

      • vegamaximus

        No one get’s paid that amount of money and doesn’t see implications, I mean people plus one for free all the time, she get’s 500thou, she’s a prostitute and should be arrested for false advertisement, take it up with her pimp,um I mean mother.

    • drevulphd

      I guess Kanye doesn’t mind selling his future wife out for half a million, typical pimp. The real Kardashian family comes out they will do anything for money. HOOKER, HOOKER, HOOKER! I’m sure when Kanye stops paying for it she will leave him too!

    • Carascrows

      Nope, still not on her side. She sucks and she didn’t need that money anyway.