The Worst Dressed Of The 2014 Oscars Red Carpet Has Way Too Many Awesome People On It

Worst Dressed list of the Oscars 2014

The 86th Academy Awards was filled with beauty, glamour and all manner of splendor. It’s one of the most anticipated red carpets of the year because so many stars go for the gold, wearing floor-length couture gowns, crisp tuxes, and incredible, full dresses.

Sometimes, though, red carpet style misses the mark, like in the case of some of tonight’s stars–we even guessed who they might be beforehand. So, while we love Anna Kendrick, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence, their looks just weren’t quite up to par with the rest of ‘em.

And before somebody gets all sassy about the critiques, yes, I typed this from my bed while eating popcorn and I am probably ~*jus jealouz*~.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Normally I love Ireland Baldwin’s style–both on the red carpet and off–but this dress missed the mark from cut to fabric-choice.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

You know how sometimes, you’re in Forever 21 and you spot a dress across the room that looks amazing, then you get up close and realize why it has a $22.50 price tag? That is how I feel about Louise Roe‘s gown.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Ryan Seacrest is one of my favorite humans in the entertainment industry for no reason, so this deeply pains me. But he’s wearing Burberry here and he looks like he’s illustrating the difference between French vanilla and vanilla ice.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Kristin Chenoweth, just because you look like an Oscars statue doesn’t mean you get an Oscars statue.

Liza Minnelli Oscars 2014

Okay, I kind of hate Liza Minnelli‘s outfit because the fabric is awful, but I mostly hate it because I think the blue streak thing could’ve been awesome had she worn something coordinating rather than completely matching 100%.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

Cristin Milioti‘s dress is ill-fitting at its bodice and all its wrinkles don’t help.

Olga Oscars 2014

Did whomever sewed Olga Kurylenko‘s dress start at the bottom, then took 11 shots prior to finishing the top?

Kellen Lutz Oscars 2014

Is it weird that I’m annoyed with Kellen Lutz‘s pants because they don’t match his jacket fabric-wise?

Julia Roberts Oscars 2014

I love Julia Roberts so much and I really wanted to like this dress, but it looks so roughly cut and awkward.

Now, for some fleshy batwings, Anna Kendrick’s complicated lingerie dress and J Law’s peplum fail…

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    • elle

      Gotta disagree I loved Charlize’s dress! I also liked Julie Delpy’s dress but I can see that one being love it or hate it.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I want to like it because I do actually enjoy the idea of a Maleficent-themed dress but its bottom and sheer loose fabric drive me nuts!

      • elle

        Lol, I get that. And I definitely didn’t mean it as a critique, hope you didn’t take it that way! Fashion is super subjective. It was just my $.02

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh no girl! I always love hearing other people’s opinions, especially on fashion! :D

      • Elizabeth Licata

        I love the bottom and the sheerness, but the sheer illusion straps holding up the top make me ridiculously angry. They look like clear plastic bra straps. For a few years back around 2007, everyone I knew was making “strapless” dresses and then just use clear plastic bra straps to hold them up. But they are not invisible! Nor are they fooling anybody! Aaggh.

    • Ana

      Is it me or this year oscar red carpet is very boring.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I feel like the last couple years have been pretty tame–I remember them instituting a few rules on one red carpet. But I also think stars take fewer risks than before, thus resulting in less exciting Best Dressed lists and less awful Worst Dressed lists.

    • guest

      No shade, but how come John Legend and Chrissy Teigen were at the Oscars?

      • CMJ

        He curated the soundtrack for 12 Years a Slave.

      • guest

        Thank you! I did not know that.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      Oh, I loved Jennifer Lawrence’s dress!!!!!

      • Tinyfaeri

        Me too, I thought it fit her really well, and was a nice color for her. The necklace I could take or leave, but I loved the dress.

    • Maddie

      Aw, I thought Jennifer Lawrence’s dress was gorgeous and fit her nicely. Her hair on the other hand….
      I just want to see her wear that red calvin klein number ever year and I’ll be a happy camper.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oof, that CK dress was GORGEOUS.

    • LynnKell

      Pharrell wears bermuda suits and I still think he’s sexy ._.

    • Samantha

      I like that, aside from one or two stinkers, this was a strong enough red carpet that the worst-dressed list is really more of a “slightly missed the mark but still mostly lovely” list. Also, I’m glad to know I’m not alone in not being a fan of Charlize Theron’s dress. The weird “invisible” shoulder straps cheapen the Maleficent effect.

    • Elizabeth Aspen

      Forget the dresses, I’m just always astounded to see Z-list celebrities attending the Oscars and the after parties.

      • mrmr_

        anna kendrick and kellan lutz are from twilight lol

    • Chicagoshopper

      I don’t know you, but I disagree with almost everything you stated in this article. Fail.

      • Samantha Escobar

        I wouldn’t constitute disagreeing with a single reader’s opinions as failing, but to each her own!

    • Ana Margarida Guilherme

      I agree with all, except Louise Roe. She looks stunning!!