Photoshop Of Horrors: This Lingerie Model’s Bra Looks Like It Was Painted On


This Photoshop disaster makes us wonder why we even bother wearing clothes when it would be so much more convenient to just run around naked and draw underpants right on our skin. Apparently this website agrees with us, because that is what it is selling.

At first glance, this image seemed surprisingly un-Photoshopped for an online lingerie retailer. The model’s skin looks a little bit plastic around the face and décolletage, but the skin on her body actually looks like that of a normal person. (A very tan, fit normal person, but still a normal person.) But while we applaud the light hand taken on the model’s body, we cannot forgive this retailer for the fact that the model’s $47 bra looks like it was drawn on with a copy of MS Paint.

This reminds us of that lady who painted bathing suits on her kids’ Barbie dolls so they would never be naked. The never nude Barbies were equally silly, and their paint jobs were about equally well applied.

“Who else really, really wants to see the original version of this?” wrote PS Disasters. But an eagle-eyed commenter found the original image, and it turns out the model wasn’t naked at all. She was wearing a white wireless push-up bra top by TOMgirl that someone decided to just re-color in Photoshop. They did it in black and beige, neither of which gives a prospective customer any idea of what the bra would look like in those colors, which is a shame because otherwise it actually looks like a pretty comfortable piece of lingerie.

The weird thing is that if the model was already on set and standing in front of a camera, it wouldn’t have taken 10 minutes to have her throw on a different color to shoot the image again. Drawing the whole bra on in Photoshop can’t have been a big time saver, and it makes us much less likely to want to spend money on something based on a picture from the Internet.

Photo via One Squat Shop

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      Hey, there’s no such thing as bad press really, and thank you for linking to my site! TOMGirl is a hit or miss sports bra. Amanda got her start through designing a bra for pregnant women. Love it or hate it, she’s an entrepreneurial woman who sells mostly through Etsy, so female power there. She probably doesn’t have the resources to pay for professional models to try on every new style, so give her some credit for figuring out Photoshop in the first place!

      BUT, while you’re on the site check out some of our better sports bras: