Fashion Disasters: Katy Perry Is Trolling Us With This Hideous McDonald’s Uniform By Moschino


We are shaking our tiny fists at Katy Perry for being the first pop star to wear Jeremy Scott‘s ugly new McDonald’s themed Moschino collection on the red carpet.

At a press conference with Girls Generation in Japan, Katy Perry didn’t even cherry-pick one or two signature elements from Scott’s first Moschino collection, which we really hated when it debuted at Milan Fashion Week a week ago. She just grabbed the loudest and most instantly recognizable items off the runway and gave it a go.

It’s a difficult look to make one’s own, and the great Anna Dello Russo has already taken this look out for a spin, which means it’s on its last legs for novelty value. Anyone wearing this from now on will just be third or fourth in line. “Oh, like Katy Perry.”

We were actually a bit surprised Perry didn’t wear this earlier, but Jeremy Scott’s runway show did not seem like a good experience for her. She showed up to the event 90 minutes late, having held up all the photographers and editors in the building, and was subsequently booed by all the photographers she kept waiting. Then Scott made her walk the runway in an ill-fitting satin sheath dress that made her look like she’d been stuffed in a polyester sausage casing. The whole thing was unfortunate.

Actually, that disaster makes this fashion faux pas a bit better by comparison. As corny, one-note, and unflattering as this is, it’s not half as bad as the dress she had to wear on the Moschino runway. At least this one fits. But that’s faint praise, and standing next to Girls Generation we can’t shake the impression of how much she looks like their momager. We half expect her to tell the girl next to her to stand up straight for the cameras.

But as much as we hate the giant Moschino sweatshirt and the doofy little hair bow and the corny McDonald’s bag, we were surprised to find that the styling is the worst part about this outfit. Sheer black pantyhose are not welcome back yet, not even if paired with an $821 sweater and a $1,200 McDonald’s theme Chanel flap bag.

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    • elle

      Why Katy, why? Also, why does she appear that she is being followed around by a harem? Is she pulling a Gwen Stefani? I hope not.

      • elle

        Ha ha never mind. Rereading the article I see why there is a gaggle of girls around. It’s days like these I wish I would sign up for disqus. Instead the fact that I skim articles is forever known.

      • Guest

        Fuck you, that is Girls Generation the biggest girl group in south korea and quite possibly the world, don’t call them harem you jerkoff

      • Eejhat Wahs

        Excuse me but that is girls generation the biggest girl group in south korea and quite possibly the world not “harem”, don’t be rude and ignorant!!!!

      • elle

        I am ignorant as to who girls generation is, you’re right. But a definition of “harem” is a group of female followers. I wasn’t using it in a sexual term. I’m sorry you read it that way.

    • loser_sneeze

      You can tell Katy is uncomfortable. Look how she’s standing and her foot placement. All of her body language screams “I don’t want to be here.” Although if I were wearing a giant McDonald’s sweater dress I would probably want to run away as well.

    • brian ~

      Girls’ Generation !

    • Eejhat Wahs

      She must be really lucky to be able to stand next to Girls Generation :)

    • Sarah Penny

      My drawer full of sheer black pantyhose feels that not all black pantyhose should be represented by a pair that chooses to associate itself with a McDonald’s sweater dress