Jennifer Lawrence Shows Off Her Arm Fat Like A Freaking Badass In Mesmerizing Oscar Vine

86th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsJennifer Lawrence did her usual bit on The Oscars red carpet, tripping the moment she exited her car and out-Lawrencing herself with being down-to-earth. Well, not to be outdone by herself, she added an extra bit of J Law to the whole affair–waving at the adoring masses and paparazzi and then showcasing her upper arm fat for the world to see.

Regardless of my mixed feelings about Jennifer Lawrence’s brand of body acceptance, I think this is pretty hilarious and awesome. Given just how much time, anxiety, dieting, money, and energy goes into looking completely perfect at the Oscars, it’s refreshing to see somebody be like “this is all fake!” It’s easy to get caught up in the onslaught of visual perfection, and so this was a nice break.

This Vine (that I’m watching on repeat–it’s completely mesmerizing) reminds me that regardless of how perfect a person appears to be (her arms look like they fit the conventional beauty norm to me), everyone has fat and parts that move in ways we’re told is ugly. Nobody, and I mean nobody, fits the beauty standard totally, and that doesn’t make her or her arms any less gorgeous. Way to go, Jennifer Lawrence.

Photo: Getty Images

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      I’m sure that there are conspiracy theorists at work right now talking about how her fall on the carpet was staged. I love that she isn’t afraid to be goofy at award shows.

      • JLH1986

        That would be a terrible conspiracy. Who falls getting out of the car? If she was going to fall it should be on stage again!

    • Lindsey Conklin

      glorious! I also love that she was so excited about the pizza! haha go JLAW

    • Dana Simmons

      Surely you realize that most of that is not fat but relaxed muscle. Given the motion she is performing, it will flap in the same way, and since it does not flap initially (when her triceps is flexed) it is definitely mostly muscle.

      • Kaitlin Reilly

        I thought the same thing, but that’s not a good or bad thing.

    • afrodite

      lovvvvvvvvvvvvve her!!! xxxx