• Tue, Mar 4 - 1:02 pm ET

What Your Favorite 2014 Oscars Dress Says About You


Sunday night’s Academy Awards were about more than beautiful dresses and honoring the best contributions to film in 2013; they were about you.

Oscars dresses are a Rorschach test for your soul. What you see in one tells you everything there is to know about your past, present, and future. (On a good day, we can give some pretty good investment tips for your next reincarnation.) Here is what your favorite 2014 Oscars dress says about you.

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  • Lindsey Conklin

    LUPITA!!!!!!!! and the description is strangely accurate

  • Alene

    Toss-up for me between Lupita and Cate. Both accurate.

  • Wow


  • anna

    Lupita is my favorite and semi accurate, I like kerry’s fine but a very accurate description.

  • elle

    Toss up for me both loving the dress and description wise between Cate and Penelope (but sub knitting for cross stitch)

  • Titania

    Lupita and Sandra. Either true.