This Video Of Shirtless Male Models Rapping With Cats Wins The Entire Internet

You guys, we can probably all just say goodbye to work for today, because Cosmopolitan has officially won the entire Internet with its new video, “Cats + Abs.”

It is exactly what it sounds like, and yet so much more. The shirtless male models are not just playing with kittens, they are rapping about kittens.

“Fancy Feast,

chest, abs, obliques.

They’re so prrrrfect.

Say meow to me”

This is easily the cutest and the sexiest thing we have ever seen. The fact that this video is only two and a half minutes long is a tragedy. We could watch hot, shirtless guys dancing around with fuzzy baby kittens all damn day. (We are definitely going to just be watching this video all day. Sorry work, not sorry.)


We especially like the model in the back who is too busy petting the kittens to remember to dance.

The kittens in the video are available for adoption from the NY Humane Society. When we figure out how to adopt the male models, we will let you know. (That is a lie, we will keep them for ourselves.)

(Video: Cosmopolitan)

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    • Lindsey Conklin


    • Crayzcheshire

      I love how the guys know how ridiculous it is! And the guy in the back looks so bashful, it’s really adorable.

    • HolyShet

      This is so damn awesome. #instantfan

    • Amanda

      You know you have an addiction to yarn when the fact that they called a skein a ball distracts you from hot shirtless men dancing with adorable kittens. I mean, balling that skein would’ve taken like 10 minutes and would’ve looked better. Just sayin’. But this video is otherwise purrrrrrrrfect.