All The Ways You Can Tell Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss’ Road Trip Is A PR Stunt

taylor swift karlie kloss road trip

For reasons defying logic of any kind, Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss took a road trip up the coast of California yesterday wearing matching turtlenecks, hair cuts, and insouciance. It was, quite obviously, heavily Instagrammed. It was also a shameless crock and will almost certainly result in some sort of turtleneck sponsorship, or was even orchestrated by Swift in her never ending quest for attention. There’s simply no way that this was a real thing that two friends did together, and I am ready to lay out my evidence for your judgement.

Exhibit A

This is the closest shot to a “driving” shot that the ladies produced. Are you going to tell me that one of them was driving and they didn’t take a picture? I have taken many road trips in my day, and every single one came with at least one photo of somebody driving. Obviously, neither Swift nor Kloss were driving on this trip, meaning at the very least, a driver was with them. That’s not a road trip so much as being driven somewhere to look nice.

Exhibits B-G

Who’s taking these photos? These six shots definitively could not have been taken by Kloss or Swift. In case you’re thinking self timer, refer to the two photos of the subjects jumping. There’s just no way. In addition to the driver, there was clearly a photographer present (although theoretically, that could be the same person).

Exhibit H

There are far too many outfit changes for this to be a plausible road trip. Both Kloss and Swift seem to have endless sweaters and coats worn in different pictures. I wonder how they fit them all in the backseat with the photographer’s equipment.

Exhibit I

I can’t help but bring your attention to the fact that Swift had a similar beach photo shoot with Lorde less than one month ago, in which neither of them took the shot and they also wore matching outfits.

Thusly, I present an alternative theory to this fun gals’ day: Swift is staking out young starlets and ambushing them for “friendship.” She lures them into a car full of professional photographers, stylists, and friendship counselors, all with the intention of documenting an extra special female friendship-filled experience. At the end of the day, the lured victim is returned to her home, slightly confused and unsure as to how her Instagram suddenly has new, highly stylized and professionally shot photos. I rest my case.

Photos: Instagram

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    • flying777

      No, Not a PR stunt, photos taken by her security team. Looks like they had a fun time.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Photos taken by her security team hardly rules out a PR stunt.

      • Elizabeth Aspen

        I don’t get why you even care.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I get paid to care! For non-Taylor Swift goof posts, check out my personal diary.

    • Crayzcheshire

      If only I had someone to take all those super cute jumping/looking/wandering photos :/ jelly

      • Julia Sonenshein

        I know, staged or not it looks like fun.

    • Lindsey Conklin

      I’m guilty of liking all these pics on insta haha

      • Julia Sonenshein

        HA it takes a strong person to own up to that so hats off to you!

    • Alyssa

      She has a bodyguard with her who most probably took all these photos. There is a very crazy stalker (with a restraining order) of Taylor’s on the loose so it makes sense that she would have someone from her security team with her. This article on the other hand seems like a cry for attention. Why even waste time writing an article based on ridiculous speculation simply to hate Taylor Swift?

      • Julia Sonenshein

        You know, you’re totally right, I did forget about the stalker thing. But obviously she has security detail with her all the time–that’s hardly surprising.

        Also, please pay attention to me.

      • QuietDanTN

        Ms Taylor is a planner to the Nth degree. And, I think, much smarter than you or me. Perhaps a bit of misdirection. There are no pictures for the Taylor Swift stalker story; now we have a different story, with pictures, to feed the beast and scratch the media’s itch for a Taylor Swift story.

        This little bit of direction — mis-direction, also means no story about her ongoing friendship with Ed Sheeran, hiding in plain sight, often present as a friend, and carefully never photographed as a lover.

        Ed and Taylor attend the same parties, and yet are not photographed as a couple; there’s always a third party in the picture. They attend the same award show, and Ed is in the chair behind Taylor instead of the chair next to her. It’s possible that Ed is on this trip as well, but the photos are with Taylor and Karlie. This gives Ed and Taylor time to grow closer even under searing, constant, media attention.

        Long Long Live Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville. Here’s to wishing her much personal happiness and her heart’s desire.

      • Hailey

        Ed was doing promo in LA all day. He even had a listening party for some people that same day. Sorry, but the “Invisible Cat” as you call it is not Ed. It’s more than likely her bodyguard, who also took the photos of Taylor and Lorde at the beach:

      • QuietDanTN

        Thanks for the intel! Well, if it wasn’t Ed, it oughta be. Best wishes always to Ms Swift. Long Long Live Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville.

    • Alexis Rhiannon

      This theory always. I think she emails ahead and tells friends what to wear on playdates. Everyone was in red white and blue at her 4th of July party last year, she and Demi Lovato both went as dowdy lace dowagers on an antiquing run, and any time she goes out with Hailee Steinfeld, they might be fashion-twins. It’s pretty obvious.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        THANK YOU. This is all fantastic evidence.

      • Justin Jacobs

        “Everyone was in red white and blue at her 4th of July party” EVERYONE IS IN RED WHITE AND BLUE THAT GOES TO 4TH OF JULY PARTIES. Fuck the length that people go to to try to pick apart every damn thing that this girl does is astonishing to me. She hasn’t dated anyone in over a year so lets try to say she fakes all of her friendships! She was with Karlie Friday and Saturday at parties during Oscars weekend and the only evidence is photos taken with fans/one model posted one. She has hung out with Karlie since the VSFS and there was no photo evidence of that. Maybe this is exactly what it seems like, two twenty something girls going a trip together and taking a lot of pictures! Shit, my girlfriend and sister went to California last summer and posted way more pictures than this. Maybe if I show you the pictures you can write an article about how that was a PR stunt too.

      • AlarTruve

        You better stan Crushable. All those knowledge of her different outings.

    • Daniella Sloane Alberts

      this is weird.

    • Claire

      I like Taylor, I really do but sometimes I feel like she collects friends the same way Buffalo Bill collected women’s skin. Just saying.

    • Barbara

      I’m still trying to understand your point here. So what? She’s hanging out with a Victoria’s Secret model and they both claim to be close friends and that’s it. If she’s really just an attention seeker who pretends to be friends with someone so that people will like and talk about her, well she’s obviously doing it right because you just wrote an entire article trying to prove how much of an attention seeker she is. Good job.

      • Julia Sonenshein

        Thanks for saying I did a good job!

      • Sarah

        I really do not like this article or understand why it was even written. I dislike Taylor Swift and have no feelings at all towards Karlie Kloss, and I still think this post is a waste of time and comes off as catty. The gloss used to have excellent bloggers, but now I feel the only good posts are from Sam. At least some of the other bloggers would respond to criticism like adults and respected other peoples opinions. Julia’s response above (Thanks for saying I did a good job!) is just disheartening and annoying. I also don’t really see all the supposed wardrobe changes….What is freakin’ point here really?

      • Stop Talking

        Why do you have to be so sassy just because people don’t like your article? Really your complaining that other people don’t have evidence to prove against your claim of this trip being a PR stunt. But honestly, what (legitimate) evidence do you have that it is? None. This entire article is based off of YOUR personal opinion. In MY opinion, articles like this should have at least some proof other than that they like to wear “matching” clothes and somebody else allegedly took their picture. Big whoop.

      • del la

        Barbara, I agree..
        She’s obviously snooping on Taylor’s social media accounts or googling her name to know that she took a road trip with Karlie. I wonder if she scrutinizes Beyoncé, Rihanna’s or other celebrities Social Media postings? or is just reserved for Taylor? Who would of thought that four photos of two young women having fun could get so much snark.

    • CherHorowitz

      She’s weird enough to do it! Then again, you have a model and a pop star hanging out, and of course they’re gonna be obsessed with looking cute for the camera. I have friends who will genuinely photograph every stupid moment of their lives, and they’re not famous in any way.

    • dani

      Duh, you don’t have to be very smart to understand that this photos were taken by her bodyguard that is 24/7 with her

    • Rilla

      Every good hiker packs layers of clothes shirt, sweater, turtle neck, jacket please forgive the young ladies for being prepared for cold weather. Plus they probably took 100′s of photos they just decided to share a few and didn’t happen to share one of them driving….. so you can’t 100% confirm that they weren’t driving.

    • not-so-small-mercies

      Well, here’s the proof I needed that Kloss & Swift are actually two different people. Thanks Internet!

      • elharbeson

        I agree alto I became
        convinced when I saw them both on stage at the Victoria Secret show. Before
        that I thought they may be one attractive young lady with a talent for
        writing/singing songs and being a model. After the VS show I knew they were 2
        people. One who can sing and write music, and has the looks to be a model and
        one who is one of the top 10 models in the world. While I can understand why
        the writer of this wants to draw attention to her self as she is utterly without
        talent (and should try to hide that fact rather then broadcasting it to the
        world). Neither of these two young women need a PR STUNT as there are hundreds
        of stories about them every day, most like this one complete fabrications.

    • truth hurtz

      They are lovers … can’t you tell? I’m no fool.

    • truth hurtz

      Shes obiously givin up on guys.. as you can see here karlie gets busy with other females.. do sum research. You’ll figure it out.

    • QuietDanTN

      Who’s taking the pictures? I’d like to think it’s Ed Sheeran. It’s the romantic in me.

    • QuietDanTN

      Not a PR stunt. Seriously.

      More likely: A way to change the subject for this week’s Taylor Swift story. Just about anything that Taylor Swift does, including, simply going to a dance studio for a workout, gets covered. If she’s not doing something in a week, the press makes something up. You’ve got to feed the beast.

      Her management team filed a restraining order against a stalker this week, It made the news. The illustrious Ms Taylor Swift is known to enjoy road trips and forest hikes, and the pictures make for a much better story than the restraining order story, which has no pictures. Not a PR stunt, a change of topic.

      Long Long Live Taylor Alison Swift, Princess of Nashville.

    • AlarTruve

      And somebody obviously hacked Karlie´s Instagram account and posted those on her behalf.

      Swift in her never ending quest for attention? Taylor posts on Twitter/instagram like once a week or even less frequently while most other celebs do it daily. So kind of a moot point, no?

      About those photos… Taylor just got a restraining order against a very creepy stalker who threatened to kill her and her family. Obviously she needs to have bodyguards present everywhere in this kind of situation. Bodyguards who are perfectly capable of taking photos of them. Btw did you even report that horrible story of Taylor being stalked by this lunatic? Or was this prone for symphaty too much? After all all these celebs are good for is hate. Especially disgusting when sites like this one advocate woman on woman hate. The World is full of sexism as it is….

      I rest my case.

      • Rachel

        Yeah, I’ll never understand people who say she’s on a never ending quest for attention. For a person as famous as she is, she doesn’t do a lot of press, she doesn’t tweet that much, she doesn’t do that many interviews. If she wanted more attention, she could easily have it.

        And also, she’s a celebrity. Wanting attention comes with the territory. If I was famous, I’d think people cared about my road trip with a model too!

        Plus, she doesn’t need more PR. What is the endgame of this PR? This does nothing to help her image.

    • MellyG

      I’m not a Taylor fan, i really dislike her. But this theory is kind of hilarious – why would she make it up? To what end is this a PR stunt? Also, i’ve never taken a pic of someone driving……and i’ve done road trips across the country so that’s not really “proof”. Neither is the changing clothes, if they are on a road trip they have an entire car to pack with clothes….

    • Savannah

      You do realize that Taylor is with a bodyguard 24/7. Also, they probably didn’t post every single picture from their trip so there is a chance one of them is driving. But Taylor doesn’t often drive because if she gets in one little fender bender she would be a prime target for being sued. But, anyway, there must not be a lot of stories out there right now if you have to wrote about why a road trip might be a PR stunt. Get some real stories about important things instead of dissecting every detail of Taylor Swift’s life.

    • Tired of This

      Or they are friends but because they are both celebrities, everything is also an opportunity at PR. Saying it’s “only” PR just shows how unwilling the media is to believe famous girls can really be friends. Why are we saying this is fake – when they both say they love each other – when we should be supportive of positive female friendships? Oh wait, because cattiness is more fun. Ugh.

    • Rosegardens

      Taylor and Karlie are good friends now. I remember Karlie saying at the Victoria’s Secret Show she wanted to become good friends with her. Just because Taylor puts pics on twitter doesn’t mean it’s a pr stunt.