Brilliant New Calling Cards Give Plus-Size Shoppers A Great Way To Let Stores Know They’re Losing Money


There aren’t many good, cute clothing options for plus-size shoppers out there, but it’s hard to imagine clothing companies are intentionally avoiding all the sweet, sweet, money they have to spend. So one brilliant shopper has come up with a clever “calling card” system to let stores know when exactly they are losing money that plus-size shoppers would have given them.

In a story for XO Jane, Nicole Skews said she came up with the idea for “The Clothes Calling Card” as a way for shoppers to let stores know when they’ve lost money by not stocking larger sizes.

“I’m young, I have a full-time job, I’m financially irresponsible. It shouldn’t be this hard for me to buy clothes!” one of Skews’ friends lamented.

And she’s absolutely right, it shouldn’t be hard for her to find clothes.

So Skews came up with the calling card, which is a printable card that says

Please let me give you money.

If you had things in size X   ,

I would have spent $     .

The cards can either be handed to a salesperson or manager at the store, put near the clothes the shopper wanted to buy, or posted to a retailer’s website or Facebook page.

For the most part, Skews says stores have been positive about the feedback.

“The calling card is a positive thing,” she says. “It’s saying, ‘Hey, I like you. I like your clothes, and I would have spent X amount of money here, but I can’t fit into them!’ — not, ‘Screw you for not stocking my size!’”

The campaign seems like a brilliant way to raise awareness and let stores know that there are customers waiting to spend money on their products.

The lack of good, fashionable plus-size clothing on the market has always saddened us, but it has also confused us from an economic standpoint. There is an enormous demand for plus-size fashion, and it’s growing. If we were looking for a venture in which to invest, we’d be looking for a company that made cute clothes in larger sizes. So why don’t companies make more cute plus-size options? Don’t they know how many potential customers want to give them money?

This calling card campaign seems like a great way to tell them.

The cards can be downloaded over at The Clothes Calling Card.

(Photo: Facebook/The Clothes Calling Card)

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    • Sarah Hollowell

      Oh man I love this. Our local Target stopped stocking plus-sized clothes and I’ve been really angry about it, and now I just want to leave a bunch of those cards around.

      • Guest

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      • Alishmcmalish Dayum

        If you do do that, at least don’t throw them everywhere. People have to clean up that shit and it won’t endear your plight to anyone, it’ll just make people who already hate their terribly paid job hate you too.

      • KetchumResident

        Apparently it’s just a supply glitch across all Targets. More are coming.

    • Alyssa

      This really isn’t going to help anyone if you leave these cards with sales people or managers that work for a large corporation. I work at a retail store that doesn’t sell plus size clothes. I get women in everyday complaining about it. The most I can do about it is write a letter to the company, if I talk to my managers they don’t care. Giving these cards to sales people is just a shitty way of reminding us that not only do we work a job with crap pay, but the company we work for is crappy too. Address the corporation. Not the people they employ through minimum wage.