Photoshop Of Horrors: This Target Bikini Model Is Full Of Terrifying Bone Spurs


Target‘s leopard print bikini from Xhilaration is not an uncute garment, but the Photoshop hack job used to display it is one of the worst we’ve ever seen.

Whoever went after this poor model with their saws and scissors and other horrifying thinning tools combines two of the worst Photoshop sins possible: Fetishization of skinniness, and overt incompetence at image editing.

The Photoshopper was so desperate to make this model look skinny that he or she wound up making her look like a Lovecraftian horror assembled together out of ill-fitting puzzle pieces. Her shoulder appears to have been made more angular, but no longer quite fits on her body. A pointy spur of sharp flesh juts out under her armpit, where her ribcage has been narrowed without any thought of how it should attach to the rest of her. At the hip, another sharp fragment juts upwards as though she’s a Star Trek alien with sexy hip ridges.


The close-up of the bikini bottoms is particularly horrifying, because not only did the Photoshopper just lop a big chunk out of her vagina to make her legs longer and thigh gap more extreme, he thinned her arm so much that her hand looks like a big, floppy, outsized appendage waiting for amputation. Her left thigh is also significantly bigger than her right, which has been thinned so haphazardly that she has freaky little finger teeth growing out of it.

Neither we nor the Photoshop experts over at PS Disasters can tell what was wrong with her right hand that someone thought could be repaired by just lopping her fingers off at the knuckles, but it can’t possibly have been worse than this.

(Photo: Target)

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    • Kaitlin Reilly

      Perhaps the most obvious giveaway of this photo other than the bikini is that awkward shadow underneath her armpit. It could have been edited in Paint.

    • Karen

      Holy crap. Why would they publish this? It’s horrifying and comically awful.

    • Andrea

      Yeah.. usually you guys over-sensationalize these things. But this person should be fired.

    • Alexis H

      It’s like a before and after all in one image.

    • Crayzcheshire

      oh my… this is soo bad that it’s actually really funny!

    • jeanie jay

      I got to the second half of the photo and curled into a ball at the horror of it all.

    • Rob Mulligan

      Drunk or high or wanted to quit/get fired in a blaze of glory.
      Not even the most pathetic amateur could do that.