We Need Interns! Are You A Good Candidate?

Our editorial team (The Gloss, Mommyish, Crushable, and Blisstree) needs interns. Are you the right person to come hang out with us and do some blogging?

We’re looking for smart ladies to start in late May/early June. Your responsibilities will include writing posts (and getting bylines), doing research, assembling slideshows, covering events, and some pretty light office administrative work. You’ll be expected to use Tumblr, Google+, Twitter and Hootsuite, so knowledge of those is a big plus. Again, you will be doing real writing and real work; we won’t waste your time by making you a coffee steward like the above dog. However, that means you’ll have to be good at writing. And good at funny.

The ideal candidate is punctual, flexible, and smart, with excellent writing skills and a good sense of humor.

Oh. And, yes, this is that rarest of beasts: a paid internship.

Read through this slideshow and if you sound like our next Batgirl (or Robin!), shoot Samantha an e-mail: samantha [dot] escobar [at] alloydigital.com (note this spectacular spam-proof spelling out of Sam’s e-mail) by March 21st. Your first assignment is to use this exact subject line in your email: I WANT THIS EDITORIAL INTERNSHIP. Show us you can follow instructions! Please include a resume, a few Gloss-appropriate pitches, a cover letter and 2 writing samples. Your cover letter is a 3rd writing sample to show off your skills, personality and how well you fit into our site’s voice–so please, no “what I learned on my summer vacation” type of stuff. We want to know why we should hire you!

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    • Cee

      I actually have yet to do an internship for my grad program. I want to so hard, but I HIGHLY doubt theyd be savvy with me doing it in NYC. Goddamit! And my job contract is about to end, too. :( It would have been perfect!

      • http://thegloss.com/ Ashley Cardiff

        DUDE. You know we’d hire you, too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar


    • http://www.facebook.com/sameurysm Samantha Escobar

      We are again now!

    • Holly

      I’m old and unfunny and sometimes terrible at writing. However, I do a really good impression of a dog holding a cup of coffee on my head. Virtually, of course. From the Midwest.

      • Holly

        Ten months later and this is still true, just in case that matters.

    • Kieronpollard
    • Julia Sonenshein

      We are currently!

    • Misenhammer

      Clearly, you need an Arkansan viewpoint. And never mind that no one cares about Arkansas and also that most people forget that it’s a state.

    • Aaron Lynch

      >We’re looking for smart ladies
      WOW, way to put the totally illegal sexual discrimination right in the job listing. Maybe you guys should have an intern write your job postings so you don’t get sued.

    • collegestudent

      This Sounds Perfect!! I can only do a month and half for winter break, Is that a possibility? I go to school in Albany But live so close to the city otherwise. When will you start looking for Summer Interns?

    • Katlyn

      This is more than a summer internship, correct? I am a Ph.D. student in English and would LOVE this opportunity, but would not be able to stay on in New York past June without changing career paths more immediately than anticipated. Which I would be tempted to do if I got this position, however.

    • sk8trboi0518

      I’m still in high school, do I qualify?

      • Samantha Escobar

        No, sorry!

    • FemelleChevalier

      But I LIKE making coffee for everyone and/or balancing said coffee (mug or styrofoam) atop my head in my spare time. You won’t waste my time at all, I promise.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh my goodness do you know how impressed I would be if an applicant whipped out some coffee and just sat there, giving her interview with it on her head? Impressed and slightly worried about burns, rather.

      • FemelleChevalier

        And I will gladly do it, although I draw the line with hot coffee on my first interview. I don’t want to look weird with steam rising from my head; it’s unprofessional. I’ll reserve it when I get the job.

        On a serious note, it’s really too bad that I’m out of the country. I would love to apply. Good luck with your search. :)

      • Samantha Escobar

        You seem so rad! But enjoy your time abroad sans-coffee hat and thanks so much! :D

    • Sam Hall

      I want to have the most perfect application EVER, but I’m confused by what you mean when you say “Gloss-appropriate pitches.” Are you looking for some general article ideas or in-depth outlines?

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh hooray! Can’t wait to see it:) By “Gloss-appropriate pitches,” we mean article titles and ideas that you might find out our website. Post ideas that our in our site’s voice (but also show your point of view and personality)! Does that make sense?

      • Sam Hall

        Yes! Thank you!

    • Ollie_Cat

      What are your age restrictions? I would love to do this!!!

      • Samantha Escobar

        18+ to apply!

    • cdubbus

      That dog is great