Seeing Victoria Beckham Working Out In Heels Will Make You Feel Lazier Than Ever

Victoria Beckham exercises like a multitasking alien. Victoria Beckham does everything like an extremely tiny, efficient superhero, and the workout selfie she just posted proves she does not work out like any human being we know.

We already suspected Victoria Beckham had more hours in the day than we do, but perhaps she just manages to create that illusion by being the best there is at multitasking. While most of us would be hard pressed to work and exercise at the same time, Beckham manages to do it in 9” stiletto heels.

“Every office should have one of these,” she Tweeted alongside the photo of her at the treadmill desk. “Work out and work at the same time!! Genius!!”

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves for working at a standing desk, but once again Victoria Beckham has found a way to make us feel inadequate. We were just standing in place like a lazy sucker, while Beckham is raking in millions while remaining in peak cardiovascular shape.

The treadmill desk she’s standing on appears to belong to Condé Nast College in London, where she was taking part in a Q&A panel with principal Susie Forbes, another high-powered woman in fashion. Does having it all mean having perfect balance, too?

As an experiment, we decided to write this post while slowly marching in place to see if Beckham’s method would do well for us. It turns out marching is not at all conducive to blogging. Typos are far more common, and it feels like most of our brain is occupied with not falling over and faceplanting on the edge of the desk.

This does not seem like an area of work we are ready to lean into.

(Photo: Twitter/Victoria Beckham)

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    • Lindsey Conklin

      WHAT! this is ridiculous!

    • ashleyvan

      This is awesome! I’ve had a treadmill desk for 8 months now and love it! I can’t believe she uses one and even better, I think it’s the same as mine! See: I’m so excited to read this!

    • CaitlinCorsetti

      Who does she think she is, Mariah Carey?!

    • Frances Locke

      I am totally getting one of these, though I doubt I have the balance to walk on it in stilettos. I’m the type of person who falls UP the stairs, so I think trying this would end in epic failure.

    • Stephanie Grandeur

      hahahaha I work at a stand up desk too and started doing *squats.. hahahahah what an inspiring photo.

    • Nancy

      I think she was just wearing heels for the picture? Working out in heels seems like it would be bad for your alignment?