Open Thread: What’s The Longest You’ve Ever Had Your Period?

Longest period

Hey guys, Sam here. Ready to hit TMI City, population: The Gloss? Well, I’ll cut right to the chase: I’m on day 12 of my period and I want want to destroy my entire reproductive system.

Now, I have thoroughly enjoyed finding out stuff about you folks using these open threads, such as your best advice for those looking to give someone the key to their “back door” or exact specifications of what is considered weird sex talk. But now, I need to know something different. This is a potentially totally weird question, I know, but it is nearly the weekend and I have had this thing since the f’ing Oscars were on and I am just so completely over it.

I realize that having my period for this long sounds dangerous, but it has actually always been pretty lengthy, so I am not actually worried about it. It is just incredibly annoying and inconvenient and oh my god, I’m so sleepy. For years, it lasted approximately 10 – 12 days, whereas nowadays it is usually somewhere between 8 – 10, though it actually has been even shorter lately. The longest was some years ago during college when it took a full 21 days to subside. 21 days. By the end of it, I felt like I had just starred in the world’s most anticlimactic horror film.

So, yeah. That brings me to my very personal, potentially inappropriate question: what is the longest you have ever had your period?

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    • Hayley Hoover

      Horrifying story time! 20 days. I had to go to the hospital.

      • Samantha Escobar

        Oh noooo that is terrible! :(

    • Samantha Escobar

      21 days, like I said up there (but I figured I should come clean ;D )

    • Eve Vawter

      Haha! SERIOUSLY? about 3 months. Then I stopped and had a nice two day vacation. Then it started again. Then I got an ablation, and I had a nice break for about 3 days. Then it started again, and then I almost fainted and went to the ER and got blood transfusions and was hospitalized for a few days. And then I had a lovely hysterectomy performed by a robot and I haven’t bled for over a year and it is THE BEST.

      • Samantha Escobar

        oh my good god

      • Eve Vawter

        yeah my period got really messed up for a few years. I was always anemic and by the time I went in to the ER they were like UM YOU COULD DIE ANY MINUTE it was scary.

      • Samantha Escobar

        OH my god what the what?!?!?! :( That makes me so sad.

    • CMJ

      I was thought I would try to “skip” my period with the NuvaRing. NOPE. Spotted for almost a month.

    • kp

      5 months, 3 week gap and now it’s started again….

    • paisley

      I tried depo-provera in college and got my period for six months straight. I don’t even have words for how awful it was.

    • Katie Crosby

      20 Days. Admittedly somewhere between spotting and serious, but definitely enough that I couldn’t really enjoy the week long vacation sandwiched in the middle.

    • name

      oh my god, that is terrifying. i didn’t realize how lucky i am – mine only tend to go about for three days, then skip a day, then go for one more.

    • echo7341

      Damnnnnnn. And here I was feeling sorry for myself. Longest I’ve ever had a period was for almost 2 weeks every single month for a couple years (first got my period when I was 12). After that, it was exactly one week until I got on birth control when I was 17. Then it went until about 5 days. When I switched to a better b/c it was 3-4 days at most, very light (thank god that they started making light tampons) and sometimes I even skipped a month! But it started to not work so effectively and I was pretty much spotting for almost a month straight, which was annoying.

    • Monty

      I don’t even know…there was one time when my body just decided the hormones in the pill weren’t working and I bled for a month and a half straight, and then had only a few days of non-bleeding the month before. It was awful and the receptionist at the doctor made fun of me when I told them!

    • Alicia

      Eight months… Stupid depo shot. I kept thinking ‘today will be the last day’. Finally got off the shot and then I didn’t have a period for a few months. Well deserved break!

    • kmd

      For about a year, I was 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. The on was heavy. I am surprised I was not anemic!

    • Daniella Cortez Alvarez

      Three months. It was terrible. A combination of birth control and stress apparently made my hateful uter freak out and decide to just steady dribble blood for three. full. months. No breaks. Just constant. Every time I asked my doctor about it she told me it was just my body regulating to the new birth control. At almost the three month mark I made the executive decision to stop taking that birth control, and lo and behold! Two weeks later the red tide subsided. Since then the hateful uter and I are on a pretty steady 3-5 schedule now which works well for both of us. It gets to keep living in my body and I get to wear light colored underwear again.

    • elle

      Ugh I used to have the craziest periods. They could last 2 weeks but I would go 3-4 months without having them. I think 15 days is the record. Weirdly my body kind of regulated itself once I had my son and now I’m regular. But I kind of loved not having my period every month. I also blame my weird period for *almost* being a woman who could star in her very own I didn’t know I was pregnant episode.

    • LadyClodia

      Before I was on Mirena, I think the longest was about 3 weeks. I got it while we were on vacation, and it should have ended when we got home, but my husband ended up having emergency brain surgery 3 days after we got back, so the stress prolonged it for another 2 weeks. While I was on the hell that was Mirena I think the longest was about a month.

      • Lex

        That’s terrible. Mirena’s been awesome for me-it used to be 7ish days and now it’s 2 days of spotting!

      • LadyClodia

        It turned out that I was in the <5% of the Mirena users that get serious side effects. I was developing weird allergies (make-up, alcohol) and I was getting suicidal, but all of that stopped after I had it removed. At first everything had been fine on the Mirena, but after about 6 months the side effects started. Even my doctor didn't believe me about it, but a lady at the Mirena helpline told me that yeah it can happen. Figures, heh.

      • bettyboop

        yeah i believe you I got mirena put in after had my daughter I never had my period which was good but I always was getting cramps in my vagina and I dnt have a sex drive anymore doctors would always look at it and tell me that its in there just fine nothings wrong but I had it taken out and started the depo shots that you have to come in every 3 months for I still wasn’t having my period wasn’t any side effects from it but wsnt able to come in on time so stopped it I still have cramping tho and have never got my sex drive back I dnt know when I started the depo how long it would take to get your period back I thought was pregnant bcuz hadn’t got my period they said everybody s body is different could be months could be years and then I find out could be up to 2 years before my ovulation cycle is ever even back on track luckily I dnt want another kid because I’m a diabetic lucky the 1 kid I got is perfect dnt want anymore risks but dnt get my period back and its all over the place not on time and as soon as im thinking its over with spotting here we come with a flood but they are saying that’s because I dnt bleed for so long all u ladies who dnt want birth control look into your side effects because because being able to bleed on time each month would be a blessing for me

    • Meagan

      When I’m not on the pill (so when I was 11-14 years old, and now for the past 8 months), I go 2 weeks off, 2-3 weeks on (very heavy), usually with spotting in between. I’m crazy anemic, also.

    • stupid

      I’m one of those lucky bitches who bleeds for a day and then “bleeds” for a couple more before I start to be using my tampons in vain…….however the PMS is so intense and can last for a whole week before and a whole week after the menstruation occurs. Actually make that a month.

    • Katie

      Yeah I had it once for about 2 months. I was super anemic so they put a Mirena in and haven’t had a period for about a year! It’s blisssss :)

    • Sami Jankins

      2 years. No hormones stopped it. Had to have an ablation. Didn’t entirely take. Now I have a normal cycle-length where it lasts for 4 days each month.

    • loser_sneeze

      I’m feeling pretty fortunate after reading the other comments. Mine is basically 7 days, like clockwork BUT the time in between periods is weird. I’ve had two in one month ( February…two in the shortest freaking month). I’ve had to start using one of those tracker apps to see if there is actually an average length and time between because surprises are not my fav.

    • Pia

      I don’t want to be the person who tells the grossest story here. AND YET. While adjusting to a new hormone prescription, I had a 21 day period. The cramps were unbelievable. It finally ended when the lining of the uterus was expelled in two big pieces. Day 21, after a blindingly painful cramp I felt a golf ball-like *something* come out. Upon examination (I had to know!), I realized it was the lining, all balled up. I actually unrolled it, and it was like a giant fruit roll-up, sort of. Then a smaller piece (but still scary big) came out.

    • Afton

      I got Nexplanon about four months ago and now I am going between random spotting to WATERFALL in like a second and it has been like this for four weeks. This hormonal confusion has ruined so many cute panties and have been acting totally insane. I have an appointment to get it cut out of me, but like I might also just cut it out in my kitchen and find some Neosporin.

      • Rocket

        Have you asked the doctor about going on the pill (as well as Nexplanon)? I had the same thing when I got my implanon, and my doctor put me on the pill for a few months and everything is all good now.

    • Kayla

      Longest for me was maybe 9 days, but that included light spotting at the beginning and end. Do you take hormone treatments?

    • Leslie Botha

      Lengthy bleeding or hemorrhaging is also linked to a hormone imbalance – too little progesterone to maintain the uterine lining…. and also a nutrient deficiency. Taking bioflavonoids – either as a stand-alone supplement (also found in conjunction with Vitamin C) strengthens uterine capillaries. Bioflavonoids strengthen blood vessels, arteries and capillaries throughout the body. Many women who add this supplement to their regime notice a difference in their length of bleeding within a month or so.

    • J_Doe5686

      Every other week for two months. Awful!

    • Cate

      Hey girl, I’m at day ten here, which is especially weird because usually I have a pretty respectable three-to-five day period that only has one or two really bad cramps from hell days.

      The longest ever was fifteen days, though. It was very painful and very exhausting and I was SO glad when it was finally over.

    • arielmarie

      Have you ever talked to an OB/GYN about it? Not only is it a pain in the ass but likely caused by a hormone imbalance that could put you at a higher risk for endometrial cancer in the future.

    • I Like Pizza

      Three months minus one day. To be fair, it was a side effect of getting Nexplanon. I said if it lasted three months, I would go get it removed. Since then, though, I haven’t had a period (also Nexplanon side effect). Ain’t medicine grand?

    • Anonymous

      I am on a blood thinner and when I started this medication it took over a year to finally stop bleeding every day of every week of every month…

    • Mouche Bonneau

      Don’t worry, Sam. I bled consistently for almost three months, and when I finally went to the doctor, she said I wasn’t even anemic (didn’t have to have any surgery or anything either thank god). (She also asked if there was any possibility that I might be an alien…) So if it persists for another week, go to a doc, see if anything’s wrong. I’ll bet you nothing’s wrong, though. Sometimes our bodies do weird-ass things. There is only a small chance that this is part of a severe problem, so don’t freak out.

    • Mouche Bonneau

      Don’t worry, Sam. I bled consistently for almost three months, and when I finally went to the doctor, she said I wasn’t even anemic (didn’t have to have any surgery or anything either thank god). (She also asked if there was any possibility that I might be an alien…) So if it persists for another week, go to a doc, see if anything’s wrong. I’ll bet you nothing’s wrong, though. Sometimes our bodies do weird-ass things. There is only a small chance that this is part of a severe problem, so don’t freak out.

    • PolyC

      My longest was 40 days. I had a number of cycles of WTF bleeding and hospital trips, then a couple months of no bleeding, then this. I was bleeding more every day than most women bleed their entire cycle. My doctor’s assistant almost screamed in horror when I told her. Yes, that was reassuring. Turns out, I am polycystic (though not PCOS), so the signal to stop creating uterine lining doesn’t go out, so I was creating far more lining than necessary…and it all has to come out somewhere. Of course, I became incredibly anemic throughout the course of doctors trying to figure this out. A combination of hormonal birth control and traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture for about a year balanced everything out. I was told being polycystic may increase my chances of twins (eeeek), but becoming pregnant won’t be an issue.

    • anna

      I was anemic and had very long heavy periods when I was in my teens, normally at least twice a month, so about 2 weeks total every month. Once it just didn’t stop though, and I had to go to the hospital. I was put on birth control and had my hormone levels looked at.
      You might want to get checked out, as anything longer than usual is abnormal and caused my SOMETHING.

    • mrs. mitch

      Usually eight days, but when I had an IUD in, two weeks, and the first week I had change my tampon every hour AND use a heavy-duty pad. After eight months, I finally had my IUD (Paragard) removed and my periods went back to lasting eight days.

    • Charlotte

      When I first started taking birth control I had my period for a little more then 2 weeks, I thought I was dying

    • Luke Skywalker

      My period has always lasted for about 7 days but once it lasted for 14

    • HE Pennypacker

      Eve I feel for you I really do. I had my period for four months straight and the longer it went on, the heavier it got. I slept A LOT between 2-3 months, and in the 4th month, I almost slept constantly. It got heavier and I, too, started feeling faint.

      Because in the past I’ve had it before for a couple months, I thought it would stop. I kept telling myself another few days and it will stop.

      I finally went to my doctor and she immediately put me on the contraceptive pill. I also had to take a high dose of Iron tablets for 3 months straight to restore my extremely low iron level.

      It was hell, I woudn’t wish it on anyone and I totally get your pain Sam and all the women who suffer from PMT, painful/heavy/long periods.

      The pill did work for me, within a few days the bleeding stopped – otherwise hospital would have been the next step.

      Moral of the story, go to your doctor asap if your period lasts longer than 2 weeks.

    • Kate

      I am rounding the corner on month 5 but thankfully I know the cause. I got the Nexplanon birth control implant and have been trying to get regulated since, it’s amazing what you can get used to, if this ever ends I will feel like a new person! Also don’t let this deter anyone from getting the implant, my experience has been annoying but as someone who has been on oral birth control for 6 years, it’s still kinda kicking ass to not ever worry about pregnancy, you know, the bleeding is also a wonderful birth control in itself.