Fashion Disaster: Adriana Lima Borrows Barbie’s Prom Dress From Hell

BrazilFoundation Celebrates Its Third Annual Miami Gala At Perez Art Museum Miami - Arrivals

Adriana Lima rolled up to the BrazilFoundation Gala Miami this weekend in what could charitably be called a dress, and worked the red carpet in a way I’m entirely unused to seeing. Her gown choice makes a good case for the idea that just because your job is to look beautiful and wear beautiful clothes, left to your own devices you may pick an adult Barbie costume instead of a dress.

BrazilFoundation Celebrates Its Third Annual Miami Gala At Perez Art Museum Miami - Arrivals The Gabriela Cadena features a very brave fuschia color (which I’m into), an awkward back cut out, one shoulder, and some tasteful beaded embellishments reminiscent of those rhinestone bindis elegant women wore around their midsections circa 2002.

I’m going to go ahead and say this disproves my previously held theory that if you’re a supermodel, you’d look amazing in a burlap sack. That’s not to say she looks any less beautiful–she just looks like a remarkably beautiful woman in a remarkably tacky Barbie dress with messy makeup from the very first “How To: The Smokey Eye” tutorial of all time. If it were 2002 and I were perusing Windsor for my perfect future Prom dress (elegant, sexy, fun, flirty), I would probably think this was beneath me, and there was a rainbow ombre babydoll dress that I had my eye on from ages 11-14 (I was a planner).

The Tyra Banks-level smizing is out of control in these photos, and I’m a bit concerned that she’s purposefully giving herself scoliosis with that pose. Between contorting herself and squinting so sexily, I’m a bit afraid she’ll topple over at any moment. Oh wait, I forgot. It’s all very, very sexy. Worth it!

Photos: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

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    • Elizabeth

      I think her hair/makeup look nice (they’d look rather chic with a different dress) but ooh boy.. that dress. That FABRIC. Mistakes were made.

    • Tinyfaeri

      It’s like she stepped right out of the pages of Fredericks of Hollywood!

    • onlyelise

      Eh, I think she looks pretty… but she’s making my back hurt.